1. REDIRECT Template:Infobox/CorekaiWar Stallions (Japanese: ウォー・ホース, Wō Hōsu, Eng. Translated: War Horse, Korean: 워스탈리온, Wo Seutallion, Hebrew: סוס טרוייאני מלחמתי) are the ground rumbling mech-beasts of the Corrupted army. Infused with evil Tenkai Energy, these horse-like beasts rule the ground with the Hos, Grayden, and Balthaz and attack the Corekai and the Tenkai Knights on command by the evil lord Vilius. They are shown to be a part of Vilius' army and are very loyal. They have also been seen to Robofuse with Granox.



  • Running
  • Jinx Cannon
  • Titan fuse with Granox (Via use)


In the Series

In "Two Sides to Every Coin", its been shown that the War Stallion is the Corekai BlasTank when hit with the Core Corrupter. They have been seen to Robofuse with Granox, and in "Chooki's Mojo," they were equipped with a Jinx Cannon in attempt to daze the Knights long enough to destroy them. In other times they have often been seen working with the Corrupted to defeat the Corekai. They can also be infused with energy from the Tenkai Fortress to transform into the Ice Rhino.


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