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Wakamei (Japanese: 亀山ワカメ, Kameyama Wakame, Wakame Kameyama, Korean: 도나, Dona, Hebrew: ווקאמה דלתון) is a minor character in Tenkai Knights. She is also Toxsa's older sister.

She is voiced by Kate Higgins in English and by Natsumi Takamori in Japanese.


Wakamei has green hair, brown eyes, and a pink blouse over a light blue tank top, and at the diner, she wears an apron over this.


Wakamei has a unique personality and a bit overprotective over Toxsa. 16 years old. She is also into sport as well. Wakamei is cheerful and happy with Toxsa's friends and believes that to get better at something is to train, train, train. She can also punish Toxsa like locking him in the garage when she found about the Tenkai Knights and her brother was one.


  • Wakamei's hair (like Toxsa's) is green because her father's hair is blonde/brown, and her mother's hair is teal.
  • Loves to play soccer and running.
  • Mostly rough with Toxsa but still loves him.
  • Resembles her mother in a way.

In the Series

Wakamei has been looking after Toxsa since they were both very young due to their parents being busy often. When Toxsa made friends with Guren and Ceylan, she first met them at the family diner.

Wakamei grew suspicious about what Toxsa was up to everyday after school. When she followed him, she discovered the Shop of Wonders. She then met Mr. White who was able to convince her that Toxsa wasn't there.

Wakamei, still suspicious, eventually cornered Toxsa and demanded answers. Once Toxsa confessed the truth, Wakamei couldn't tell whether or not he was lying but locked him in the garage to prevent him from doing anything dangerous. When Toxsa escaped, she went after him and ended up back in Mr. White's shop. Mr. White also confessed the truth and showed her a battle between the boys and Slyger. Eventually, Wakamei decides she can't stop Toxsa and pretends she thinks he's been playing a video game.


Guren Nash

Ceylan Jones

Toxsa Dalton

Wakamei's younger brother, who is a Tenkai Knight.

Chooki Mason

Mr. White

Mr. Dalton

Mrs. Dalton


Her family owns a diner where she is a waitress. Her dad and mom both work at the diner along with Toxsa and her. She cares very much about her younger brother and can't believe that he is a hero as seen in "Extreme Titan".