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Venetta (Japanese: ヴェネッタ, Venetta, Korean: 베네타, Beneta) was at first a major antagonist, but later became a protagonist in Tenkai Knights. She originally was an evil Tenkai Knight, owned by Beni, who was working with Gen, then was working with Vilius. Now she is with the rest of the Knights. Her armor animal is a spider and she is also the first female Quartonian.


Venetta's armor is pink in color with purple highlights and green acessories within the highlights. Her armor is based off of a spider and on her forehead is some sort of crown-like attachment. She also has a shield on her back that is shaped like a spider. Venetta uses twin daggers as her weapons, and is able to combine them to unleash a Dark Energy Blast

Venetta watch the battle.png


Her personality is based on Beni's


  • Though it appeared Venetta has betrayed Dromus, it is later revealed to be a ruse to use the Tenkai Knights to find the Black Dragon Key.
  • She joined the Corrupted in "Beware Betrayal", but then betrayed the Corrupted in "Heart Turns to Stone", and then joined the Knights in "Lone Wolf".
  • Venetta and Beni are the only two characters to have the same name in English and in Japanese.
  • She has been shown to be able to Robofuse as shown in "The Race is On".
  • It's unknown if Venetta has Titan Mode.
  • It is unknown if Venetta existed in the origins yet.
  • Currently, she is one of the only females in the series.
  • She is the only knight who has one mode, which is Robofusion.
  • She is the only knight who can use her shield for cannons and cape.
  • She is the only knight capable of teleportation.
  • Her name is based off the word Vendetta.

Quotes From Venetta

  • "Like Bigger Is Supposed To Make You Better Tell That To The Dinosaurs Becuase Your About To Be History Too!!!"
  • "Man O Man I Turn My Back For One Minute A Are Whole Plan Goes Cupote Why Must Boys Always Mess Things Up."
  • "Yeah yeah, First you gotta catch me"
  • "I'm no traitor"
  • "Ha, Beg your forgiveness now I know you have a screw loose because I don't beg"
  • "Did i miss something ?, After all our hard work how did villius end up with the dragon and why are you just standing there doing nothing ?"
  • "Don't bite my head off buddy, I'm not the clutz who managed to lose the Black Dragon Key"
  • "Hang on Dromus I didn't mean, WAIT"


Bravenwolf Tenkai Firestorm

it is hinted throuout the season that Beni may have a crush on Gruen. She says things like "your not like other boys" and in the send of season one "my big strong Bravenwolf"

Tributon Tenkai Iceblast

Valorn Tenkai Terrablast

Lydendor Tenkai Lightningstrike

Dromus Tenkai Whirlwind

Beag & the Corekai

Guardian Eurus

Vilius Tenkai Dark Tempest

Venetta used to be Vilius's allie as stated in "Beware Betrayal." But it turned out she didn't want to be part of the corrupted and in "Lone Wolf" She joined the Tenkai Knights. For as now she is Vilius nemesis.


Powers and Abilities

Basic Form

Along with being quick and agile, Venetta is also able to shoot purple webs to entangle her enemies and the ability to combine her twin daggers to form a staff. She seems to be able to use the shield she carries around as a Dark Energy Blaster, that fires blasts from the spider like mouth end of the shield. It is not yet known if she can use Titan Mode.

  • Tenkai Speed - This Tenkai Speed might be her saying in Tenkai Form, For Dromus is tenkai power refered as to Guren's. This Tenkai Speed she uses in battle to be portrayed as a ninja to quickly swith her attack and body movement.
  • Tenkai Agility
  • Proficient dagger wielder
  • Webshooter
  • Dark Energy Blaster - This was showed in Tenkai Rogue When she used it as her ultimate attack to finish off Bravenwolf, But Bravenwolf sacrifised his titan mode and reduced himself to normal mode to prevent the attack from destroying him.
  • Teleportation - In The Dark Unlock, Venetta used smoke bombs and disappeared into thin air from fighting Tributon in Titan Mode.
  • Robofusion- As shown in the show she has been able to robofuse in a snake like robofusion. This is Venetta's first robofusion. The robofusion was first shown in The Race is On

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