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Who am I?

Hello, I'm Unity29, but you can simply call me "Unity". As you may not know, I like to collect information and describe the details as if I'm telling a story, making sure that the facts are correct and are in chronological order. Now, I live a busy life, so contributing to Wikia is clearly something I can't do so often anymore, but that doesn't mean contributions are over. Just like how you (the reader) have a choice to contribute to anywhere you want, the same applies for me. However, always keep this in mind: If I decide to come back to Wikia and provide data to sites, then that's my choice (same goes for you). Never let anyone stop you from contributing and if you have a reason to want to contribute somewhere, make that reason clear and never let anyone change or warp your reason. Speaking of which, I should give you MY reason for becoming a "wikian".

Right from the start (ever since 2014), my main reason to join Wikia was and still is to post data about series I support, whether they be a TV series or an app and if they're discontinued or not (in other words, help create informative sites). If and whenever I have the time, I'll do my best to post as many details as possible. If, for any reason, you see me inactive, that just means "busy in reality".

Words for you to read

Patience is the key to receiving gifts.

If you have a brave heart, be adventurous.

If life is about searching for the answer, then search for how you want to live life to the fullest.

Documents are like photos. They contain important info and memories.

Frozen? Slow life? Regular speed? Fast life? Speed of light? What rate do you want to live your life at?

Respect has to be earned, not given as a gift.

When all is lost, what is your last resort? Relying on miracles, or having hope and faith?

Do you believe in facts or the imaginary? It's your world and your choice.

The past is our history guide towards making a better future.

Never block a curious mind from the mysteries and wonders of the world.

If you want to truthfully relax, put some chill music on, find the most relaxing place in your house, put yourself in a relaxing position, close your eyes, let go of all the problems and stress you have, and think and imagine yourself in a world of paradise. Be in that "paradise" of yours for as long as you need to be in a better mood to come back to reality. If this doesn't work for you, discover yourself, find yourself, and know who you are because only you know how you can relax. If you are having trouble, ask friends, family members, or teachers, or search for results online. Ultimately, you are searching for ways to the key of relaxation.

You and others may think of someone as differently than everyone else, but, in a way, aren't we all different?

Independence is strong, but unity is a stronger force.

When you're telling the truth, the person you're being most truthful to is yourself.

Stranger means someone a person hasn't met at all. We may think of many people as strangers, but they can do the same to us. So, in a way, can every person in the world be a stranger, since they don't know everyone and everyone doesn't know them?

You are given a piece of paper. With that, you also receive writing utensils, colored pencils, and sharpies. Notice anything? Right in front of you is an area to unleash your imagination, show your originality, and improve or test your skills.

The actions you make determines the future you will take.

If you lost a special someone from your life or if you're 1000's of miles apart from them, there is a phrase you should think of them: Always Loved, Always Remembered, Never Forgotten, Never Missed. If they feel the same way towards you, they would do it too. By doing this, it shows the bonds of relationships you have between them. Some relationships may live forever while others may die in a while or in a instant. We can't predict how long the love between people will last. What we do know is how our relationships are going and anything we can do to keep the relationships alive. If you feel alone, don't because there is usually one other human being in the world who may like you after you meet them. Of course you don't know who they are yet, but it would be great to explore the land and find people with common interests. This journey could be short-lived or could be a long quest. We all don't know how long we will live on Earth, but for whatever it's worth, spend your time wisely with the ones you love and the ones who love you. You never know when they may no longer become characters in your book of life. It could be a while or it could be right now.

There are two or more sides in war and the boundaries that separate them from each other are clear to see. The sides can be similar in some ways. They all fight for something, which could be land or power. No side gives up until they win. However, there can be a turning point where they may need to give up. It's either success or they lose many lives in the process. When the war ends, there are usually winners and losers. The effects of war can vary from little to life changing. If it's little, the problem can be fixed immediately. If it's life changing, the people of countries will need to learn how to move on and use the war as a constant reminder to remember what happened to live a better life.

Working at your own pace is the best way for you to get the job done.

When you give freedom to someone to do something, you need to know how much freedom you're giving to them. You shouldn't give too little, otherwise, they would wine and pester, but you shouldn't give too much, otherwise, problems can occur and it would be out of your control to stop them. It's all about that balance. So, how do you know if you're giving enough freedom? You don't, unless you take the risk. Outcomes can't be determined without making actions.

When you're alone, what do you have? A lot of time to think. You could be thinking about anything, like your past and future, what happened today, what's going on with your friends. So what's the point of thinking? Thinking allows us to give us some time to remember an answer to something and say it verbally. Thinking can allows us to shift our opinions of something. Thinking can combine with inspiration to make helpful gadgets for the world. Thinking is limitless, and it will live on, forever.

When you are lost, what do you use to return onto the main road? Technology, people, or you?

Do you know what's beautiful about a twilight? You can see it with your own eyes, take a picture to forever look at the moment, or you and your special someone can share the moment under it.

Humans may not live forever, however, if they have any fame or are mentioned in writings that shall be recognized by humans, they can become immortal.

Rhythm and harmony are like balance. If they are disturbed, problems will happen and the peace and tranquility will have to be received to gain the atmosphere back.

If someone does something terrible to you, like commenting or banning you from a place, should you let that ruin your day and mood? It's your choice. If you want to be upset by it, fine, but be prepared for karma if you do anything wrong. If you chose to not let it bother you, then good, you're being evasive.

If a place isn't welcoming you, what should you do? You could either leave and don't come back, do come back and suffer, which isn't really the best choice, or do something about the conditions into a way where you can be there and feel comfortable. To fully feel comfortable in a place you want to be at, but it's not welcoming you, you first must identify the source of this communication problem. Who is the problem? You or the people of the place? If it's you, you must figure out your problem and determine how you're going to solve it. If the people are the problem, don't just stand there and hope someone will just magically appear and help you. If there's a problem, speak up to someone who can help. You can't receive help without asking for it. Once the problem is solved, peace can be gained, and then you may feel welcomed. If the place isn't working out for you, there are other places on this planet we call Earth. Go see them. The world is like one huge adventure. It has lots of land and water to explore.

When you're dreaming big, and someone is trying to crush your dreams, what are you going to do about it? Are you going let them defeat what you want to do, be, or accomplish, or are you going to ignore what they think and proceed forward? You should never let someone dictate what you want to do in the future. At the beginning of your life, your parents help you make decisions. When you're 18 or older, you can finally do what you want, but remember, you need to learn how to advocate for yourself and know the good and bad decisions you make. If you need your parents help still, fine, but remember, they won't be in your entire life. They are alive for at least more than half of your life. Be fortunate for the time you can spend with them and the time they can spend with you.

There is a price to pay for when you want freedom. When you attempt to stand up for yourself, there is a cost. Should you disturb your universe for freedom and making your own decisions?

When something stands in your way, are you going to let it block you? No, you should either pass through it or find a way around it. Never let anything stand in your way of achieving a goal.

Utopia, or paradise, can be defined as a place or world of perfection, where there is no violence, no hunger, no more crimes, and more than that. A world where there's peace, balance, equality, acceptance of others, love, unity, and more. If only Earth could be the perfect planet to live in, but that's far from possible. It will take a long time until all the world's problems are solved. If anyone wants to live in utopia, then let's stop slouching on the couch and start making a better world, like helping our communities, donating to special causes like charity or the poor, and apologizing to those we done wrong to. If we can unite together as one force to help the world, we can start to see a glimpse of paradise.

Is it possible to be young forever? No. We can all pretend to be young, but we shall never live it. The fountain of youth hasn't been found, nor it will ever be found. We need to come to the sudden realization that we can't act like children forever. When we become older, we need to be more mature. Those who can't be mature won't be able to connect with others of an older age. Growing up isn't so terrible as we may think. Growing up is part of the circle of life. We are all subject to become adults. Time flies fast when you're doing your thing everyday. If your life is based on a schedule, then you're bringing yourself closer to death. Don't you want control? Do something different. Do something that won't bother your everyday life. Going out of your comfort zone isn't bad, as long as it is in the right direction.

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without you? Is it good or bad, or would it feel like it doesn't matter if you're here on this planet? If you're important to a place, don't give it up. If you have no value, but want some, find a way you can help the world or invent something that people desperately need. Every human on this planet has a role, ranging from little to huge. So, in a way, we all are odd or different, but we do have importance. This is usually done by our characteristics or the actions we make.

If you want friends, stop hiding inside your house, take a step into nature, and find people who have common interests of what you like. Don't hide yourself from the world, show the world who you are.

When the day ends, the party begins.

When there's a farewell party for someone, some people, or for something important, don't just make it a party, make the moment so significant that everyone who was there can remember the moment for a lifetime.

You are titanium. Your enemies are people with guns. They can shoot you down, but you won't fall. You won't lose. You'll be the last man standing and win the fight.

If you want to live in a world of peace, then create yourself an island that separates you from the rest of the world. You may have no drama or violence, but at what cost? You may get what you wanted, but you may be living alone or with at least one other being. Basically, if you want a stress free place, make an island, but be aware of what will happen when you do that. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

What do you do when you reach straight boredom? Do you stare into space and look at the unknown, or are you going to find something that you find fun?

If you have nothing to say in a conversation or discussion, should you say anything at all? Well, you should at least listen so you know what going on, that way, if someone asks if you're paying attention, you heard all of it. If you can contribute to the conversation, good. If you can't, then try not to say anything idiotic or offensive to the people around you.

Some things may appear junk, but they may have more value than they seem to be.

When time is running out, you need to learn to think fast and smart in a situation. If you're put on the spot, by like a friend or a teacher, to do something cool or correct, make sure you weren't spacing out. Your listening and seeing skills are required to be correct or impress.

Wrongly accusing a person of doing something is one matter, but openly framing them because you think they're terrible is different. Don't assume someone has a bad nature. Not everyone in the world is evil. There can be people you can trust and be friends with.

Follow your heart and have faith...

When the sun goes down, the moon comes up, and vice versa. This can apply to you. When the day is over, tomorrow is a new day. Everyday is a new day for you to do either the same thing or make a difference.

When you do the same thing everyday, are you bored or do you enjoy doing it?

Smoking may seem good to some people, but it's not likable to everyone. We need life, not death. If you're against smoking, stand up and help your generation become a healthier population.

When you have secret thoughts, should you be hiding them? Should you keep your own thoughts and never tell your friends secrets? No. You should say what's on your mind. There are people who wonder about you.

Role playing is a great way to express yourself.

When you have a bad day, you can either accept it and move on or you could do something about it and turn it around.

Sometimes, you need to know when to be involved in a situation, and other times, you need to know when to stop one.

When you're living in the past, how can you progress in the present and future? You need to be on the same level as everyone else and know what's going on with society.

When you have nothing left, there's one thing you still own: The fact that you're still alive, breathing, and seeing what's around you.

If you know you have some kind of test, exam, or assessment, should you be wasting your time by goofing off and failing it or would you spend time wisely by studying and perhaps receiving success?

Having a lot of money is cool, but you shouldn't just be using it for yourself. Sure, it's your money, but it would be great if you used it to help a friend or in support for a national organization, like charity.

If, at first, you receive failure on anything, don't let that end there. Don't give up. Keep trying, and you may pass, win, or succeed.

When you do good actions, it's expected that you'll be repaid gratefully. When you make terrible choices, it's expected that those actions will attack you immediately and even effect you in the future. This is called karma. Do you believe in it? It makes sense. Do good things and good outcomes will happen, do bad things and bad fates will occur.

When you have a scar, you may think of it as something gross, something that you don't want other people to see because you could be bullied of it. Truth is there really isn't nothing to be ashamed of with a scar. Scars can be signs of toughness, or even bravery, since you survived from the minor to major attacks placed onto you.

If you're going out of your comfort zone, you need to be aware of what you're doing and see if you're comfortable with doing something out of the ordinary.

If you feel like you have to cry over something involved with your life, but you're holding it all in, don't do it. If you need to cry, let it all out. It's okay to cry. It's not terrible to have human emotions.

The day is over at the point when you finish your objectives or when you're tired and can't go any further.

How do you know if you had enough sleep? If you're, at all, tired, sleep some more, if possible. If you're completely relaxed and full of energy, you're ready to start or continue your day.

Perfection may be impossible to be, but it's possible to do things that are considered to be perfect, like 100% on an exam, or showing how something is supposed to be done.

If you're mindlessly speaking or typing, you should stop. You need to be aware of what you're doing. If not, you could be posing yourself as a fool or be lucky enough to say what's on topic. In this case, don't take the risk of hoping you said the right words.

Have some kind of block that prevents you from doing your best? Identify it and do whatever it takes to get rid of it so you'll be able to continue and do great.

If someone is offering you the chance to become a leader and you decline, should the people around you think anymore or less of you? No, they shouldn't because it's your choice. We all have the freedom to make a choice. Even if the choice is refusing to take something great, we all have our own reasons to what we do and why we do it.

When you leave, make sure you say goodbye to all your friends.

One man's poppycock is another man's understanding.

Looking at the big picture allows you to see, know, and understand more than you ever could before.

With friends, you could do more and achieve more than you ever could have independently.

Life would be easier and better if we all had what we wanted, but let's face it, life doesn't work like that. Even if we had everything we hoped for, our lives would eventually be boring.

Do you have any knowledge of what you've planted in your own life? In other words, what have you been doing with your life? Have you done a lot, or a little? Have any idea what you'll do in the future? It's important for you to know who you are based on the past and present and combine the two into your future self. It's also important to know who or what you would like to be in the future. It's your time and it's your life. You're creating your story and you have the control of what you want to do anytime.

Lying can often be thought as a sin, or a wrongful act. Lying should only be done if it's to protect someone or a group of people you care for, something, or someplace.

Be fortunate and grateful for what you have, what you are given, and what you will own. You never know how long you will live on this planet.

We all can't be leaders, and not all leaders can be truly followed, but we all can at least make a stand and lead a fight or cause for something we want to achieve in our lives.

It's cool to save a lot of money, but it's best you don't save too much money, otherwise, it could lead to corruption or you would be greedy and keep all of it for yourself. Overall, you should know when to save and when to spend.

Power is something many people want because they don't want to be weak. When one has too much power, this can mean corruption. When one doesn't have much power, do they really have power at all? Balance is required for power to be stable.

When you're trying to ignore someone, it sure can be hard. The people who feel ignored either after a few attempts of speaking give up or be the kind of person who will always talk and seem annoying until they are heard. Those kind of people (the ones who don't give up after they see they're being ignored) can be hard to avoid. Do you have a plan to succeed? If you do, then do whatever it takes to not fall in. If you don't, you better think of something fast, otherwise you could be annoyed for some time.

When you have nothing on your schedule to do, you can notice that you have all of that free time for yourself. You can notice that you could do anything you want in that time period. During free time, every second of it should be spent wisely. You should even do one thing to make that moment meaningful and significant.

One man's threat is another man's good laugh.

What do you do when you need to vent? Just completely swear without thinking or do you hold all the anger in? What are you? An introvert or an extrovert? If introvert, one will hold all their problems inside and refuse to share. If extrovert, one could vent by swearing or by letting it go and setting things out in a polite manner. Only you can determine what you want to do with your thoughts and emotions. No one can do the job for you.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? There are pros and cons to both. It is good to stay positive, but if we were always positive, we would show no focus on the negative. We can't always be negative, otherwise, we won't be able to be that sociable. So really, there should be a balance between optimists and pessimists: people who focus on both the positive and negative equally.

For one to beat their opponent, one must know their opponent; know their strengths and weaknesses.

When you're going to bed, it's best to place yourself in a relaxing position, that way, you'll be able to sleep better.

One who makes a sacrifice for someone is one who shows real bravery and strength.

Anything is possible to see or do if you can believe in the endless possibilities.

Talk is cheap and quiet, actions are loud.

A joke overused to the same crowd is not a joke anymore.

You can't run away from who you used to be. Who you are now is created by the past, whether you like it or not.

When you have proof or evidence that shows you aren't the bad guy or you're innocent, you are able to not feel as much as stressed or nervous as you were before.

When you work so hard for something and discover that it all goes to nothing, you probably feel sad or even angry.

When you know your childhood days are over, it's about time you remember the good old days of being a child and be ready to become a teen or an adult.

You'll never know what's lost until you know what has left your life.

When you know your life is coming to an end, it's time you say your hello's and goodbye's. If you done any wrong to anyone, you should apologize for all you did to them. As a bonus, you should do some of the things on your bucket list so you can die happily and peacefully.

When we conquer over the problem that holds us back from doing more, we can do more than 100%.

Raising a child is like raising a plant. They both require sunlight, water, and need to be cared for everyday. One day, they both will be big and strong.

Hate is the destroyer and killer while love is the healer and reviver.

Winning shows what you have done to win while losing shows what you must do to succeed the next time.

It's too late to go back in the past and erase the bad actions you made, but it's never too late to do the right thing for other people than yourself and the world itself.

People who have the audacity of having the conviction that they can make a difference in the world are usually the ones who do.

We can't escape from the undeniable truth, but we can avoid the lies people tell us.

Don't let fear become the monster that hides in the shadows, preparing to attack you. Know what you fear and overcome them by knowing that you're big and they're small.

What we want to be right now is usually what we become later on.

It's not about if you're down on the ground, it's if you're going to stand up and fight back.

People usually tell and force you to change something about yourself, but it's not their job to control you. The only person who can decide to change is you.

Every time I get up from the mistakes I made, I know that in the end, I'm still alive and I survived them. My mistakes teach me more info of survival and allows me to know the wrong I made and turn it into right.

There are multiple outcomes to a choice. Out of the many, one of them will become a reality. You won't know what happens in the future until you make the choice.

When no one is going to stop a problem that's hurting everyone, someone needs to make a stand.

Happiness is a key to greater health while depression and anger shortens your time of existence.

Power can be defined as dangerous. Power can lead to corruption, abuse, and destruction. The more power a person gets, the more a threat they can pose to others.

As time goes by, everything around us slowly changes and eventually evolves.

If you want to be healthy, you have to be in shape. There are no shortcuts in physical fitness. It takes heart, soul, and work to physically become healthy the way you want to be like.

Everyday can be like a challenge. When you survive through all of it, in the end, you get to sleep in your bed. Make sure you sleep well. You'll need the strength to face the next day.

If you're living a lie, you don't need to anymore. You may hate your life, but being a someone is better than being nothing. Be grateful for that.

People may be able to silence your voice, but what they can never silence is your heart, mind, and your ability to act.

When you're on vacation, you should enjoy the time you have before you go back to work.

Don't always live in the past and don't always stare into the future. Take a deep look and focus on what's happening around you now.

It's not about if you say a lot, it's if any of the words you say anytime throughout your lifetime makes a positive or negative impact onto you or someone else.

To be a problem solver, one can't just avoid thinking and making actions immediately, one must have common sense, knowledge, and the ability to use trial and error.

You shouldn't speak from a piece of paper with words on it or from what someone tells you to say to another, you should speak naturally, inside of you, from your beating heart.

Are we contractually obligated to have our own convictions on any topic? Yes. No one can take our opinions. They can try to shut us up by any means, but we're still alive, holding onto what we believe in, and we won't let go because it's our choice to hold. We'll let go whenever we want to.

What is our purpose in life? Searching for a purpose and seeing how long we can live with our purposes for being alive and finding our own way to enjoy life the way we want.

Don't always use the calculator in your hands, try to use the calculator between your ears.

Those who are shy try to keep themselves inside a a certain amount of space and sometimes separate themselves from everybody else. People can be compared to boxes. Some try to stay in closed space for a very long time and refuse to move while others open up by speaking in terms of making actions or expressing their thoughts and feelings. Shyness can even also be thought as a first step in creating a relationship. For example, two teens of the opposite sex may like each other, but both are too shy to say something to each other or be close. Seeing that they have one thing in common (being shy) could bring them together.

Pantheism is the idea that nature is god and vice versa. Many nature hazards, like thunderstorms, tempests, tsunamis, and earthquakes have been thought to be acts of god. Many people die because of these "acts of god". However, each religion has a god and all of them are different to each other. Each god of each religion, based in church, tells the people what is right and what is wrong to do. God may be helping the people, but he might as well be hurting them by not stopping the creation of terrorist groups and all of the deaths caused by terrorism and natural hazards. Practically, any of the problems the world has today aren't being stopped by god. We, the people, are doing our best to solve the worlds problems. So really, "god" can be thought as good and bad. However, based on religion, god is supposed to represent purity while the devil represents vile. If god is killing potential innocent humans, then who is supposed to be our role model to represent good? Who is god really? What makes god "god"?

Money represents credit and is an agreed upon currency. Credit is used to trade for goods and services; credit is used to obtain what you need. Credit can practically be anything, especially paper. Since money can be anything because it's credit, we, the people, do have the choice to change the currency system into using something anyone and everyone can receive. By doing this, it would be easier to get "money" and there would be no poor anymore. Turning paper money into something that's easy to find and can be used by anyone would allow all to trade for what they need. For instance, there are many people on Earth who are homeless and are starving. There are many people who are helping, but it will take a very long time to be resolved. If the currency system turned into something simple to get, like rocks, and be traded for food and shelter, problems may be resolved faster.

Everyone has beauty by some form, however, not everyone can see each others beauty. This can lead to judgement, which could hurt others. Why do we need to hurt each others feelings on looks or brains? We should all accept each other for who we are. Beauty shouldn't be determined on the outside because people don't know us enough from that kind of an angle. All of the people who were somehow rejected by any means and want to be noticed, included, cared, and loved are beautiful on the inside and if others can see that, we, the people, can be able to get along, build relationships, and work together.

With education comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes power, which can change the world in a positive or negative way.

Not every problem has to be solved through acts of violence. A way to restore the balance and peace is using your words.

Being wise isn't always necessary to do, the people who aren't smart are the ones who need to hear your smart statements.

Usually, there's nothing better than returning to your community that cares for and loves you and treats you as a valued member.

People of the old days have been fighting for voting rights so we, as the future, can be able to vote. Don't throw away the rights, use them. Voting is a right and a privilege, not a optional choice. Since the past gave the future voting rights, it's our job to vote for who will improve our country. Voting is a wonderful opportunity, don't miss out on it.

The multiverse, also called the meta-universe, consists of either infinite universes or a limited amount of universes. Each universe can differ, either by a small detail, like one tree not in a forest, or radically, like actually being able to resurrect the dead. In other words, based on the multiverse theory, there could be 1000's of timelines on Earth, all of the which could be closely similar, but not exact, or way different. Based on this timeline, we know that magic doesn't quite exist. However, there can be a timeline where it does exist on Earth. Based on our timeline, we also know there are loads of problems that make the Earth far from being a perfect place to live on or a 100% peaceful planet. Using the theory, there can be a timeline where all of the Earth's problems are solved. We should also consider that for every choice we make creates our timeline. What about the choices we didn't make because we didn't choose them? The more choices we don't choose, the more timelines, there can be. Ultimately, it may be impossible for some things to exist or for us to do something way unusual based on the timeline we all live in right now, although, when you look at the idea of the multiverse theory, you can overall see that anything can be possible, maybe not in this timeline, but in others.

When people die, should we be afraid? No. We'll all die someday. What we can do is prepare for it and not be frightened. Until then, we should be enjoying our own lives for they can be short-lived or a very long journey.

Having a world where the entire population is you would be cool, but who would you talk to? Who would be your friends? No one but yourself, which could be boring. If you have friends and those who you can talk to, in regards with personal or social issues, be grateful you have all of that because life is probably better with speaking to different people of the world than yourself.

If god was here, it be easy for our complicated worlds to be explained, since he could explain the reasons why we do some tasks differently and why we want things in a certain way, but since he's not here, it's our job to explain ourselves as best as possible so others can understand us.

Humans are just like colors. They're equal by difference. Each one plays an important role in society. The role is equal for humans and colors, no more or less. When colors/humans join together for a cause, unity is created.

To earn an epithet, you have to reach out to be well known for doing something notable.

Trust is like a test. If you can prove to a person or a group that you can be trusted, you passed the test. If you something wrong or against them, you failed the trust test. Not all people are like that. Of course, there is something known as redemption. If you're trying to gain trust by someone or some group that does do that, this is your second chance. Try to do better and don't do terrible, no pressure.

Regarding with loyalty, if you always follow the rules and never care for yourself, you're practically a robot. You always follow orders, but you never give yourself freedom, which can make you classified as a slave. Who wants to be that? I'm sure nobody does. Yes, there should be order, not not too much. At least give people freedom please. I don't think it's a great view to see people in the world feel like slaves or robots and never pampering for themselves or their friends.

When will justice really be served? When all evil-doers are in prison and we protect our country.

When you notice someone in trouble, or if you see them in a fight they can't battle, you should help them. You shouldn't assist them and expect a reward. You shouldn't be doing it for yourself, you should be doing it for kindness and peace. It's called a random act of kindness. If we did that for each other, helping without expecting awards, a domino effect will happen, leading to the idea of diversity. Isn't that a great view? I sure think it is.

Spring represents the beginning of life, since it's the time where plants start to grow. Summer represents life becoming better and becoming older. Autumn is the time of becoming middle age or the near start of death, since all of the leaves from the tress start falling off and the temperature starts to lower a bit. Winter shows death, since all of the plants can't withstand the very low temperature and the snowy conditions. When it's Spring again, the plants regrow and start life all over again. Based on the seasons, it seems that living things are born, grow, die, and are reborn over and over again. This is a natural cycle we see every year. We can't stop seeing it until we die.

It's important to know and learn self-defense. You won't always be protected by your friends. You need to become strong and defend yourself from those who will pose as a threat to you.

If you had wings, what would you do? Probably fly high and explore the skies and take adventures throughout the world!

When you look at the past, there are occasions in which you had loads of great moments, like witnessing a certain show you liked a lot, or being in part of certain program you devoted to, or even having certain friends you liked to hang out with. Of course, for moments like these, we can't exactly get those parts of our past back, but it doesn't mean we lose the memories or that they can't be reintroduced.

During the day, all we see up in the sky are clouds and the sun. However, when it's nighttime, not only would we see the moon, but a great view of the stars and we gain the ability to actually see the constellations. The darker the night becomes, the more brighter the stars will be. You may only see the view for a few hours a day (if you're someone who cares about sleep), which makes it short-lived. Although, the fact you can see the glistening stars, the constellations, and the bright moon everyday makes it a very long experience to enjoy and see.

Don't let your limitations create who you are. Instead, see if you can overcome them and try your best. Trying is better than doing nothing or giving up.

If Night turned into Day, how can we be influenced to fall asleep? If Day turned into Night, how will we know what's around us? Good thing there's a balance between light and darkness throughout the day. If the two roles were switched (Night to Day and Day to Night), it would hard getting used to because we don't usually live our daily lives like that, where a surprise suddenly happens and we have to accept it just like that. It takes time to adapt in our own habitats.

You don't have to try as hard as you can to be something you're not just to make friends. Being yourself, sacrificing your time to help others, and willing to show interest, care, and feel comfortable being near to all you meet (of both genders) is how you can make friendships. If you keep doing all of that, the friendship circle will grow and grow. This can mean you could potentially never be alone for eternity. If you're having trouble trying to make friends, ask someone you know who knows how. Guarantee they have the time and are willing to be there to help guide you on a greater path to living life.

Making philosophy isn't too hard as you think it is. Take interest in a subject or theme (like love, truth, unity, life, or war for example) you care to observe about for a little or a lot of time. When you think you understand enough about the topic, be open with yourself and don't be afraid to express your thoughts and feelings about the topic. It takes real guts to stand there in front of the crowd and be willing to tell all the people how you feel on something, not knowing if you're right or wrong, and not feeling terrible of whatever outcome happens. That's what many consider "cool".

Common expressions aren't meant to be taken literally, they're used to add style to improve our speech.

Those who never lose hope are those who believe in the possibilities of anything.

When old friends return, make sure you give them a good reunion.

When you make new friends, be sure to show them your other friends, that way, they can make new friends too.

When a friend is talking about something you don't understand, the least you can do is show that you care to look and listen or ask questions about it.

Never fulfill a duty that you know you can't do.

In a world of darkness, we can be pillars of light and make the world shine by solving the problems that makes Earth far from being a perfect place.

One mind can sharpen another mind, as a child can inspire a adult.

A maybe is better than a no as trying is better than doing nothing.

When you feel you have bad luck, try finding a four-leaf clover to see if it will give you back the good luck.

Sacrifices aren't made for show, they are to help for the greater good.

You may perish (by death), but the actions you make in this world won't be forgotten in the recorded books of time and history.

When you know you're going to have tooth surgery, you may be afraid that you'd feel the pain and it would make you feel like you want to cry, but when you get knocked out by the anesthesia, you find out that time passed out fast and the operation is over. You become surprised by this and know you never had to see the surgery be done on you. If you had multiple teeth that had to be removed and you survive through the operation, you feel better, knowing that the inside of your mouth will be better for the future. You also may feel that you're lucky to be alive and may realize that you overreacted about the surgery. As of now, you don't need to complain about the surgery anymore because right now, you can continue on your path in life. If you're helping the world, continue that. If you're still making friends, don't stop. If you're doing good in school, never stop. If the surgery is over, don't focus on it anymore and enjoy life!

Just because if you lose your wisdom teeth to improve your dental hygiene doesn't mean you lose your book smarts and street smarts.

After going through any kind of surgery, the moment you see yourself recovering fast, you may think you're okay, but really, you're not. Fast recovery doesn't mean everything is back to normal. Once you're fully recovered, you might be yourself again.

The job gets done faster when friends and allies work together.

Running fast in your life makes everything you see become the past. Walking slow allows you to know what's around you, which will allow you to enjoy life and makes you want to say "wow!".

If you want to be smart, you have to dedicate your time in studies with heart.

To solve something that's perplexed, those brain muscles of yours have to be flexed.

You can either have fun in your life, or allow yourself to have none and be filled with strife.

Many have tried to find a rhyme for orange and all failed, but that doesn't mean time is up or the ship has sailed.

If you want to rhyme without shame, have time to know words that sound the same.

To win a fight, you have to survive and attack back with all your might.

To pass a class test, study on a few parts of the subject, each one at a time for as long as needed, and then the rest. When the test is given, you will test yourself to do your best.

If you want to start a dance, it would be a good idea if you put some trance on in the background.

A king is expected to protect and save his people and kingdom from evil.

To make beats, meet an expert, and once you do, you may have what it takes to make more and more tracks for the dancefloor.

When out in the dark, watch out for dogs that bark and anything that may randomly spark.

When you make a toast, don't boast or roast, but profoundly speak about your friends and the future, and after you're done, you'll see if you made sound in the room or area.

If you're trying to find a secret passage with friends, it be clever to never sever, but the search will be over if one ever finds the secret lever to open the passage.

When it's your turn to play a card onto the field, guard your deck from the opponents eyes, and make sure the move you make is hard so you get the advantage.

A lag is something to nag on about for countless hours, but you may see your neighbors and friends that may brag on having better speed on their computers.

If you decide to cheat on anything, people may notice and tweet about your misdeed, and once that goes forth, there may be some heat placed onto you and people may eat you up. Don't take that path. Instead, take the path on seeing how sweet life can be when you're being neat, fair, and honest.

If you want to win, you should begin on a field where you believe you can pass in and if you fail, you don't have to wail. If you continue to try and apply what you learned from the past, you might be able to "soar in the sky" and won't need to sigh negatively.

If you think you're fast, prove it on the field and not be last. If you think you're the fastest and show it by being able to run a lap in seconds, not fall into any trap by your opponents, and not slow down and feel like you need to take a nap, then that's a wrap. You deserve a good clap from the participants in the race.

If you want to feel or even be like a hero, you need to be brave and save peoples lives from posing danger and even behave like you want to help the world.

If you check your work to make sure it's right not in a sec, but for a few minutes, you may pass.

If you want to pass around the thunder in the sky that strikes down anytime and survive, people will wonder how your brave experience wasn't a blunder.

If being a chef is a career you want, look for a cook book and making many recipes that taste good.

If you lose (eye) sight, you lose the right to see bright lights or glistening stars in the night skies.

It's fair if you share your food or prize earnings with your friends. If you do, it shows you care about them.

When your rhyme times come to an end, you could make your lines into a poem or song and send it to a friend or more.

If we are to forget about the past, then it's potential for the mistakes in history to arise again. Such problems can't be solved unless we learn from the past and create solutions to either stop the issues temporarily, whether it's minutes to years, or permanently.

If you want to prove you're a different person in front of others, then try this: Do something that you don't like, even if it means hating yourself because it proves to others that you aren't insecure and you're willing to do anything to show difference, which can present care.

To actually control or rule the world, one must not increase their ranking or popularity by defeating or killing other humans. One must have supreme control of water and oil to actually have "power" in this world.

Unitarianism is the idea that God is one being, meaning he isn't the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. Of course, for those of you who believe in unitarianism, this means you have the right to make any course of action in a constructive, accountable, and honest manner with the help of religion, you're allowed to believe there's only one god, and you can even try to find out the meaning in life through categories like using facts and logic, science, and reading philosophy from the greatest minds of the past or people of the present.

To be a unitist means you must be a defender, or supporter, or unity.

To be human means you must be flawed in some manner. Let's face the truth: We can all try to be as perfect as we want, but we'll never cross that line. We all have imperfections. There's nothing terrible about that. Imperfections are what make us unique in our own way. You can still live life without trying to reach "perfection" by seeing what the world has to offer to you.

One who knows sarcasm is one who doesn't need to identify it whenever it's being used. We don't need people pointing out the obvious if we know what sarcasm is.

To be valedictorian, or the smartest being of your class, you have to dedicate your time in hours and hours of looking at notes and books. This is definitely a hard title to obtain, but if you think you have the guts to go all the way out and pass all your classes with A+'s, go ahead, take this intense challenge and survive on the battlefield.

Languages are forms of communication. The more you learn, the more you can talk to the world. With more languages comes more friends, more knowledge for you to hold, and more opportunities to help people.

The brain is a very important organ to the body. When you're young, you gain brain cells, but once you're in your near 20's, you stop gaining more brain cells. So, it's probably best that you don't do anything that would result in your head being hit by something or someone because once you lose brain cells, you can't get them back. In simple terms, if you do anything that will hurt your head, you will become more dumb. Of course, at the same time, you should still do the activities you do, but take safety in consideration.

People try to make you give up, but if you feel like you're going to fall there, then ask yourself this: Why are you still up then? You've gone too far. It's best that you complete the path than quitting.

Humans aren't the only species with emotions. Animals have them too, so when you see a friend of yours or someone you don't know attacking a defenseless animal, you should stop the fight. We should treat animals like we treat people. For the ones that didn't do any harm to us, let's not do any harm to them, otherwise, we're creating this purposeless fight.

People who volunteer to join the army is better than people being forced to join by a draft. Don't we have choice in the matter? If you feel like you can't battle on the field, I think it's important to say it. Although, if you know or see that your country needs help during a war, I think it's important that you join the army. I mean, what's better? Receiving fame for aiding your country in a time of crisis or being known as the one who didn't do anything? The point is you should have the choice in joining the army of your country, but if they're in danger, you should join and help.

Getting a job isn't so terrible as many say. Just pick one that you know you can have fun in (and is available to the public) and in no time, you'll be enjoying life on the job. As well, you'll get paid, and that money is yours, so no one can tell you what to do with it, since you rightfully earned it at your job.

The world may not be in its best condition, but that doesn't mean we can't do anything to help.

The Milky Way is our galaxy, which contains over 100's of billions of stars and planets of the Solar System. Interestingly, it has become evident that the Milky Way contains billions of planets. When you think about it, humans have only discovered a small amount of planets out of a really huge number. It really makes one wonder what planets have we not discovered and what other kind of life exists within the galaxy. We'll never know unless we keep discovering more planets and see if they're habitable.

Remember the times when we used to be kids, where we practically knew nothing about the world and had full of exuberance? We may still continue to think about what we used to be, but let's face it, those days are over. We can't act like kids anymore. We need to behave like our age. I mean, sure, we can still have fun and good times at our age, but we can't act childish anymore, otherwise, certain people won't take us seriously.

A constitution is a gift, not something you abuse. A constitution contains fundamental rules or precedents that have been established that helps govern a country. If freedom is included in your country's constitution (that is, if your country has one), you should understand what freedom means and how it's explained in your country's constitution before you try using freedom as a way to express yourself. If you express freedom wrongly, you might put yourself in trouble. A good age to use freedom would be when you're nearly 18 or already have become an adult.

Age has its rewards. If you're young, once you're nearly 18 years old, meaning if you're 16 or 17, you do have the right to get a drivers permit and even a job. Once you're 18, you receive freedom, meaning your parents can't quite control you anymore. That age or above is the time whether you want to live with your parents or want to start a new life by living on your own. Of course, there are many rights you gain once you're 18, like voting, establishing saving and checking accounts, working full time at your job, or getting credit cards. Although, age can have consequences too. If you're a male and you officially become 18, you have to register for the army. That would be a bad thing because if any of you guys out there are the kind that doesn't want to hurt a human soul, you're absolutely in a pickle because if you don't register, you could be fined, go to jail, and not be able to participate in jury duty. Now, for everyone, once you're 18, you're officially responsible for all actions you make, which means if you break a law, you must pay as an adult and accept what the consequence is, whether it's a fine, jail, probation, community service, or even the death sentence (which can be applied, depending on which state you live in). Which punishment you'll receive will depend on what law you break and how serious it is. So ultimately, enjoy life as much as you can before you become 18 because once you're an adult, you'll be granted a lot of responsibility and you can't afford to break laws, considering that you don't want to have a bad record wherever you go.

The unknown is nothing to be scared of. The unknown can instead contain mysteries we could be enticed to look into. The unknown can even present fascinating discoveries that could make you famous if you find the unknown first. The unknown is hard to find, but with mind and spirit, you'll find something in that group one day.

To be accurate means you must try over and over again until you get the results that you know are good enough to succeed in any task.

To become a boss of a job or organization means either always being there and showing devotion for a very long time or becoming the founder of a job or organization that would produce something that everyone needs.

Those who think they're always right aren't always right and those who think they're always wrong aren't always wrong.

Is there a limit to how much knowledge can exist in this world? No because knowledge grows everyday and it will never stop growing.

Magic tricks are designed to make one look cool and show some wonder. It's no fun when one reveals all the answers to how the tricks were done, but it's interesting to know when people can't find the answer to one because then no one will be bummed out if the answer isn't revealed.

Even during a time of crisis, it's always interesting to see that there's usually one or more humans that don't feel scared at all because either the problem has nothing to do with them or they know a problem is going on, but they aren't frightened by it. If only we were all like those who aren't scared when there's a crisis going on, we wouldn't be so stressed and we would be able to dedicate more of our time in making a solution that would stop the crisis.

To be a survivor in any situation means not being defeated and/or not giving up.

To be a winner means you must learn from your past experiences and continuously train until you believe you've done enough. When you think you're done, release all of that effort to see if you won. If you don't, don't give up, just keep training.

To earn a nickname means literally claiming for one with or without an explanation, doing something repetitive that's noticed by the people around you, or doing something legendary that will make you downright awesome or even a hero.

To show you can take challenges means going out of your comfort zone, set the stakes high, and succeeding in the end.

To be a Promethean means absolutely being original with your ideas and fearlessly creating the unimaginable and the unrecognized, which could make you different than the people around you.

To be a peace maker means being able to present solutions that are classified as helpful and daringly making compromises with the other side that would result in both sides being happy and no more destruction to come.

To be a loser means clearly showing no sportsmanship with the rival team.

To be a chronicler means recording all important events of real life history, taking note of all important times that happened in a book, reality, cartoon, or anime series that you like, or even creating a record for things such as wins and losses of a team or when music shows aired on the radio.

To be funny means making statements that reveal the truth of something or can be lies, showing emotion and exaggeration, using wordplay, and even presenting some surprises.

To gain freedom by any way means fighting for what you believe is right and never being silenced by anyone.

To be clear means to not be complicated.

To be cool means to be yourself. If that doesn't work, don't try to be something you're not, but try something new you think you'd be good at or would suit you well. If that works, then don't stop. If it doesn't, don't give up.

To start a new life means you must give away everything you own, even drop your identity so no one will know who you are the next time.

To see tomorrow means to live and survive today by any means necessary.

To go far means you've done a good effort, but to go all the way or to give your best effort means you've tried hard enough.

To have a catchphrase means saying something that's catchy, short, and simple. After that, you can say your catchphrase a bunch of times whenever it can be applied.

To be nationalist means helping your nation become a stronger force.

To be patriotist means fighting for your country no matter what the cost is.

To be brave and bold means to conquer your fears and weaknesses and turn them into strengths to better yourself.

Thanksgiving isn't about just food, it's about family and friends gathering together to have a great time by having a feast and saying what they're thankful for.

To criticize an experience that one has gone through while you haven't been through it is an action you can't necessarily do so easily. You may be able to speak through the experiences of other people, but you'll never be able to truly understand what they had been through until you go through the experience, then you'd really be able to express your opinions.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where people go to stores and malls to buy gifts for their friends, family, fiance, and/or children for Christmas. The easy part is knowing what to buy for each other. The hard part is trying to buy when there's 100's to 1000's of people trying to do the same thing as you: buying a gift or more to others. Here are some suggestions: Go to your destination as early as possible, buy gifts before Black Friday, put items on layaway, or even purchasing online. If all of those solutions fail, you can always buy something significant to give and explain you tried your best. However, the point of Christmas shouldn't be about what people, it should be about people being fortunate they get something and that they have care from the people closest to them.

To be mature means to take responsibility for your actions, whether they're good or bad. If something is your fault, it be best to admit you did it and let it end there. Sure, you may not like the punishments or consequences, but you may have regrets later on. Not saying you will, but if you want to have a life that can be as clean and pure as possible, you could start with taking responsibility. That's the first step to becoming and staying as an adult.

To be honest means telling the truth by either fulfilling promises or not stealing, lying, cheating, and deceiving by any means.

To be a pure and kind-hearted person means doing good deeds all the time and being being honest to your friends, family, and all the other people you'd be helping.

To be invisible means nobody recognizing your existence wherever you go.

To be silent means not having your freedom of opinion and expression.

To be an artist means completely using freedom of expression to portray such meaning and depth in the form of a picture.

To speak fluent in another language means to know it well. If you know at least 1000 words, you may as well be considered fluent.

To be a bully means to hurt someone physically, mentally, or emotionally by any means. If you don't want to be the bully in any given situation, then don't hurt people, help them.

To stand up for what you believe is right is called having a voice. The more often you do it (in a positive manner), the better a person you can be because by showing expressions and emotions, it shows you're human, which isn't a bad thing at all.

To ask a question means to ideally be given an answer to that question. If no answer is given, you may as well search for the answer on your own.

To be a normalist means wanting everything to be back to the way it was before something "new" happened.

To be a good friend means more than just hanging out. You also need to be helpful and supportive to them. Really, it takes time, trust, being there for one another, and a good bond to see what could turn out to be everlasting friendships.

To do and complete something early means earning more free-time for yourself to use.

To be a good listener means to understand what others have to say and not ignoring them by daydreaming.

To have your own opinion on something means to observe a subject and showing what you think about it without taking the opinions of others.

To remember something you forgot means creating a key, like finding something significant, to help you remember what you forgot.

To solve a mystery means finding enough clues to reveal who the troublemaker is.

To not be adventurous means not exploring the wonders of the world.

To not go to college means losing the opportunity to make more friends and missing a bunch of jobs that would accept you (if you graduated from college).

To vote means being old enough to do so, based on what your country says on how old you must be to vote, and picking one of the many candidates that you personally believe, without using other people thoughts and ideas, would make a good person to run your country for a few years. If you need help deciding who to vote for, take a look all the candidates running. You can do some research on them and check their history by seeing what actions have they done or will they do to help your country.

To have friends means socializing with the world. You can't obtain friends by forever being silent. One good place to start is school. If you graduated from school, try your college. If you graduated from college, try the people at your job. If you have a private job or no job at all, then you can always start with your neighbors, whether you live in a apartment or in a house. If all above else doesn't work, search for people who share the same common interests as you and don't seem to be the kind of people who would bring you on the wrong path of life, like drugs and alcohol.

To be original with your work means not copying anyone else's style and obviously creating something that really stands out and can't easily be compared with other people's work.

To learn something in a subject means not trying to take it all in fast just to be ready for an assessment, but having the time to slowly process all the info you see. When you study for a long time, you're bound to remember it all. However, when you try to study in one day, there's still a chance that you could do well, but you'd be taking a gamble here. Basically, in terms of learning, going over the material everyday is a great helper for studying, which could be what you need to do a good job on assessments.

To be finished with something means you literally have nothing else to do, you aren't in good condition at all to proceed, or you're forced by someone who's higher than you in terms of authority, like a teacher, professor, or boss, and is telling you to stop.

War is no laughing matter. Just because you weren't in one doesn't mean it's right for you to say you could have survived one easily. Until you actually go through a war, you'd never really and truly understand what all those soldiers have been through unless you take the actual experience: be in a war, fight on your side, and see if you're alive to talk about your times.

During the war, the soldiers have to carry physical weight, but when the war is over, they have to carry the emotional weight. All those battles they faced, all those lives that were lost that could have been friends, all of that is hard to take in and is especially hard to get rid of. A war is something you can't forget so easily, unless you weren't there or weren't related or close to any of the soldiers.

When you get a draft letter, you have only two options: Either go to war for your country or escape from it by hiding or going to another country. Remember, if you go to war for your country, you're supporting your country's beliefs for reasons of going to war. If you try to run away, you could get pinned down by very high authorities of the country or worse, go to jail for not helping your country. On top of all that, you could become known as the one who didn't fight for their country, which could make you a laughing stock or even a coward. Sure, you may have rights, but unless you actually and honestly have some kind of disability that makes you ineffective in any contribution to the war effort, it's likely better to go to war. If you don't support war, how are you going to successfully argue your point and win? You could easily defend yourself and look up to your own beliefs, but then again, you could be publicly ridiculed and punished. So really, it's all up to you if you want to go to war or not (if you did get a draft letter), but after you make the choice, every single event (good or bad) after that will be controlled by your decision.

In a time of war, when you're fighting in another country, your biggest problem isn't the enemy, it's the land itself. Since you and the other soldiers are unfamiliar with the land, it's pretty hard to dodge any attack by the enemy. Of course, one way to tackle this down is become familiar with parts of the land as you go.

Christmas isn't about what people want, it's about being together and enjoying the times of the season without being stressed or angered by something. If you have family, spend time with them. If you have friends, but not family, be together with them. If you have no family or friends, find a place that will treat you kindly during the holidays. Overall, if you're with someone, whether they're family or friend, during the holidays, spend the time with them well.

For those of you who disagree with war or don't support it, I can see why you may feel that way. You may not agree with the idea that physical violence is the answer to solve problems. Maybe you feel that there aren't enough good reasons to go to war. Even if you're someone who tries to use words to end conflict, you may see yourself as someone who can't literally kill another human being if they didn't do any wrong to you. You may even find the bloodshed as disgusting and horrific. It's not bad to have these kind of thoughts. They're your own, which many others may have the same kind of thinking as you. No one can tell you what's right or wrong with war. Only you can make the judgments by either researching through reading textbooks or watching the news or actually go to war for the first time.

How does war usually start? Leaders of nations disagreeing with each other on something, religion, or even the desire of more control and power.

How does war usually end? One side completely defeated, one side surrendering, or both sides coming to their senses to make compromises by making a treaty that solves the issue going on and thereby brings peace to all.

New Years Eve is the the day we've all been waiting for! We all count how much time is left of this year and how much close we are into the new year. Once it's midnight, we officially are in the new year. Of course, once it's the new year, anything you weren't able to do in the previous year, you have the opportunity to do this year. We may not know what the new year holds for us, but what we do know is we'll survive the new year, no matter what it holds, together.

As of now, we all live in the new year. Now that it's a new year, do you have any plans to do anything different? After all, there are times that many of us feel that with each and every new year, we must do something that's so significant that it makes the current year better than all the other years we ever lived. The point here is as every year changes, you often notice if you achieved anything new overall and if you haven't, you state that you will try new things and make the current year the most enjoyable out of all the other years you lived in. However, whether if any of those statements you say are going to be true or not all depends if you actually do them and not be a procrastinator.

Basically, what is war? A state, or period, of antagonism, hostility, and aggravation between two or more sides because the failure of compromising to make peace exists.

Just because war continues on throughout the world today doesn't mean everyone supports it or encourages it to never stop.

Many people say war is just a game and medals are the prizes for winning, but war isn't all that. War is NOT a game because war is truly a matter of life and death. When you're out on the battlefield, you're risking your life out there because you're fighting for your country. If you survive, then you should be caring more about being alive than some medal you won. However, if you're killed, then that's that. You've reached to the end of the line. You can't explore more of life anymore, unless you're a believer in reincarnation and think you became a new living thing. Point is war isn't a game and that there's usually winners (the ones who actually are alive) and losers (the one's who are killed).

When the war is literally over, is it over overall? Sure, you may be returning home, but was that the last time you fought for your country along with your comrades? If it was, then you probably want to remember the time you were in war. If it wasn't, then don't let yourself go. Keep training and exercising no matter what. You may never know if or when you get drafted again, so it may be best that you at least keep yourself in good physical condition.

Sometimes, war can bring out a side in people we haven't seen, a side that could harm the allies, or could be used to end the war.

During every fight within the war, if you forget what you're fighting for, remember this: fight for your country, your friends and family, and peace!

Just because you're unable to spend time with your friends and family if you're in the war doesn't mean you can't replace the time you lost by spending all the time you can have with them when you return home.

In some cases, war can really alter a person's personality and transform them into a someone that no one recognizes, if they been in the war for a very long time, like a year for example. In this case, the new person that one becomes could be good or bad, but we don't know if they're the same person or not until the war is over. Once they return (assuming they don't get killed), we'll see if war put an impact on them or not.

War can contain so many unexpected events that we can't determine when they'll happen or how to prepare for them.

Regarding with war, or any other time, when all the people we care for or recognize are killed or die or natural causes, we can't literally bring them back to life, since "raising the dead" or making the dead become living again is an impossibility. Although, in a way, for all the people we've lost to death, we can keep them alive in our hearts and in our minds through remembering them by telling stories about them or doing some kind of tradition that respectively treats them not like trash or even creating some kind of organization to always remember those who have been taken away by death.

Other than story-telling, we can remember those we lost to war by their existence being present in our dreams.

Usually, it's the adults who declare war while the old teens/young adults who must go out on the battlefield and risk their lives to save their country and win this long battle.

The only true time where war doesn't get ugly or show us gruesome details is when we see the soldiers not shooting at each other. I mean, war isn't entirely a period of time where the soldiers are attacking each other 100% of the time and never get a moment to relax, go to sleep, or even eat, otherwise, everyone would be tired out and would stop fighting.

While war is going on, we, as soldiers, may not be able to save those who've been killed, but we can at least help the rest of the men fighting for our country literally by defending them.

War contains loads of battles. For every battle you survive in, the closer you get towards the end of the war.

When the war is truly over, a new era may begin.

Though everybody has their own opinion towards war, there is one detail we can at least agree on: War is no healer by any means. War will always contain casualties and deaths. Even when war is over, there's always the memories we can't drop. The only way to fight war when we're not in it anymore is to make it a smaller concern and focus on our daily times.

When war is no longer a topic to talk about or when the war is over and we want to get over it, we would stop talking about war or stop fixating on it and instead move on to something else.

If you think about it, anything "new" can't stay new forever because something improved will always be created. So yeah, the new can become the old very fast.

Know how you can be open-minded? Let an idea be put into effect for sometime and not reject it immediately.

Change shouldn't be something forced, it should be something that comes naturally.

It never took one day to build a pyramid and it most certainly doesn't take a day to become physically fit. If you can handle exercise and eat healthier foods everyday, then eventually, maybe, just maybe, will you feel more alive than you do right now.

How does one define success? To me, success simply means accomplishing something in life.

Fame and fortune mean nothing if it doesn't grant you any friends to share the moment with.

What's the point of reiterating? To deliver a important point in case you weren't paying attention or had no idea what I said for the first time.

The longer you study a language, the more fluent you could be at it.

Those who try harder and go the extra mile in their efforts may expect something good in return.

Those who follow and live by their promises are keeping life stable. Those who break their promises upset the balance of energy.

When it's time to go to bed, go to bed! If you stay up a bit too long, you won't quite have a lot of energy for tomorrow.

One who has an idea should speak up. In the world of opportunity, a potential good idea should never be ignored or go unnoticed.

Possessions can be replaceable, but memories can't be replaced.

What you literally own ultimately doesn't mean anything if it means you can't own any of it after death.

If we can learn from the mistakes of the past and apply the solutions of those mistakes to now, we can start helping the world.

In the world of religion, each and every religion that currently exists has their own system of beliefs, world views, and practices. Even if all the religions aren't the same, whether we like it or not, we shouldn't try to make them the same because it would be very hard to convince billions of people to agree on many subjects, since each person alive on this planet has their own views.

What you make or create shouldn't be what best defines you, your views, beliefs, and characteristics should be defining you.

Are you going to let someone define who you are or are you going to stand up and let the world understand who you are through what you say and do?

Can one person defeat a group of people in any given situation? With knowledge, strength, and the ability to believe in oneself, it's possible.

Even though reputation is based on what people think about you, you have the ability to control their thoughts about you by performing the actions you want people to know you of.

If you want to earn money, ask for an allowance or (if you're old enough) get a job.

Stress is absolutely not good for you. The more you have it, the less amount of time you have to live. If you don't want STRESS, then relax, calm down, and do a productive activity that makes you feel good.

The easy part is proclaiming you will lose weight. The hard part is letting go of the sweets you enjoy so much. If you can get over the sweets, then with time, healthy eating, and daily exercise will make you a healthier being and less sluggish.

Times can be easy and times can be hard. You just need to discover how you'll be able to live through all of that.

We could either ride onto the path towards perfection or we can accept who we are with the flaws we hold and enjoy life to the fullest.

Would you rather try to make yourself "perfect" or accept that it's okay to have flaws. Flaws can be one of the many things that can make us different to each other.

Can perfection be possible to reach? No because to reach perfection, you'd need to excell in everything; socially, academically, mentally, and even physically. Perfection is very hard to grasp upon and it would obviously take a long time. Do you really want to spend most of your life, trying to become "perfect"? What you want to do with your life is your choice, but wouldn't it be better for yourself if you take a look at what's around you and be grateful for what you do have?

Want to know how you can be taken seriously? Express yourself towards others and show some emotion.

Even during a time of so many people being negative, it can be surprising that some people are fighting throught it and are treating the times like positivity exists. These are the kind of people I find are cool because they know how to move forward without falling down every time.

If given another chance, use it to make things right, not to create a deeper hole for yourself.

Time is truly precious. It's not that possible to know how long you'll live. That being the case, use the time to live happily.

Life isn't designed to be easy, nor is it designed to be difficult. There are many obstacles to overcome. Only you can determine the difficulty of everything you face.

You are the master of your destiny. Nothing happens until you make the moves.

Making no mistakes at all in life would mean you do nothing. It's okay if you face mistakes because they can improve you to become a better person.

We all have our own ways of writing. Some of us like to be short and sweet while some of us like to be detailed and informative.

I know death is inevitable, I just don't want to hear it. In fact, I don't think any of us want to hear that we'll die because we don't need to be bummed out right now. We'd rather want to enjoy life every second instead of thinking how much time we have left living.

Being helpful means doing good to help and not expecting a reward for every right you make.

Why does life even matter at all or worth living? Because there's so much to explore and do! If you're one to say that there's no reason to live, you may have your opinion, but you should take a look at what all the other people on Earth are doing to live life first, then you can tell me again if life has no meaning!

The complaint or something negative towards you shouldn't become something so easy to tick you off, it should be something that you can deflect by either ignorance or proving the statement wrong.

Easy, normal, hard, and intense... What is your life like everyday?

A grade is just a measure on how much you had correct. If the grade is high, then you must have remembered the majority of what you needed to look at. If the grade is low, then maybe you didn't spend enough time at the notes or perhaps you forgot a lot of info and became nervous.

Change can be positive and negative. When does it arrive? Either forced or naturally.

You want freedom? You can have all the freedom you want, but remember this: Is your freedom really helping the world if you're putting people at harm or hurting the innocent if they've done nothing to you? No. That's called disturbing balance, and that's something we need less of. Want to know how you could use your freedom at better use? Use your head before you take action and think what will happen once you make the choice. If you think something good will come, then use your freedom. However, if you think your freedom is going to hurt someone innocent or cause a problem, think twice before you make your move.

Do you have to listen to whatever I say? No. There are over a billion other voices you could listen to if you needed help or guidance or advice, but it's not guaranteed that many of them will talk to you and help you for free. I, along with many other people, have the time to talk to you, help you, and can be there for you without expecting some sort of gift or award in return.

If I fall down, will I stop there? Will I just give up and not go any further? No... I can't just quit. I've gone far, way far. I can't just stop and make it feel like all the progress I did was for nothing. I can't stop and I won't stop. Instead, I WILL NEVER give up and keep moving till the end.

Do you have to trust me? You don't have to. I mean, there are many others you can trust, but I don't think I'd break your trust. If I'm telling you the truth, then I'm telling the truth because I think it's better to go out honest than to create problems with lies.

How are relationships fixed? Confrontation and making amends.

You and I may be very similar or absolutely different, but let me ask you this. Can people in the world be friends with those that have different qualities? Yes. It may be uncomfortable, but you'd be presenting acceptance if you can befriend anyone, no matter how different they are and have no problem with what they believe in and do.

Sometimes, you should know when enough is enough. If you don't stop, you could be creating a larger problem for yourself that might affect the people around you. How do you know if you're awake? Try doing something that would be possible in a dream, but would be something impossible to do in real life, like flying, transforming into something else, teleportation, or even walking through walls.

There are times where one needs to be serious, but then there are times where one needs a break and have a good time and laugh.

Sometimes, the answer can be closer than you think it is. Instead of thinking so deep, think of something simple, then you may find the answer.

An adventure never taken is a moment never enjoyed.

Living free is better than being controlled and having a limited amount of rights.

If a person makes a promise to you, they're supposed to deliver it. If they backstab you and lie to you, then they have absolutely no right to call themselves human or good people and shouldn't even be near you at all if they can't do such a simple task to prove they're not insecure.

If you believe, do the work, and never give job, eventually, your goal shall be accomplished.

Acceptance is a two-way street. If you accept people for the way they are, then they should accept you. If they can't accept you for what you do, what you believe in, or even what you like, then they have no reason to talk to you or be near you.

A simple answer can be given with just a few words while an informative answer requires thought and way beyond more than a few words.

Taking a risk is better than not trying at all.

If you're not too old to try something new, then you're absolutely never too old to have fun.

Day after day, we see life improving, but at the same time, we see many incidents occuring. This is a kind of balance that can't be broken until there's way less problems for us to face in this world. Even if or when that happens may we slowly walk onto the path of peace.

Maybe I'm not as smart or as strong as you are, but at least I have willpower.

Freedom is truly a gift for many to have. But remember, freedom is a gift that must be used responsibly because with too much freedom, you could end up causing chaos. We don't want too much imbalance, otherwise, it becomes an issue that be very hard to get rid of. So really, use freedom at your own risk and watch what happens when you use freedom.

No matter what happens every day, I never give up. Even if I fall, I always never give up and never let the path end there. Those who don't give up will one day be awarded for their efforts.

Even with all the negativity in one day, how is it possible for one to take all of that in and not be affected by it? By thinking of the positive, treating many issues as small, and not giving a huge care in the world.

How do you know if one has truly become corrupted? If you thought of them as good people originally, then suddenly see the rotten core they possess. That being the case, be catious around anybody. Some may truthfully be helpful, but others might be hiding their true identity.

Is being alone truly terrible? It's your choice whether you want to be eternally alone or be forever bonded with someone you love and that someone who loves you back.

Sometimes, the truth really does hurt, but other times, it's neccessary to speak the truth because it can improve life. Just know when it's okay to speak the truth or not. It just depends on the situation you're in and whoever you're talking to.

For some people, maybe the info is obvious to see, but for others, maybe it's not. Regardless, we shouldn't be treating either side more or less than the other.

The day may be over now, but doesn't mean the rest of your life won't be going any further. Always prepare for the best and worst every day, make plans for your future, and never give up.

Is it bad to create a mistake? At the moment it has occurred, yes because it's likely you'll face consequences. However, in the grand scheme of things, meaning for the longrun, it's not bad for mistakes to exist because they can help improve ourselves more, not towards perfection, but make us better enough that we have enough knowledge on how to deal with numerous situations.

People can hate me all they want because I don't care in what they think. Ultimately, their opinions of me don't matter because I won't allow one's thoughts to make me fall down. They can say as much as they want, but they should know that I don't care in what they say of me.

A true friend is someone who not only is there for you, but also accepts you and doesn't give up on you. If they can't make the effort, meaning they choose to be dishonest with you or don't want to help you, then they don't deserve to be your friend.

When you do your work and complete it early, you have the rest of the day to enjoy. So what will you do with that much time? Do what you find relaxing, not what will turn into work.

What should happen when a tie, stalemate, or an impasse is present? Resort to an alternative solution that will solve our problems.

Even if the odds are against you, you could at least try to take action to see if you can beat the odds.

What's the point in keeping secrets if you can't trust those around you to to speak of secrets to? Might as well reveal all the details about yourself instead of hiding everything about yourself and hiding details for no one to know about.

Life doesn't tell me when I'm at the end of the line, I determine where I begin and end.

I may not have the best phrasing, but what's really important is if I succeed in delivering the message to anyone.

Those who seek little aren't wanting more in life while those who seek a lot might be raising the bar too much for themselves.

How do you know that you can't contribute much to the world if you haven't tried more than what you have done? You may have a lot of skills and they could be quite useful, but you don't know what you hold unless you try.

Just because you didn't win today doesn't mean you've lost everything or won nothing overall.

Those who made a difference towards your life, give them credit. You never know when you may need their help again.

Am I different to you? Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but perhaps some other time. If I've changed, then you may want to accept who I'll be later. If I haven't changed, then either you can't see it or maybe I was unable to be a different and better person after so long.

Today, tomorrow, another time...depending on the situation, it doesn't matter when I complete any task, what's really important is IF I complete any task.

Fine, you won, I lost. However, that doesn't mean the results will stay the same. Next time when we meet again, whether it's the next day or a few years later, I'l be better than last time and I'll prove I can defeat you, no matter what.

How do you get from point A to point B? By taking action. Point A and B can be the start and end of any given task or situation. To move from one to the other, you need to do what must be or needs to be done.

You can stop and quit now, that's fine. However, remember this: you may have gone far, maybe too far. Do you really want to give up if you've made such progress or would you like to get up and walk further to see that your efforts may have not have been for nothing?

Many say that it's impossible for someone here on Earth to be God or god-like. However, if you think about it, we can all be like gods in our dreams. Dreams are consisted of the thoughts we have, what we like and dislike, and much more. In some dreams, maybe we have no control, but in others, we can control them and make them present the outcomes that we want.

If you really want peace, you could fight for it, go to a place that has peace, or hopefully not, but is still a choice, seclude yourself from the rest of the world by going where the sun doesn't shine.

Sometimes, you may become a winner, and sometimes, there's a chance that you'll lose. There's no true way to know the outcome towards any game or contest. All you can really do is hang in there, do your best, and survive to see the results.

Many times, there's usually something blocking our path. If we figure out what to do to get rid of the disruption, we'll be able to continue in life.

What happens when you don't listen or pay attention? You tend to miss out on something or tick off a bunch of people.

It's only hypocritcal when you speak negatively towards something and then suddenly become involved with it.

Think about what you're going to say before you say it. You words are more powerful than you think and can be expressed in the wrong sense and cause more harm than help if you don't think before you speak.

It's only racist if you at all say anything negative or insulting towards a race.

Do you have to take my advice? It's your choice. I'm just present, expressing my thoughts on numerous topics that you can agree or disagree to.

One who says so much for a long time is either trying to present a point or connection that people should understand or is unintentionally boring the life of others.

You can only think for so long until you reach a blank and lose your sense of thought, making it hard to speak something without saying something idiotic.

You can officially change your name all you want, and try to create a new personality, but you're still physically the same person overall. You can't replace what you've done in the past, but you can show change and look different by learning from your previous actions and applying them towards present situations.

How can you tell if you've said enough? Either you're saying the same thing over and over or you've ticked off some people.

Either you're one who fights for what's moral or you're one who stays by the rules and doesn't want to fight back because you may be afraid of punishments.

If you don't know how to throw a punch, then how will you be able to defend yourself or anyone for that matter? You need to literally work out and gain muscles if you want to be defensive.

How do you know if you're really lost? If you continue to run down the same path and notice that nothing is different or has changed.

How do you know if you've been found? The moment you discover a group of people that will accept you no matter what and acknowledge your beliefs and statements, regardless of being positive or negative.

If you know someone close to you is on the verge of death, then what are you doing standing there? Spend the rest of time with them so you can make some good memories.

Difference doesn't come automatically, it comes when you take action on wanting to be different.

What people think of you ultimately means nothing if it means you can't be yourself.

You don't have to remember my name, you just have to remember what I've done for you.

It's original if it's something completely new, but it's inspired if it's detected that someone else's idea was used to help build a new one.

When can you relax? Anytime you're not working. It's up to you if and when you want to relax.

Am I speaking clearly towards you? If not, you can always ask for some clarification. I'm not going to act like a jerk if you don't understand something.

Even if you miss a day of work, you can always replace that time by doing that work another day.

Even if you're tired, by the next day, you should feel normal enough to help around.

What must you do if you seek for freedom? Fight for it, even if means consequences.

Even if it's right, wrong, helpful, or hurtful, one should have their opinions and thoughts and be able to express them anytime.

Keep up with your work and you'll do fine. Slow down and it will be hard to finish it all.

There comes a point where we rely on something for so long that if it weren't with us now, we'd act like we couldn't live without it. Don't heavily rely on the things you have. Don't let your items control you.

Karma truly does exist. If you think you can get away with everything, one day, you'll see what will happen for being bad.

If you want to do right for once. then pay back to society by resolving with the ones you affected negatively.

Sometimes, it's really hard to think of an idea towards something. If you keep thinking and observing, you might come up with at least something.

Do we really know what's going to happen tomorrow? No. That's why we should live life like tomorrow will be the end, since it's better to have done a lot than to have accomplished so little.

You can review over something for hours, but it doesn't mean anything if you're not grasping the concept.

Your opinions are absolutely yours to keep. No one in the world can take away your opinions.

It can be hard to stay on task when you have a bunch of other thoughts on your mind.

One day, I may have something good to say. Another day, I may not. It all depends on how much I can think about before I speak.

Growing up isn't something to escape from at all. It's something mandatory that we all must face, otherwise, we'll be left behind and become forgotten.

Something new comes all the time. We can either accept it or fight back to keep what was going to be replaced.

People can always give you suggestions and recommendations towards something, but you must always remember they don't control how you run your life. You always have the right to determine what you're going to do next.

Imagination, along with innovation, can create ways to help the world.

Yes, work can be long. If you just hang in there and keep moving, work will be over before you know it.

For any situation, you always have two choices. You can either stay and tolerate or ignore and walk the other way.

What if you were granted a wish? Would you use it to help the world or hurt the world?

If you want to achieve the dream, you need to work for it.

Forgetting your password towards any online account can be a drag. In this situation, you can either reset the password and remember it this time or you could write down the password the moment you create a new account. Life is easier if you can just remember the password somehow.

History tells all of us what has happened. The future tells us what's going to happen. The present tells us what we can do to change a direction towards the future.

Just because something is old doesn't mean it's useless. Age doesn't mean anything if it's functional.

Just because something is damaged doesn't mean it can't be fixed.

If only everyone in the world can compromise, there'd be less fights and wars.

If only society didn't enforce the idea that people are judged on brain and looks, then maybe, just maybe, would everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, would be able to find their special someone and be with them forever.

If only there were answers to every question, life would be easier to handle. That's why it's up to us to find answers to the endless amount of questions.

One may be literally dead, as in not standing on land anymore, however, their true death isn't when they die from a shot, a disease, or old age, it's when they become forgotten, meaning no one thinks or talks about them anymore.

When important business is around the corner, it's highly appropriate that you attend to it instead of goofing off.

It's epic and divine if you can do something that no one can do. With enough work and believing, you may be able to perform the unseen.

One moment, you're just starting the school year. Next moment, you've just finished the year. Time really does go by fast, doesn't it? Just one step closer to college (if that's what you want).

Now that you're out of school for some time, you have a few months. Do you have any plans? If not, don't worry because summer is that period of time where you can do anything without being immediately threatened about time.

Treat everyday like there won't be a tomorrow and do the things you always wanted to do, but didn't have the chance before. That's how you can live life to the max.

Secrets can be thought of as trust tests. If you can keep them, then you pass. If you don't, then it becomes harder and harder for you to be trusted.

You don't have to become a famous person to live a meaningful life. There's so much to live for, even if you're not known by the rest of the world.

Going out to explore the world was your choice. So, if anything good or bad happens during the journey, it was because of you. Basically, you live and die by the actions you make wherever you go.

No matter what you do, whether it's minor or significant, life around you will change.

If only we could all work together and independently, we may help the world. Oh, what am I saying? That's a vision that hard to see since not everyone is willing to see how terrible the world is living through now and do something about it.

At this time in the world, whatever you do, you need proof or evidence to show that you're telling the truth, otherwise, people will think of you as a liar, even if you're being honest about something you've done.

How can we at all prepare for the unexpected? Even if it's unexpected, we can at least make plans for many situations and have ideas of their outcomes.

If it has come to the point where you desperately want to get rid of all the stress, one way you could do is ending all problems with others. Sure, they may have done something wrong towards you, but that doesn't mean you must hold onto a grudge forever. Who you're comfortable around or bothered by is your choice, but I'm just providing a suggestion for you to have less stress.

I can't claim one's words of something I find interesting, but I can keep my interpretation of their words and use what it means to me to do some good for the world.

I'm not the only one you can ask for advice, you know. Try socializing with peers and adults. Maybe they have different views that can be more helpful to you.

For every mistake we commit, at the same time, we improve ourselves. Will mistakes ever end? Maybe, maybe not, but let's not focus towards perfection. Instead, we should focus on improving ourselves through our actions, whether they're mistakes or not.

If only many weren't insecure and instead wanted to help, then we could all work together and speed up the process towards ending certain global issues.

Just because there's enough bad stuff going on in this world doesn't mean we should follow by that example. Instead of producing more chaos, we should think of creative and constructive solutions towards helping the world. After all, isn't a world without so many problems a dream, wanting to come true by many people?

Responsibility is more important than you think it is. Responsibility ultimately determines whether you're capable of handling tasks or not. So if you don't want to fail, then clearly prove you're responsible by doing the tasks.

If we can all just apply moderation to any common situation, there'd be less accidents on this planet.

If people do say you're wrong on something, it doesn't mean they're absolutely right. Maybe there's something you can find that could help prove that you weren't wrong in the first place.

If I'm unable to carry out a simple task, then how am I responsible enough to do anything else I haven't done yet?

You can express all your opinions all you want, but if they're going to put people in harm, like expressing hate speech, then you need to stop. Trust, like respect, is a two-way street. If one side fails, then the whole system falls apart.

You can't just claim that something is real, true, or even correct without backing it up with evidence. Without evidence, there'd be no point in hanging onto a claim. A claim with no evidence just isn't accepted today around the world.

If there was a chance to have more of anything, I would take it. However, I'm comfortable enough with what I have now. Same should apply to you. We should all accept what we do have and be grateful for having what we do have.

It doesn't matter if the product is imperfect. I care more that it can function.

Learning about something isn't a scary thought to have. Knowledge is power, in the sense that we use knowledge to better ourselves and perhaps the world, not for world domination or eliminating all life.

Those who continue to argue about the past are those who refuse to move on.

Many people define living through life as difficult. However, life can actually be easier than you think, but not too easy. All you have to do is let go of any grudges you have, whether they're justified or not. I know letting go may be hard for many to do, but if you just try, there might be different results.

Where I go doesn't matter. My experiences are more important.

If you want to change, then do it. No one can make you change. Ultimately, you're the one who must change if you want to be a different person.

Just because you may have a lot of money doesn't mean you should treat it like a shopping spree. Instead of spending away, you should save your money for things you really need.

Decisions are like coins. There's two sides of them and you don't know what the outcome is until the end.

Where I come from shouldn't be judged, what I do for others should be recognized.

If we lived in a world where anyone's beliefs can be accepted, that would be a miracle. Unfortunately, having a different opinion in this world can put you in danger. However, you should be fortunate if there are people who respect what you believe in.

Maybe I don't speak clearly, but at least I try to make valid points.

If there was a way to be limitless, I'd go for it, however, I think I can accept the flaws I have and not fixate towards perfection.

If you don't like what one is speaking about, you can either present your own opinions or simply walk away.

How does one find their love interest? It happens by socializing, having common interests, and doing activities together. If all goes right, it's possible that a bond may last forever. If not, then please, don't give up. Guarantee there's someone else on the planet that may like you. You just have to reach out.

The art you make doesn't have to be perfect on the first try. It's okay if you have to make multiple designs.

The longer we live with something or someone, the harder it can be to say goodbye the moment they're gone.

The easiest thing you can possibly do is say that you're going to do something. If it's something you're unexperienced with, then that may as well be the hard part: succeed without fail.

Maybe I don't know you too well, but at least I'm trying to get to know you.

Not everything you do needs to be given an reward. You can just help people because you want to be good.

Far from home? If you can survive now, you'll be home soon.

Now that you're back home, what to do now? Continue to travel elsewhere around the world or take a break? Both choices can be positive, as long as you're having fun wherever you are.

Enjoy the time you have now because before you know it, it's back to work or school.

If something is over, then what's the point of trying to drag it on? Probably best you let it go and move on to something else.

If you want to obtain something, you could either ask for it or work for it.

It's not like you get to do something rare every day. So if some actually cool opporunity goes by, you actually should take the chance because you never know how long it will last.

I'm not telling you what to do, I'm just giving you suggestions to help yourself.

I can't tell you where to go. You ultimately decide where to go to help your own future.

When will all problems end? A long time! If we want to speed up the process, then we must work together.

What's okay is making a mistake and fixing it. What's NOT okay is being constantly reminded about a mistake when it's supposed to be all in the past.

If you want to do new things, then do them now. Don't say you'll do them and do nothing at all or let anything hold you back.

If you want some advice from me, then ask. If you're going to ask someone else, fine then. I won't be offended by your choice.

Just because something is good doesn't mean all of it should be used immediately. It should be savored for a long time to come.

If you don't want to be hurt by anything negative, you can just simply ignore it. No matter where you go, just ignore.

When you have enough money, it's a good idea to buy something useful. If you save too much money, then it's possible to lose it all by accident or you might keep saving and not spend a single dollar at all.

I'm able to tell you what's right and wrong, but you, at the same time, have the ability to agree and disagree.

If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose. No matter what the outcome, the importance is that you had fun.

When our ears hear something unusual, it's only natural that we search for what the sound came from. When we see something unusual, it's only natural to determine what it is.

If you really want me to tell you the truth about something, then just ask. Remember that the truth can be helpful and hurtful. How you react is because you asked for the truth.

If you want to say anything negative towards me, then go ahead. Your words will not make me fall to the ground.

Our time is far from up. We still have so much to enjoy in this world.

The time you have left before you go back to school, end it with something significant so you don't waist your last free days doing nothing.

If you're going to use someone else's words, then at least give them credit instead of saying you made them up.

If you're not scared of anything, then prove it by doing something daring and risky.

How can you be aware of your future? Through all of your actions, whether they're big or small.

You're almost one year older! Just because you'll become doesn't mean you should instantly worry about your age. Just continue with your daily life.

Congrats, you're 18 years old. You're finally an adult. This means you can now vote, participate in jury duty, and much more. However, be aware that your actions won't be dropped so easily now. As an adult, you must pay for any wrong you make if you want to live the good life.

So you missed a day of school? You may think it's terrible, but don't hurt yourself over it. This is simply a mistake that could have happened to anyone. Yes, you may have missed a day of school, but now, this is your chance to do something about it. Sure, you can't erase that day, but maybe explaining the situation will make you feel better.

If you want to look good in a picture, then clearly don't look like a slob. Find some good and appropriate clothing, make your hair look presentable, and don't forget that big smile you have.

God is clearly viewed differentely amoungst many religions. Are any one of them correct on what God really is? Honestly, there is no right answer because it's better to let each religion have its own beliefs instead of attempting to bring all the groups together, since violence could break out, due to not sharing the same belief about God.

If a person nearby is asking for help, then don't just stand there and pretend nothing's wrong. You should go help them not for an award, but to establish peace and a potential bond.

We may not have an idea about what tomorrow will present to all of us. So instead of panicking and worrying about the future, we should just relax, continue with our daily lives, and enjoy what's around us.

There are really no shortcuts to being fit. If you really want to lose the weight, you're going to have to excercise and watch what you eat, whether you like it or not. Otherwise, no progress will be made and you'll juat feel bad for yourself. Maybe not now, but eventually...

The times we're really happy are the times when we achieved something that we believe is significant.

There's a lot to explore out in the world. Don't just stand there, explore uncharted lands and never stop your journey.

If you're going to vote for anyone, don't vote for someone who's going to cause your country to fall to pieces. Vote for someone who will bring change and start to fix your country.

If you just keep trying you'll make it. Don't just give up when you're so close. It may be hard, but if you can hold out a little longer, the wait will be worth it.

Strength shouldn't be defined as the number of people in your group, it should be how strong you really are without aid.

Maybe not everyone around you understands how you feel and think, but if there are some people that can connect to you like that, then that's all you should focus towards. It's better to be understood by some than feel like no one can share similar traits to you.

Be who YOU want to be, not what others want you to be. They may have an opinion and they try to guide you, but they don't control your life.

Just because you have a problem that upsets you doesn't mean you have to take your anger out on anyone. Instead, you should try to see if anyone can help you.

If strength is what you seek, then become stronger and befriend people. Don't use people to your advantage. It's better to have more allies than enemies.

If you're capable of showing no sign of weakness whatsoever, then your opponent can't defeat you so easily.

In a debate, talk about your strengths and the weaknesses of your opponents.

If you're going to drink (alcohol), please do it in moderation. If you drink too much, you'll just put yourself in a lot of trouble.

If we become ignorant for so long, it may hold us back and not be on the same page as everyone else.

Once we open our eyes, our thoughts on things change radically and it thus becomes impossible to go back.

An opinion can't stand without being fueled by knowledge.

Since time is so important, we shouldn't be so concerned about what may happen in the next minute. Instead, we should just calm down, relax, and enjoy our time.

If you want to reach your dreams, then don't set them too high. Set them to the point where you can achieve them, but of course, will take some hard work and time.

If you're the kind of person who's trying to be respected, then always keep this in mind: Respect others equally and work for it.

Something good happening to you isn't quite based on luck. It's based on karma and chance.

It's the imperfections, along with our personal goals and the mistakes we make, that help make us better people.

So what if I get nothing in the end? It doesn't mean I can't stop trying.

Maybe I don't see the same views as you, but if you see through my eyes, you'd see I think differently too.

In any election, if the main candidates are that bad, then you can always vote for third parties. So what if no representatives of them became president? Better that than voting for someone you know will ruin the country.

Who do we look towards in need of guidance? If you're religious, then your god or gods. If you're not religious, then someone knowledgeable about the world and beyond.

If something or someone means that much to you, then for your sake, reach out to it or them, otherwise, they might disappear forever.

If something looks like it's going to die soon, then you need to do whatever it takes to keep it alive because once it dies, it may never come back.

If the relationship is still possible to fix, then do what it takes. If it can't be fixed, then move on because it's not helpful to anyone when holding onto a relationship that can't be restored.

Even if it seems that I don't have much to say now, I'm always thinking so I can say more.

Maybe not all stories have a happy ending, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to learn that can't be used in helping the world.

Some of the efforts you thought of as small may mean more than you think. Take a look at all of your efforts and really see what they've done for you now.

Maybe some details are simple to understand, but maybe they contain hidden meaning. Read them again and think deeply about them.

If we don't focus on what's really important, then we tend to miss out on the important pieces of life.

Wherever you go, there will always be a road with two paths. You don't exactly know what either side has, however, you must make a choice and take a side.

No matter what path we choose, it comes to the point where we must live with our own choices if we're to live on and progress.

If you want to look good, then you have to take better care of yourself. No one cares to look at a slob.

If you want a heathly and running community, then do what's best for the people, not for yourself.

Even if I haven't done something important today, that doesn't mean I'll forget about it. I'll take care of it, but just like all, I need time.

Maybe I do act a bit too positive all the time, but maybe that's just my way to survive any day of the week.

The moment when you actually complete something when it should have been done a long time ago. Well, at least you don't have to deal with it now.

Even if you complete something now, you know it's not the end of it. There's always work ahead of you and you'll have to face it someday. The times you don't get work at all are when you can truly have a break.

One with expression shows personality. One without expression could mean they have no feeling or they're making a stand.

It's fine if you want to spoil yourself, but think ahead before doing the same to your friends. Maybe they don't want to know what happens.

If you have the answer, give it out. If you're not sure, either don't speak or take the risk and try.

If you want to have a good future, then do good, unless you feel like taking the wrong path.

I'm not in charge of your life. All I can do is give suggestions and you can choose to agree or disagree.

Don't bother giving me a threat that you can't defend or prove to be true.

Being different from others doesn't mean you're one of a kind. Guarantee there's someone out there who's like you, if that's what you want.

One day, we have to learn and do the things we dislike because we'll become better people if we do so.

Even if it seems far, a dream can be possible to reach as long as you make it easy enough to achieve and try hard enough.

I'd rather vote for the person I want even if they don't win than vote for someone I know is going to ruin our country.

I couldn't care less if I win or lose because all that really matters is the experience, not the result.

Accepting the flaws within shows how I am really human.

Education means more than you think. It gives us knowledge, which can allow us to find meaning for our own lives.

If you're going to provoke someone, at least know who you're talking to. If they have more authority, then you might be in trouble.

If you have something to say, don't hold it back. If you have nothing to say, then don't say anything, especially something stupid.

Even if the chances of some event are very low, it's still possible to happen, so we shouldn't lose hope yet.

If the dream means that much to you, then don't let go until you achieve it.

If your vote is labeled as wasted, then what's the point of voting? To vote based on tradition? No, voting should be based on who you want, regardless of what party they belong to.

If I want to vote for someone who isn't one of the main candidates, let me. It's my choice to choose who I think will best serve the country.

If you want to quit, then do it. If not, then stop compaining and get back on focus.

You don't always have to pick one of two sides. There's always a third side with no conflict and is guaranteed to give you better results.

If the main choices are that bad, then just vote for third parties. So what if one isn't guaranteed to win? It's better that than voting for someone you don't want.

You can complain about how third parties are ruining the election all you want, but remember one simple statement: This is what happens when you try to make those who voted for third parties feel bad or say their votes don't count. Even if third parties don't win once again or actually win as a surprise, at least it's true enough to say that alternative choices can make a difference.

Alright, I don't like who the next president is, you probably feel the same too. However, we must find a way to deal with this and live on. We can't allow such disappointment ruin our own lives.

If we want to move away from the election results, then we need to continue on our lives.

One day, we will have a leader that will fix much in our country. Until then, we have no choice but to accept who's in charge now.

If the current results of the election upset you so much, then maybe you should stay away from politics for a while.

You're the one in charge of your own money. You can either spend it on something you or someone else needs or you can save it and earn more.

Doing something different doesn't mean you're weird, it shows you want to find another solution.

If one has a grudge against you that's lived for more than a year, then they must have some reason. Of course, a grudge living that long should be dropped because there's no point in arguing if it leads to chaos.

Don't let someone talking badly about you ruin a task you're trying to accomplish.

Even if you do achieve the dream, there's still one detail you must consider: What's next? Do you know what to do if the dream has been accomplished?

A chance is something you think could happen. A guarantee is something you know is going to happen.

Just because something is ending doesn't mean you can't enjoy it for the remainder of time.

Even if something we care about ends, we can always look to something new to fill the gap.

If we find something rare or really hard to find, we need to treat it as if it will be useful for a lifetime.

If you think power is corrupted, then don't get involved with it.

During vacation, you don't have to do something immediately. You can just relax and unwind. After that, then you can do some work.

Thanksgiving isn't just about the food, it's about letting go of our issues and being together as a family.

An idea original can be greater than an idea inspired from something else.

Who's the one in charge of decisions about your path in life? You because your parents, teachers, and friends can only guide or encourage you to somewhere.

Even if you lose one way of connection, there are still other ways you can talk to people.

For those who've made huge contributions in this world and died lately, we can keep them alive in ourselves by supporting their causes.

This is your life! It's up to you to live life the way you want and no one else can control it.

Life isn't just about winning in anything, it's about the experiences you gain, regardless if they're good or bad.

The first part in friendship is accepting the good and bad in each other.

If you know you can't afford for something, then don't try buying it at all.

If you want to buy something, then go ahead and do it. If there's nothing in the way, then you have reason to get what you want or need.

If something is in your way, don't let it stand there. Find a way to overcome it.

If you're given extra time to finish a task, use that time wisely and finish so you don't fall behind.

If there's something you'd like to say, then go ahead and speak. I'm not stopping you from saying anything you want.

If there's somewhere you need to go to now, then carry on and move. No one is stopping you from getting to the destination.

It's okay to take a break, but if you do too much of that, nothing will get done.

If you listen to someone else, you may understand how they feel or what they think.

If you have time to do one thing, then you absolutely have time to do anything that you're delaying.

If you're aware that something will be closing soon, then it's best to spend as much time as possible before it's gone.

Maybe I do say "no" more than "yes", but at least I'm trying to show that I can't be controlled or manipulated. Basically, I'm standing my ground and it's up to you if you want to do the same.

If you have parents, you should be thanking them for all they do for you. Once they're gone, they can't help you anymore.

If you don't want a fight, then don't start one or be near one.

If you do get a college acceptance letter, then good for you. You don't need to worry anymore about getting in or not.

I don't want to do what others have done, I want to carve what no one has made yet.

If we keep dividing ourselves just because of arguments, how could we get anything done or have friends? If we're able to take the good and bad of each other, then we'll be able to be allies for a lifetime.

Do what you know you can do, not what you think or could do, for the people and your country.

The year is coming to an end soon. If there's anything you haven't done yet, do it now before it's too late.

Recognize what you have done, not what you could never do.

Review the info for as long as you can. Only the future will tell us how we did.

If you didn't finish an assessment, it's okay because when it gets close to the end of vacation, you can just use the remaining of time to review.

Can we please stop fighting and get along? Christmas is about being together, not being divided.

There's no point in fighting when the current days are about being with your loved ones and being thankful for what you do have.

Christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean the year is. If there's anything you want to accomplish, now would be the right time.

If you don't want to lose, then clearly do whatever it takes to win (unless it's cheating).

Maybe I don't share the same thoughts like my elders, but I'm not going to let that stop me from at least trying to help them.

Even if we're different, we shouldn't let our differences stop us from getting along.

The world doesn't tell you what your purpose is, you have to find that out on your own.

Maybe I do give similar speeches, but perhaps I might be trying to deliver different meanings and impacts in them.

We're approaching into new times. Hopefully, life will be better this time, otherwise, we may need to address issues as they year goes by.

Maybe we don't know what's ahead of us in this new year, but we can at least do what we need to be prepared for anything this year.

If we can overcome various tasks, regardless of their difficulty, then we should be able to overcome anything that comes ahead.

If only we could all accept each other, no matter what idelogy we support, may we all be able to get along.

Maybe we can't get rid of the fights we've had with each other, but we could at least apologize and learn to get along.

If we can get along, we may be able to do more than now.

If we're able to accept the limitations we have, we may be able to walk further.

If there's something I want, I work to obtain it. If I take a short cut, then I lose the experience of working.

It's okay to ask for help, but don't ask too much, otherwise, you create the idea that you can't do much.

Trust the group of people who you know can help and trust you.

Maybe there isn't an answer for our problems, which is why we must do what we can to find the answers ourselves.

Our expressions shouldn't be kept inside, we need to feel free to express wherever we want without feeling limited.

Study for as long as you can. That's a way to ensure you'll do good on a upcoming mid-year exam.

If you're allowed cheat sheets or notecards, then apply your weaknesses to them so you can do well overall, since you don't need to add what you do know well on.

Are you ready for your mid-terms? If not, review your notes again until you're sure you're ready.

Search for what you can in order to help you answer the questions to pass.

Even if the weather is in play, you should still review just in case.

Even if the weather has changed your schedule, use it as an advantage to do better on your exams.

Even if mid-terms are almost over, you can't just relax yet. Use all your energy on the last ones.

Keep going, you're almost done with mid-terms. If this is the last one, then no matter the subject, then try to end with a bang.

If you use your time wisely, then you may be able to finish the last exam without worries.

Now that you're done with the exams, you can go back to focusing on your classes now.

Time for a new start, time for a new change, time to make the rest of your time in school something special.

Special Writings/Speeches

The Island of My Life

I guess I'll be going back to the island.

Let me describe...

The island is like a person's imagination zone.

Only difference is I'm always alone there.

Most of my originality comes from there.

The "island" usually appears in my dreams.

When I'm awake, people only appear on the island if they play a important role.

If someone's really important, they stay on the island for a long time.

If it's a "peer", they can come and go anytime.

If someone is greater than that and do have the time to help me, they can be on the island as long as they want with me.

Other times, the island is also like a building.

Many rooms of ideas, many rooms of memories.

The main room is in the center of the building.

The center is the heart.

The heart needs to stay alive.

My originality helps me keep the heart alive.

Human bonds make the heart stronger.

The stronger the heart, the more stronger the building will be.

When it's received enough, it will become a force that can't be stopped.

A force of emotions.

The emotions are like adrenaline.

Force can't live without it.

Just as much as the human can't live without the heart and emotions.

Each room contains something different.

Being different isn't terrible.

Close your eyes.

Are we human?

We are.

Being different leads to people being the same.

The walls are painted with expressions and emotions.

If I'm in good spirits, the art becomes beautiful.

If I'm tempered, the art is still good, but will portray the most touching emotions.

These emotions are the keys for another human to see me.

Anyone can enter the building.

Dom gives people chances.

The doors are just gates.

One side is reality, the other side is the truth or a dream.

The windows just represent seeing the other side.

We could see beauty.

Or see violence.

If there was a god...

Balance would be seeable.

Peace would be made.

Everyone would relax.

Everyone would find love.

There would be no hate.

No one needs to live in despair.

Who needs to be alone?

Being together creates a strong force.

Being together could be called brotherhood, sisterhood, or love.

Or even teamwork.

These are perhaps the most powerful power people need.

One who hides there feelings are the people we need to care for.

It's their choice to express.

If they do...

If they don't...

They need time...

We don't cut them off...

We don't quit on them...

We should let them live...

Everyone plays a role in life.

Small or big...

Some are destined for greatness.

Others can become legends.

And few can do one thing that will change the face of the Earth.

Changes are what we all go through.

Changes can't be forced, changes are natural and grow.

Like a baby.

The baby soon grows into the child.

The child will become a teen.

At that point, the teen will be given many choices.

Changes are forced at this time.

No one can force change.

We make the change.

The outcomes can be good or bad.

Whatever happens determines the future.

It's our job to care and take action.

We can do it alone.

Or do it as a team.

Life can be fair.

Or it can be unfair.

Some live the great.

Some live in a terrible place.

Some have even reached the term "living life to the fullest".

Those who've done that are the people who are spiritual.

We look up to those people...

Some of us live in the sad life.

We pray upon shooting stars for a better life.

Some do it for forgiveness.

Others do it to stay on the right path.

When we pray, how do we know if we're doing it?

Do we just let someone tell us what to do.

Or do we know what to do?

Only we know if we take a step forward.

When you go through the stairs, you're actually going up to the challenges.

You don't know what's ahead of you.

That's why you need to prepare for the unexpected.

The unexpected could be good.

One could finally consider another as a friend.

If they are opposite genders, it could be more than that.

Some are fortunate to be in a relationship.

Others are lucky.

If somebody loves us, we don't silence it, we recognize it.

We give it back to show we care.

In the end, what is life?

Life is like infinity.

There's a infinite world to explore.

It is our time to explore, be prepared for anything.

The end.

Acceptance: The Path That Must Be Taken

Published: 5/26/15

If you don't get what you want...

You accept your fate and move on.

For example...

I'm not a leader, I accepted that, and I moved on.

Accepting who you are makes you stronger.

You can't deny you who used to be and who you are now.

The past creates who you are now.

The present and past join together to create your future.

If you are ever to become stronger, you must accept who you were before and are now.

This will allow you to be comfortable with yourself.

By being comfortable, you can do anything.

Acceptance creates strength.

Acceptance, friendship, and never giving up are the REAL strengths.

I may be punching holes in you.

But the real punch would be through your brain or your heart.

When you learn to change...

You can do more.

Acceptance goes two ways.

Accept for what you know can't happen.

No matter how much you dream, you need to accept the chances of it not happening.


Accept for what you know you can get.

Be fortunate for what you can own.

When you accept both ways, you will be able to accept yourself.

True potential is only unlocked when we overcome our own obstacles.

Or in other words...

When we overcome the fears that hold us back, we can unlock our full potential and go beyond 100%.

Love: Is it alive, or is it gone?

Published: 6/6/15

We all live alone and we all die alone.

But who wants to be alone?

Not everyone.

There are people who would like to be together.

There might be walls preventing them from seeing each other, but what can't be blocked is the love

Love is a power, Love is what humans feel, Love is what we all need from our family, friends, and our secret admirers.

Love even can change our mind, Love is what all humans have in common, Love takes time and it requires work.

What we love is different, but the fact that we all care for something, the gesture of it, is the big factor to look at

Love can keep us all together, Love can even be unity.

What is love?

Love can be anything!

From what I see, the love isn't gone in this world.

It's still out there, and it's scattered across the world.

Basically, not all beings want to be alone.

They want to be with those who they have a connection with those who can work like a team, those who understand each other, and ultimately... those who can give the love back.

Instead of showing hatred, how about we start showing care in this world?

That would make less problems on Earth and make it a better place to live in.

Sure, there's still other problems left before Earth is truly the perfect planet to live in, but getting rid of the hate and giving the love to those who need it would be great to start at.


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