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Turtle Diner (Japanese: カメ の ダイナー, Kame no Dainā, Korean: 거북이 식당, Geobug-i Sigdang) is a food diner that is owned by the Dalton family, located in Benham City. It is next to their house. Mrs. Dalton is the owner and a waitress, Mr. Dalton is the chef, and Wakamei is a waitress. Toxsa is the only one who doesn't work there, since he does not have a job because of his age, as he is not 16+. Turtle Diner is one of the main places where the boys hang out. It makes its first appearance in "The Power of Four".


Outside the diner

Inside the diner


  • The Diner's name is only revealed in English version. In the Japanese version the name is not there.


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