Tributon Extreme (Japanese (Katakana): セイラン、決死の戦い!) is the seventh episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on October 05, 2013 on Cartoon Network in the United States.



A mysterious new student arrives in Benham City while on Quarton,Tributon fights to achieve Tenkai Titan mode. In the end, the Tenkai Knights face the appearance of Dromus, a doppleganger of Bravenwolf.


The boys ask Guren how he achieved Titan Mode. When he tells them it took a kind of fire in his belly, Toxsa and Ceylan take his words literally and try eating spicy foods to obtain Titan Mode themselves. That night, Guren had a dream where he, as Bravenwolf, faces off against what appears to be an evil clone of himself.

The next day, a mysterious new student arrives in Benham City, a boy called Gen. Ceylan and Guren try to befriend the mysterious new student. Despite their efforts, he refuses to talk.

Back on Earth, Guren and Ceylan approach Gen again but he runs off. Ceylan insists on following him. When it appears they are about to corner Gen, Guren and Ceylan experience a vision similar to what they experienced in the museum the day they saw the Tenkai Dragon. As they pair head to Mr. White to ask him about what they just saw, Gen watches them leave from the shadows.

When they arrive at the shop and tell everyone what happened, Boreas explains that the energy given off by the Dragon cubes is unstable and that they need to go to Quarton immediately.

When the boys arrive on Quarton, they meet Slyger and try to keep the cube out of his hands. However, they are unable to prevent Slyger from flying off with the cube. Only then, the Knights discover that Beag had fooled the Corrupted forces so they could retrieve the real cube.

Upon bringing the cube to Vilius, Slyger learns the cube he captured was a fake and rushes back to take his revenge.

Back on Earth, Guren and Ceylan notice Gen is good at studies and sports but not very good at making friends. Just then, their cores begin to glow and they both head for the shop. Meanwhile, on Quarton, Beag and his men have discovered a real Dragon cube. But they are caught by Slyger while trying to take it back to their base.

Just as Beag and his men are about to be overrun, the boys arrive. Before the Knights can fight, Slyger has them surrounded and trap Bravenwolf inside a blockade so he can't transform into titan mode and soon Lydendor is trapped as well and Valorn is hurt by Slyger.

Seeing everyone in danger, Tributon manages to achieve Titan mode and fights off the Corrupted in order to save them. However, when the cube seems safe a new Tenkai Knight appears, calling himself Dromus, he appears to be an evil clone of Bravenwolf and steals the cube.


In the episode

  • The title picture shows a woman with blue hair and the man with the blonde hair, who are in fact Wakamei and Toxsa's parents.
  • Tributon is the second Tenkai Knight to achieve Titan Mode.
  • Gen as both himself and Dromus make his first appearance in the episode.
  • The sky griffin first appears in this episode.
  • When Ceylan says "...'cause I'm all fired up!" it may be a reference to Natsu Dragneel who is also played by Todd Haberkorn.

English Dub Cuts & Changes

  • In the JP version, some kanji can be seen on the classroom board, but is not seen in the English version.
  • In the JP version, Guren's dream is not shown, as it had in the English version.
  • In the JP version, when introducing Gen, the class doesn't chorus "hi Gen" as they had in the English version.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

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