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Toxsa Blocked is the fourty-ninth episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on August 17, 2014 on Teletoon in Canada.




The five Tenkai Knights finally opened the Tenkai Fortress but it was too big and they had so much to explore, Guren told the Corekai to find a chamber and to stay there while the Tenkai Knights charge batteries in the human world. As usual, the corekai accepted it.

Back to the human world, the four main Tenkai Knights walk back to the entrance of Mr. White’s store and where they see Gen. Gen gives a piece of paper to Guren.

That paper was a letter from Mr. White to the Tenkai Knights. Basically it was an appology for not being there the moment they come back. He justified to not being there “due to a very important cause”, not explaining what the cause really was. While Guren reads what is written on the paper out loud, the others say “is there something even more important than us?”

While leaving the store, the Tenkai Knights find Beni, who was actually hiding. Even though Guren asks her why she was hiding there, she denies to be hiding. After that, Guren thanks her for giving him the Tenkai Stone. Beni replies with “You should thank Kiiro instead”. Guren then asks Gen if he doesn’t want to be thanked for everything he did either and Gen says Guren is right and then adds “Friends are always there to help and we’re friends, aren’t we?”. After this, Beni mocks with “Are you making your own fanclub?” and Ceylan says “Yes, and we’re keeping a place in it for you”, which makes Beni blush.

Gen and Beni leave together. Beni asks Gen what will happen after everything is over and Gen answers with a sad “I have no idea”. Gen finds something on the street they are walking on.

Meanwhile, the four Knights are riding their bikes and commenting on how different Gen looks like now that he joined their team. Toxsa’s bike breaks completely and Toxsa falls on the ground. and after they all stop, they realize Toxsa’s bike had suffered of brickification.

The scene changes to the Korakai. Apparently, they can’t find the chamber the Tenkai Knights told them to find. While Beag is bugging about this chamber, he accidently presses a block that seems to be a key. Meanwhile, some codes go to Beag’s helmet and with them, Beag unlocks the secret chamber the corekai had been looking for. And the Tenkai Fortress also has a fitness center, a rec room with a TV and “an empty place that is perfect for parties” .

Besides all of this, the codes Beag now owns seem to say that in case Quarton is in trouble, there is a big dragon that whoever has the power in the fortress can control. This dragon is inside of the Tenkai Fortress but the codes Beag was given tell nothing about its location.

The scene changes to Vilius’s place, where he is told that brickification is speading all over Earth, which makes Vilius satisfied.

Back to Earth, the Tenkai Knights are finding several objects that suffered from brickification. They agree to meet at school even though it’s the weekend. There, they discuss about this new problem. While they talk, a flower next to them is brickified too and Toxsa touches it. After touching the flower Toxsa’s hand gets brickified causing his whole body to get brickified.

The now three Knights agree on hiding Toxsa somewhere so nobody sees them but they hear a teacher’s voice who sees them. While they realize the teacher is there, Guren and Ceylan try to hide Toxsa from her. However… She is having internet problems and asks for Toxsa's help, which shows she actually saw him. They tell her they gotta go study for the test they are having on monday, they grab Toxsa and leave while the teacher stares at them.

They go to Mr. White’s store to find something that can carry Toxsa easily, while walking back home, a dog almost jumps on Toxsa. But things get even worse: while running away from the dog, they pass by Toxsa’s sister, who approaches them asking for Toxsa because he had to clean something in the restaurant. They tell her she should go back to the restaurant because Toxsa is probably there and then she asks them what they are taking with them, even saying later “If you’re trying to hide my brother, then…”. They run away but she runs after them.

Back to Vilius, he tells Slyger and Granox to go to Earth.

Back to Earth, Gen and Beni are finding brickified objects too. The Knights come accross them and then are called to go to Quarton so they ask Gen and Beni to help hide Toxsa soon Toxsa’s sister shows up.

The Tenkai Knights go to Quarton, where Vilius is trying to take over the Tenkai Fortress. Villius says he’s going to kill the Knights after that battle. Vilius comments on Toxsa’s absense and the Knights strike but they destroyed the Fortress when winning against Vilius.

Meanwhile, Toxsa’s sister takes the cloth that was hiding Toxsa to find Toxsa there, perfectly fine without explanation. Toxsa and Gen go to Quarton while Beni is distracting Toxsa’s sister.

Villius awakes his Dragon. So the Tenkai Knights (the 5, because Gen and Toxsa are there too) wake their Dragon too and the dragons fight.

Mr. White is with someone working against the brickification on the tower of the city. The people near Mr. White notice Slyger and Granox  are coming. Then, the Tenkai Knights are unexplainably sent back to Earth. Mr White calls them telling them it’s an emergency and that they need to help him and the others out.


In the episode

  • Brickifacation happens to Toxsa.
  • It is revealed the the Tenkai Fortress can repair itself.
  • in this episode wakamei meets gen and beni for the first time.

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