Toxic Toxsa (Japanese (Katakana): リーダーたる者) is the thirty-second episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on April 13, 2014 on Teletoon in Canada.



Beni tries to convince Toxsa that he makes a better leader then Guren. Guren lets him try. On Quarton, Zephyrus usesGuardian Megafusion and Valorn realizes that no one Tenkai Knight is the leader. He then unlocks Elemental Titan Mode.


Beni is bored of doing the same thing day in and day out, so she has some fun with Toxsa by making him think he will be a better leader then Guren to have some fun, which leads to a one sided rivally with only Toxsa caring about it. Guren, after his bike breaks down and gets fix up by Toxsa, he and the rest of the group find out Toxsa wants to be the leader, so they make him team leader, after a quick vote. It then goes to Toxsa's head.

Later on, after they have been summon to Quarton and have to fight against Zephyrus, Toxsa, as Valorn, will only talk to others that call him team leader. Then during the battle, against Guardian Zephyrus, he fails to go Elemental Titan Mode and gets knockaside, needing to be saved by Bravenwolf. After retreating behind a rock while the others fight, Valorn learns no one knight is the team leader, which allows him to unlock Elemental Titan Mode. He then uses that mode to defeat Zephyrus.

Later, back on Earth, Toxsa tells the others of how big of a jerk he has been and is sorry for all the trouble he made and no longer wants to be team leader. Guren refuses to allow Toxsa to resign as team leader by saying to him how they are all team leaders. When the boys are having fun and doing a bit of training, Beni watches and uses her core brick on a flower stated about how things are going to become more fun around here soon enough.


In the episode

  • Valorn was the second Knight to unlock Elemental Titan Mode.
  • This is the second episode in which Guardian Megafusion appears.
  • This episode proves that Toxsa is strong in the virtual world. In this episode brickifacation first appears which a flower is the first object to be brickified.
  • In this episode Guardian Zephyrus engages guardian tenkai meagafusion being the second guardian to unlock this mode.
  • In this episode Toxsa is manipulated by Beni to be team leader in the end he finally knows he did wrong and that Guren deserves to be team leader.

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