Braven XX (JP)
Titan Fusion (Japanese: XXモード, XX Mōdo, Eng. Translated: XX-Mode, Korean: XX 모드, XX Modeu), or Double X Mode (Japanese: ダブルエックスモード, Daburu Ekkusu Mōdo) is a Robofusion of two Quartonians in Titan Mode. It can only be activated by the Tenkai Knights and certain members of the Corrupted. Titan Fusion is far more powerful than Titan Mode.


List of Titan Fusion Combinations


  • Bravuton (Bravenwolf+Tributon)
  • Bravorn (Bravenwolf+Valorn) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Bravendor (Bravenwolf+Lydendor) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Bravmus (Bravenwolf+Dromus) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Bravlius (Bravenwolf+Vilius) (toy only)


  • Tribuwolf (Tributon+Bravenwolf)
  • Tribulorn (Tributon+Valorn) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Tribendor (Tributon+Lydendor) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Tribmus (Tributon+Dromus) (toy only)
  • Triblius (Tributon+Vilius) (toy only)


  • Valowolf (Valorn+Bravenwolf)
  • Valuton (Valorn+Tributon) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Valendor (Valorn+Lydendor) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Valmus (Valorn+Dromus) (toy only)
  • Valius (Valorn+Vilius) (toy only)


  • Lydenwolf (Lydendor+Bravenwolf)
  • Lyduton (Lydendor+Tributon) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Lydorn (Lydendor+Valorn) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Lydmus (Lydendor+Dromus) (toy only)
  • Lydlius (Lydendor+Vilius) (toy only)


  • Dromwolf (Dromus+Bravenwolf) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Dromuton (Dromus+Tributon) (toy only)
  • Dromorn (Dromus+Valorn) (toy only)
  • Dromendor (Dromus+Lydendor) (toy only)
  • Dromlius (Dromus+Vilius) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Dromnox (Dromus+Granox) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Dromyger (Dromus+Slyger) (Brave Battle and toy only)


  • Vilwolf (Vilius+Bravenwolf) (toy only)
  • Viluton (Vilius+Tributon) (toy only)
  • Vilorn (Vilius+Valorn) (toy only)
  • Vilendor (Vilius+Lydendor) (toy only)
  • Vilmus (Vilius+Dromus) (Brave Battle and toy only)
  • Vilnox (Vilius+Granox) (Brave Battle only)
  • Vilyger (Vilius+Slyger) (Brave Battle only)


  • Granlius (Granox+Vilius) (Brave Battle only)
  • Granyger (Granox+Slyger) (Brave Battle only)
  • Granmus (Granox+Dromus) (Brave Battle only)


  • Slyius (Slyger+Vilius) (Brave Battle only)
  • Slynox (Slyger+Granox) (Brave Battle only)
  • Slymus (Slyger+Dromus) (Brave Battle only)

In the Series

Titan Fusion was first seen in "The Key to Evil", where Titan Bravenwolf fused with Titan Tributon to defeat Titan dopplegangers of the Knights.

In "Extreme Titan", Titan Slyger fused with a Sky Griffin to attack the Knights. Titan Valorn fused with Titan Bravenwolf to defeat Titan Slyger.

In "Double Crossed", Titan Tributon fused with Titan Bravenwolf to defeat Titan Hos and the Flying Darkwing Spector.

In "Checkmate", Titan Granox fused with a War Stallion to attack the Knights. Titan Lydendor fused with Titan Bravenwolf to attack Titan Dromus. Titan Granox was going to be defeated, but he and Corrupted troopers retreated back to the Dark Fortress.



  • All Tenkai Knight Titan Fusions in the anime incorporate Bravenwolf, but only one has him as the upper body.
  • Many more Titan Fusions can be seen either in Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle or by purchasing the Deluxe Figures and fusing them.

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