The Rising Fire (Japanese (Katakana): 4人の勇者) is the third episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on September 07, 2013 on Cartoon Network in the United States.



Guren and Ceylan track down and meet Chooki and Toxsa, the two other Earth boys who posses cores and became Tenkai Knights on Quarton! Their friendship gets off to a bumpy start.


Guren and Ceylan transport back to Mr. White's Shop of Wonders and ask him about the two other Tenkai Knights they just met. Unfortunately, Mr. White can't give them any information, except, that they are also young boys from Earth.

So Guren and Ceylan try to find the two Knights, a task easier said than done. The pair searches the local mall, with Ceylan questioning every passerby if they are the Knights. This gets the two nowhere. Later, they decide to hide in a restaurant across from Mr. Whites shop. Thinking that once they receive the call to go to Quarton, the other boys will appear.

Guren and Ceylan wait and eventually manage to track down and meet Chooki Mason and Toxsa Dalton, the two other earth boys who posses the other two Tenkai Knight cores. Their friendship gets off to a bumpy start when Toxsa claims that he and Chooki are the more experienced Knights. After an argument, the four agree to stay out of each others way.

Later, Guren openly wonders if working separately is such a good idea. The boys are summoned before much more can be said. Once on Quarton, Ceylan and Toxsa begin to bicker again. Guren continues to insist that they all need to work together if they wish to save Quarton and the Corekai, which was something that everyone can agree on.

In the end, they all agree on working together to achieve victory after finding the third Dragon Cube.


In the episode

  • Chooki and Toxsa's human identities are revealed after appearing briefly in cameos for the first two episodes.
  • When the knights first meet they do not like each other except Guren since he wants all them to work together.

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