The Power of Four (Japanese (Katakana): 合体!ファイヤーバード) is the fourth episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on September 14, 2013 on Cartoon Network in the United States.



The boys are starting come together as a team as they learn more about Quarton. While on Quarton - in search of the next Dragon Cube - the boys discover that they can combine their powers to become something more powerful.


The boys are starting to come together as a team as they learn more about Quarton. While on Quarton, they mount an offensive against Granox to obtain the next Dragon Cube. But the assault fails and they are forced to retreat.

Back on Earth, the boys are depressed over their loss. Boreas then appears and tells them how important it is that they obtain all the Dragon Cubes. When they ask him how they can achieve their goal, he tells them about Robofusion and says that only when they act as one will they win.

Not fully understanding The Guardians words, the boys go to the restaurant, owned by Toxsa's family. They try to train themselves to think the same thing at the same time by ordering the same food items. When this fails, Toxsa's sister, Wakamei, suggest teaching the boys about teamwork herself. She has them do all sorts of things as a team, like playing soccer and rowing a kayak.

After a long day of training, Ceylan returns home thoroughly soaked only to be informed by his father that, due to his work, the entire family may have to move to another city.

Despondent, Ceylan visits Mr. White's shop the next day and informs Mr. White that he won't be able to be a Knight of Tenkai anymore. But the other boys arrive and before he can tell them anything, they insist he come with them to Quarton.

On Quarton, the Knights and the Corekai attempt to take down Granox's fortress again, but Tributon is too distracted for Robofusion to work. Things get so bad that Bravenwolf and Beag consider retreating again. Feeling responsible for the team's failure to win, Ceylan confesses that he'll be moving away. In doing so, he also admits that they are his friends and at that moment the boys discover that they can combine their powers to become something more powerful, the Protojet. With their combined power, they easily defeat Granox and many Corrupted henchmen.

Back on Earth, Ceylan and the others discover that Ceylan's father will not be forcing his family to move after all.


In the episode

  • Lime parfait is mentioned for the first time in this episode. It would later become a running gag in the series.
  • Robofusion is first introduced in this episode.
  • Tributon was the only knight who unlocked robofusion.
  • The knight's first robofusion is called the Protojet.

English Dub Cuts & Changes

  • The drinks and deserts that the five of them ordered were changed in the Japanese version.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

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