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The Four Beags is the fourty-fifth episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on July 20, 2014 on Teletoon in Canada




on quarton the corekai try to keep the corrupted and granox from taking the fortress but bravenwolf was able to defeat granox in elemental titan mode. at vilius's fortress, vilius punishes granox for failing but granox tells vilius its the corekai's fault, but the guardian think it was beag whos the problem and have something they planned for him.

on earth at school a new teacher comes to the class room and calls himself mr. uso. but after a short moment the knights were shocked to find out that mr. uso was actully slyger in disgues. slyger starts chaseing them until toxsa fooled slyger that he had the portal device, but the knights kept on keeping traps for slyger to run into.

on quarton kutor and tavok were talking until they were ordered by beag to dig a ditch on the east, kutor and tavok then saw another beag tell them to dig a ditch in the west. but at a few moments they notice that there are two beags.

back on earth


In the episode

  • The teacher's name was revealed as Ms. Fenwick and her importance in this episode is higher than any other role she had in previous episodes.
  • It's unknown how Gen had the Portal Weapon, probably by asking Mr. White for it.
  • This episode reveals Beag's weaknesses, such as he can't shoot the target down perfectly, he couldn't be part of the Tenkai Wall (only in this episode), and he can't lift plenty of weight.
  • The Guardians have the abilty to cloak themselves as any humanoid Quartonian, seeing that they were able to look somewhat like Beag.
  • The boys are now looking for the Tenkai Stone.
  • Beag was almost killed in this episode by Slyger but pretended to die, and was joking.

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