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  1. REDIRECT Template:Infobox/CorekaiThe Beast King (Japanese: モンキングMonkingu, Eng. Translated: Mon King; Korean: 몽킹Mongking), also called Scorpidon (Japanese: スコーピドン, Sukōpidon, Korean: 스코삐돈, Seukoppidon), is a supporting character in Tenkai Knights. He first spoke in "Welcome to the Jungle". He first appeared in "Scorpidon". His Scorpidon Mode represents a scorpion.

He is voiced by Michael Sorich in English and is unknown in Japanese.


Quarton-like form

The eyes of the beast king.png

In this form, the Beast King has not been fully revealed, other than his red eyes.

Scorpidon Mode

Scorpidon signore del mondo bestiale-1-.jpg

In this form, the Beast King resembles a giant scorpion with a laser cannon on his stinger, a circular with an optic lense, circular claws and his color scheme resembles the Dark Tenkai Dragon's color scheme.


The Beast King has a thirst for excitement and will go to dirty lengths to satisfy his hunger.


Quarton-like form The Beast King has shown no abilities in this form, other than transforming into his huge Scorpidon Mode.

Scorpidon Mode

In this form, Beast King can fire lasers from its stinger, generate a cyclone by spinning and can leap over long distances despite his huge size.

In the Series


The Tenkai Knights





Orangor is loyal to The Beast King and they planned to keep the Knights in Beast World. They kept changing the rules because they don't want them to leave Beast World. Orangor will never let his master down.

Beasts of Beast World



  • The Beast King is the leader of Beast World.
  • Scorpidon's name originates from the term Scorp, which is short for Scorpion. A scorpion is a type of arachnid, which is what Scorpidon is. Scorpidon's name is just "Scorp" plus "idon".

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