The Battle Begins (Japanese (Katakana): 決戦前夜) is the twenty-fourth episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on February 16, 2014 on Teletoon in Canada.



With Gen and Beni's identities revealed and the Black Dragon Key lost, the Tenkai Knights prepare for the ultimate battle.


On Quarton, Beag and his troops staring at the malfunctioning portal in the distance just as the Tenkai Knights show up. Neither the Knights nor Beag know what to make of the strange light, but they assemble their army and prepare to invade Vilius's fortress. Guardian Boreas then tells them the events that transpired in the last episode after crashing the Dropship into a nearby plateau.

Meanwhile, Granox pretends to be the leader of the army of the Corrupted until Vilius walks into the room, Vilius decides to ignore him. Granox then asks about the battle, and when he learns of the defeat, asks if it was Slyger's fault. Vilius then informs Granox of how he failed to obtain the portal, but claims to "have achieved something even better".

The Knights then find out that they will need to go back to Earth before the battle because of the malfunctioning portal, but a side effect takes them to an alternate dimension where Vilius has taken over and is attempting to wipe out humanity. Boreas explains that this is a possible future if the Knights don't stop him and the two worlds from merging.

Chooki and Guren go to the library to check out books on history's greatest generals while Ceylan plays soccer and Toxsa does chores for their training. They all say their goodbyes in case the world should end the next day, but the only one who seems to understand what is happening is Wakamei.

Meanwhile on Quarton, Eurus questions Dromus's and Venetta's decision to "proceed as planned" even though Vilius had returned.

On Earth, Boreas and Mr. White are concerned that they cannot contact the other Guardians.

Vilius states that the battle is about to begin and everyone takes their positions. The Corekai make the first move and soon the Knights Robofuse into the Air Lancer Jet to destroy a big chunk of the Corrupted and the Fortress wall.

The Knights then split up, Bravenwolf and Tributon go after the Dragon, and Valorn and Lydendor go after the Reassembly Device. Soon, Valorn and Lydendor are attacked by Granox and Slyger and Bravenwolf and Tributon are attacked by Dromus and Venetta. All the Knights, Granox, Dromus and Slyger go into Titan Mode, but Venetta doesn't. The episode ends with Dromus's and Bravewolf's swords clashed in battle.



  • This episode used to be called the title "The Dark Unlock". However, the title "The Dark Unlock" is used in the next episode.

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