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Lucas Blackthorn is the main character of Tenkai Knights: The Shade Chronicles. He first appears in Chapter 1: The Dark Prince. He is in possession of the Tenkai Warrior, White Knight's Core. However, ever since being infused by the The Tribunal's power, he goes by the name White Knight Tenkai Starburst. When he was corrupted, he went by the name Dark Prince.


Lucas has blonde hair and gold irises. His usual attire consists of a relaxed version of his black and white school uniform. He almost never wears his tie. He has also been known to wear a leather jacket similar to Gen's.


Lucas is normally rather introverted but, was extremely extroverted and cruel while under Vilius's sway. He is normally a kind and generous person who's willing to lay his life on the line for his friends. As White Knight he doesn't hesitate to fight Vilius's Corrupted Army.


  • He is stated to be on par with Vilius.
  • His final chapter design is loosely based on Gladion from Pokémon.
  • He was chosen by Guardian Notus.
  • He was created by AZephyr1.


Siren Moore

Siren is Lucas's best friend. She stood by him while he was Dark Prince and ended up being crucial to separating him from Vilius's evil influence. She is like a protective older-sister to Lucas be it on Earth and against bullies or on Quarton, against anyone who tries to bring him harm. She, like Lucas, was given a Core Brick by Guardian Notus. On Quarton, she uses the name Viper.

The Knights

Lucas has a friendly relationship with the knights. He used a calm and friendly demeanor to throw the knights off his trail while he was Dark Prince until he was discovered. After being freed, he became heavily conflicted until he eventually decided to become friends for real.


Lucas spends the first three chapters under Vilius's sway. After breaking free, he joins the knights in the fight to stop Vilius for good.


As Dark Prince, Lucas personally corrupted Pivix.

Warrior Knights

After gaining the power to stop corruption, Lucas seeks out and frees the dark knights. Afterwords, He and Siren act as the Gen and Beni to the dark knights who now call themselves the warrior knights.




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