Tenkai Energy (Japanese: テンカイエナジー, Tenkai Enajī, Korean: 텐카이 에너지, Tenkai Eneoji, Hebrew: אנרגיית טנקאיי) is considered the most valuable resource on Quarton. It is what makes everything on the planet transform, combine, and shapeshift. Vilius wants this energy from the Tenkai Dragon in order to conquer Quarton and other worlds beyond, such as Earth. Vilius' own Tenkai energy is corrupted and he can infuse his energy into others, turning them into his own Corrupted soldiers. He also infuse vehicles, such as the BlasTank and Volt Jet, forcing them to shapeshift into various mech beasts, such as War Stallion and Sky Griffin.

According to Eurus, there are two Tenkai energies between both planets (good and evil, referred in the human world as "Chi" by Mr. White).

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