Tenkai Dragon Cube (Japanese (Katakana): テンカイドラゴンの秘密) is the second episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on August 31, 2013 on Cartoon Network in the United States.



Guren and Ceylan learn other human heroes can travel to Quarton.


After Guren and Ceylan's first trip to Quarton, Mr. White and Boreas fill them in on Quarton's history. Ceylan at first refuses to return to Quarton, but Guren insists they've been summoned to protect both worlds.

During a visit to the museum, Guren and Ceylan notice an ancient stone tablet that suddenly turns into a key right before their eyes. They also see a vision of a large Dragon. Once the vision is gone, the boys are told by one of the archeologists working at the museum that he'd never seen anything like it before.

After the event, the boys are summoned to go back to Quarton, Guren, as Bravenwolf, goes but Ceylan insists on staying behind. Once Guren arrives on Quarton, he is greeted by Commander Beag, and along with the Corekai, fights off the Corrupted army.

However, the battle doesn't go well as Bravenwolf meets Granox and Slyger, two of Vilius' most powerful warriors for the first time. But just as he's outnumbered, Tributon arrives to assist him.

Despite working together, Bravenwolf and Tributon are no match for Granox and Slyger, until Lydendor and Valorn join the fight forcing Granox and Slyger to retreat, obtaining the first of the Dragon Cubes. In doing so, the pair discover two other humans who have "cores" and who can also travel to Quarton, but they still don't know who they are or where they come from.



  • The battle with Bravenwolf and Vilius from Guren's dream in "Two Worlds" is reused in Guren's dream in this episode.
  • At the musium you can see chooki without his armor

In the episode

  • Toxsa and Chooki appear again in the background of this episode.
  • Guren and Ceylan in tenkai knights form meets Granox and Slyger for the first time in this episode.
  • A white key is introduced in this episode proboraly the white dragon key.
  • A silver corebrick is pulled up by Mr. White in this episode.

English Dub Cuts & Changes

  • During the scene where it shows Guren's dream where he is battling Vilius in the dub, most of it was not in the original Japanese version. Most of the dream shown in the dub of this episode was just scenes reused from the first episode when Guren first had that dream. Also, that scene in this episode was mostly silent, both were not talking at all.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

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