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  1. REDIRECT Template:Infobox/CorekaiSky Griffins (Japanese: デストロイ・グリフォン, Desutoroi Gurifon, Desroy Gryphon, Eng. Translated: Destroy Griffon, Korean: 스카이그리폰, Seukai Geuripon, Hebrew: גריפון שמיים) are the flying mech beasts of the Corrupted army. Infused with evil Tenkai Energy, these bird-like beasts rule the air with the Sho and Deviak and attack the Corekai and the Tenkai Knights on command by the evil lord Vilius. They are shown to be a part of Vilius' army and are very loyal. They have also been seen to Robofuse with Slyger.



  • Flying
  • Claws
  • Titan fuse with Slyger (Via use)


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