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Storefront of Shop of Wonders.

The Shop of Wonders (Japanese: オモチャ屋, Omocha-ya, Eng. Translated: Toy Store, or 白色骨董店, Hakushoku Kotsutōten, Eng. Translated: White Antique Shop) is a mysterious, but very unsuccessful shop, which didn't have customers for a month until Guren and Ceylan entered it. It is owned by Mr. White, who gives toy robots to the two boys free-of-charge on their first visit. On the next day, Guren and Ceylan come back to the shop. While searching for Mr. White in the basement, they find the Transdimensional Portal and are forced to enter it by a huge robot who was chasing them. This soon becomes the main place where the boys meet and hang out. They constantly come here to discuss their battle plans, hang out, and ask Mr. White some questions.


Inside the shop

Outside the shop

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  • The store's Japanese name is on the sign, which is above the door, in the Japanese version. In the English version, the name is not on the sign.

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