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The School (Japanese: 学校, Gakkō, Korean: 학교, Haggyo, Hebrew: בית ספר) is a place where at least two of the four heroes first met. In "Two Worlds", Guren has his first day at this school and quickly makes friends with Ceylan, who is also a student at school. They also notice Toxsa, who will eventually join the team later. On Guren's second day at school, he and Ceylan talk about having the same dream in the same night and eventually go from school to their first adventure on Quarton. It is also the place where they first meet Gen in "Tributon Extreme". The school is one of the main places where the boys hang out.


Outside the school

The school has yellow walls on the exterior and red roofs. It also has a basketball court.

Inside the school


  • In "Vilius Revealed", it is revealed that the school's mascot is a wild boar.
  • Toxsa is a grade younger then the others because of his age.
  • It's currently unknown if the school has a name.


The first classroom shown was a history class, which Gen, Guren and Ceylan attend. Gym class has also been shown, which the five boys do take. A math class and a biology class have also been shown, which only Chooki only has been shown of taking.


Gym class has a uniform of a white t-shirt and blue shorts.


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