Robofusion (Japanese: 合体, Gattai, Korean: 로보퓨전, Lobopyujeon) is a special ability that can allow the Tenkai Knights or the Corrupted to combine with each other to form giant vehicles that are often more powerful than their normal forms.

List of Robofusion combinations

Tenkai Knights


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The Protojet (Japanese: ファイアバード, Faiabādo, Eng. Translated: Firebird, Korean: 파이어 버드, Paieobeodeu, Hebrew: פרוטוג'ט) is the Tenkai Knights' first Robofusion that resembles a giant battleship, armed with pieces and colors from Bravenwolf and Tributon. Its special technique is the Phoenix Attack.

Air Lancer Jet

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The Air Lancer Jet (Japanese: サンダーバード, Sandābādo, Eng. Translated: Thunderbird, Korean: 썬더 버드, Sseondeobeodeu, Hebrew: מיזוג לנסר) is the second Robofusion that the Tenkai Knights have achieved. It is armed with the color of Valorn and Lydendor. Its special technique is the Tenkai Thunder Cannon.

Phoenix Protojet/ Phoenix Jet

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The Phoenix Jet (Japanese: ファイアバードG, Faiabādo G, Eng. Translated: Firebird G, Korean: 피닉스 파이어버드, Pinikseu Paieobeodeu, Hebrew: פרוטוג'ט חוֹל) is the Tenkai Knights' third Robofusion. It is basically the Protojet in Phoenix Mode. It resembles a giant battleship, armed with the colors of gold and yellow. It was first seen and used in "A New Knight" to travel to the Guardians Sanctuary to fix the malfunctioning portal.


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Accelerstrike (Japanese: レオンファイター, Reon Faitā, Eng. Translated: Leon Fighter, Korean: 레온 파이터, Le-on Paiteo) is a Robofusion of Bravenwolf Tenkai Firestorm, Tributon Tenkai Iceblast, and Beag.


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Vertascream (Japanese: ライトニングボンバー, Raitoningu Bonbā, Eng. Translated: Lightning Bomber, Korean: 번개 폭격, Beongae Poggyeog) is a Robofusion of Valorn Tenkai Terrablast, Lydendor Tenkai Lightningstrike, and an unnamed Beast World beast.

Brave Racer

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Brave Racer (Japanese: ピンキーフラッシュ, Pinkī Furasshu, Eng. Translated: Pinky Flash, Korean: 핑키 플래시, Pingki Peullaesi) is a Robofusion of Venetta and two unnamed Beast World beasts. It resembles a snake and it slithers to go more faster in the race.



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The Xenoship (Japanese: ヴィルバット, Virubatto, Eng. Translated: Ville Bat, Korean: 제노배트, Jenobaeteu, Hebrew: קסנושיפ) is Vilius's Robofusion with three of his soldiers.

Sickle Ship

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The Sickle Ship (Japanese: ブレイガ―, Bureiga, Korean: 을랙레이본, Eullaegleibon, Hebrew: מגל ספינה) is Granox & Slyger's Robofusion with Shadius and a Sho. It's special technique is the Dark Raven Attack and can also move while underground.

Flying Darkwing Spector/ Triberus

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The Flying Darkwing Spector (Japanese: フライングキラー, Furaingukirā, Eng. Translated: Flying Killers, Korean: 플라잉 킬러스, Peullaing Killeoseu, Hebrew: ספקטר כנף שחורה מעופף) is Rho's Robofusion with a Grayden, a Balthaz, and a Deviak. It was destroyed by Valorn in "Toxsa 2.0" and made a reappearance in "Double Crossed".

Flying Dagger Scramjet                                                                        

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The Flying Dagger Scramjet (Japanese: スペースダーティー, Supēsu Dātī, Eng. Translated: Space Dirty, Korean: 공간 더티, Gong-gan Deoti) is a Robofusion of Vilius Tenkai Dark Tempest, a Corrupted soldier, and an unnamed Beast World beast.

Beast World

Volt Blitzer

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Volt Blitzer (Japanese: スリーエビルス, Surīebirusu, Eng. Translated:Three Evils, Korean: 스리에비루스, Seuliebiluseu) is a Robofusion of three unnamed Beast World characters.

Other fusions

Titan Fusion

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Titan Fusion (Japanese: XXモード, XX Mōdo, Eng. Translated: XX-Mode, or Double X Mode, Korean: XX 모드, Hebrew: מיזוג רובוט מצב ענקי) occurs when two members of the Tenkai Knights robofuse while in Titan Mode.

Slyger and Granox appear to perform a variant of Titan Fusion, although they robofuse with a mech beast (a Sky Griffin and War Stallion, respectively) and have only done so when they have been empowered with energy from the Tenkai Dragon.

Guardian Megafusion

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Each one of the Guardians can fuse themselves with lots of Corrupted soldiers, transforming themselves into core brick mode and transforming into brick like giant robots.


  • The Xenoship, Protojet, Air Lancer Jet, Sickle Ship, and the Flying Darkwing Spector are all able to be made by connecting four different toys each. (Protojet - Tributon, Kutor, Leinad, and Bravenwolf, Xenoship - Vilius, Rho, a Hos, and a Sho, Air Lancer Jet - Lydendor, Valorn, Senjo, and Tavox, Flying Darkwing Spector - Viklips Trooper (Rho), Gatox, Gearnox, and a Gilltax, and the Sickle Ship - Granox, Slyger, Shadius, and a Sho)
  • All current Tenkai Knight Titan Fusions incorporate Bravenwolf, but only one has him as the upper body.
  • Dromus is currently the only Knight that haven't used Titan Fusion or Robofusion.
  • It is unknown if the Beast world robofusions will appear again.
    • It is unknown if these robofusions will come out as toys, since we need the beast world figures to come out as toys still.
  • It was revealed in "The Race Is On" Venetta had the ability to robofuse.


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