Roberto (Japanese: アキラ, Akira, Korean: 아키라, Akira) is a minor character in Tenkai Knights. He is a student that is in the same history class as Guren, Ceylan, and Gen. His voice actor is unknown in English and is voiced by Sho Saotome in Japanese.


13 years old.

In the Series

Roberto had a important role in "Valley of Secrets", where the boys chose him to be on the same team for basketball at their School. When Guren dropped and picked up a basketball, he noticed a monumental sculpture and was looking at it, wondering what it meant. He asked Roberto about the sculpture. Roberto describes the sculpture, saying it represents how everything is connected.


Guren Nash

Ceylan Jones

Toxsa Dalton

Chooki Mason

Ms. Finwick

The other students in the same class



  • Roberto knows that he is not excellent at basketball.
  • Roberto is shown in "Valley of Secrets" to have knowledge about art. This can mean that Roberto is a genius when it comes to art.
  • Roberto is the only student in Guren's Class whose name is revealed and isn't a main character.