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The Reassembly Device (Japanese: 再生装置, Saisei Sōchi, Eng. Translated: Play Equipment, or Reproducing Apparatus, Korean: 재생 장치, Jaesaeng Jangchi) is a device that reproduces Corrupted soldiers whenever Vilius's army is low. Granox and Slyger are the most notable Corrupted soldiers to be revived so many times by the Reassemby Device. In "The Dark Unlock", it was destroyed by Lydendor and Valorn in Titan Mode.



  • Ever since "Vilius Returns", when Granox and Slyger are defeated, they turn back into Core Brick Mode and are sent back to Vilius, instead of exploding as small cubes. The fact that the Reassembly Device was destroyed may explain why Granox and Slyger can't really be defeated. This may infer that Vilius doesn't have the ability to revive Corrupted soldiers.

In the Series

Vilius has been seen of using the Reassembly Device, most noticeably on Granox and Slyger. In "The Dark Unlock", both Lydendor and Valorn, in Titan Mode, were searching for the Reassembly Device. When they did, they used used their powers in to destroy it.


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