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Quarton (Japanese: 惑星キューブ, Wakusei Kyūbu, Eng. Translated: Cube Planet, or Planet Cube, Korean: 큐브 행성, Kyubeu Haengseong, Hebrew: קווארטון) is a planet in the Tenkai Knights series. It's where the Tenkai and Quartonians live.


Outside the planet

Quarton (Planet Cube).png

Inside the planet


In the Series

Quarton is first seen in "Two Worlds", when Guren and Ceylan go through an Transdimensional Portal located in the Shop of Wonders and became Bravenwolf and Tributon. They fight against the armies of Vilius and return back to Earth shortly afterwards.

It is confirmed that Quarton and Earth are drawing closer together, and that Vilius is after the portal to Earth so that he can invade and conquer it like he did to Quarton. Boreas once noted after Guren and Ceylan saw images of Quarton in the Earth's sky that the problem was growing worse.

The circumstances are unknown, but it is heavily implied that Toxsa and Chooki arrived on Quarton and fought the Corrupted for some time as Valorn and Lydendor before Guren and Ceylan discovered the Bravenwolf and Tributon core bricks.

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