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Orangor (Japanese: ウッキッキー, Ukkikkī, Korean: 우낏끼, Ukkiskki, Hebrew: אורנג'ר) is a supporting character in Tenkai Knights. He first appeared in "Welcome to the Jungle". His armor animal represents a monkey.

He is voiced by Ben Diskin in English and is Misaki Kuno in Japanese.


Quarton-like Form

Orangor generale dei gorillux-1-.jpg

Earth Form

His main form is a cartoonish orangutan.

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Wacky, wild, and all around fun, hard to understand sometimes, but other than that he has a similar personality to discord, he just wasn't evil, then reformed and is not a lord of chaos (look up the picture of discord of you don't know who we're talking about), and his funniest moments are coming out of nowhere scaring the life out of the Knights and Beag.


  • Shapeshifting
  • Spear
  • Shield
  • Jumping
  • Running


  • Ben Diskin's voice for Orangor is similar to his voice for Stitch.
  • It was unknown how Orangor had the Wolf Emblem, probably he got it from Scorpidon.
  • Orangor is a jokester, meaning he makes lots of funny faces and jokes like Ceylan.
  • Oranger's Japanese name sounds like "You Kiki".
  • In the Japanese version, at the end of every sentence, he either says Ukki, or Ukkikki.
  • In the ending of "Scorpidon", Orangor was finally nice to the knights now and on their side.
  • Orangor's English name originates from the term Orang, which is short for Orangutan. An Orangutan is a type of ape, which is what Orangor is. Orangor's name is just "Orang" plus "or".

In the Series



Scorpidon is Orangor's king and is very loyal to him, and they play games with the Knights. They might even be best friends and Orangor will not let his master down.

Beasts of Beast World

The Tenkai Knights

  • Friend used to play jokes on them.



  • Vilius's nemesis.



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