Oh No, I Didn't (Japanese (Katakana): 俺たちの戦う理由) is the sixteenth episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on December 07, 2013 on Cartoon Network in the United States.



Ceylan's self-doubt leads him to wonder what skills he brings to the team. Is he the best Tenkai Knight he can be?


At school, Guren thinks about what Gen, Beni, and Dromus have been saying to him. When Ceylan tries to cheer him up, Guren absent-mindedly asks him if he's ever wondered why they were chosen to be the new Tenkai Knights.

Guren's question leads Ceylan to wonder what skills he brings to the team and he starts suffering from self-doubt.

The next day, Ceylan goes to Mr. White's shop to ask Mr. White himself why he and the other boys were specifically chosen to be the Tenkai Knights. When he doesn't get a satisfactory answer, he sneaks off to Quarton. There, he, as Tributon, asks Beag what he brings to the team. Beag misinterprets the question and breaks into song and dance, then after the song, the pair and the soldiers are attacked by Slyger and Granox. When Tributon attempts to fight the pair alone, he is overwhelmed by their new Titan Mode transformations.

After this, Ceylan is convinced that the other boys would be better off without him and quits the team. When they are summoned to Quarton, Ceylan at first refuses to go, but upon seeing a vision of the others in danger,  he rushes off to help. When he arrived, he helped the others defeat Slyger and Granox. When they returned to Earth, Ceylan's confidence is restored.


In the episode

  • Slyger and Granox reveal they now possess the ability to transform into Titan mode after Vilius upgraded their power.
  • It is revealed that there were many stories and songs about the Tenkai Knights passed down from generation to generation on Quarton.
  • In this episode Ceylan was about to quit being a Knight but changed his mind.
  • Granox titan mode and Slyger tenkai titan mode were about to destroy the knights but Tributon camed to the rescue with the Volt Jet.
  • In the beginning if you look close behind Mrs. Fenwick Gen is in class which he returned to school.


  • After this episode, Tenkai Knights took a break of 4 weeks in the U.S., while Teletoon in Canada continued broadcasting new episodes throughout December. This made "Oh No, I Didn't" the last episode to be premiered in the U.S.

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