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Mr. Nash (Japanese: グレンのパパ, Guren no papa, Mr. Ōgami, Korean: 글렌 아빠, Geullen appa, Hebrew: מר נאש) is a minor character in Tenkai Knights.

He is voiced by Steven J. Blum in English and by Tomoyuki Shimura in Japanese.


He has brown hair and blue-violet eyes. He also wears glasses. 45 years old.

Guren Nash

Mr. Nash is Guren's father.

Mr. White

Both of them possibly interacted with each other in the final episode. A man with a similar voice to Mr. Nash is shown talking to Mr. White.


One of Max's owners, the other being his son, Guren.

In the Series

Mr. Nash is a hard-working architect, who often has to change his location due to his work. He lives alone with his son Guren and the family cat Max, and it is unknown what happened to his wife. He wishes his son would make new friends, though he has to change his location every few years despite always promising his son, that it would be the last time. He currently works at Benham Tower. He often tries to spend time with his son, however, he never seems to find the time. His work often drags him away from home.

In "No 'I' in Team", however, it was Guren who could not spend time with him because of Guren's duty as Bravenwolf. However, since Mr. Nash is supposedly not aware of this, he was confused as to why he rushed off. He, however, did not question his son, just stating, "It must have been really important, huh." 

In the last episode of Season One, Mr. Nash reveals that he really does know about his son being Bravenwolf. In the same episode, Benham Tower is revealed as a de-brickification device.


  • In the Japanese version, Mr. Nash was the original Bravenwolf.
  • In Lone Wolf Mr. Nash named Guren Bravenwolf possibly knowing about the Tenkai Knights.
  • In Tower of bricks and Lone Wolf the person that was working with Mr. White was unidentified but clearly guessed that it was Mr. Nash.
  • In the beginning of "Two Worlds", Mr. Nash was driving a car that had a face on the inside which possibly means the year 2034 is more technologically advanced, knowing that it is an anime, possibly new inventions.