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Mr. Dalton (Japanese: トクサのパパ, Tokusa no papa, Mr. Kameyama, Korean: 두기 아빠, Dugi appa, Hebrew: מר דלתון) is a minor character in Tenkai Knights. He is married to Mrs. Dalton, and is the father of Wakamei and Toxsa. He works as a chef at the diner that he and his wife owns. He first speaks in "Tributon Extreme". He is caring of his children, as seen when he encourages Wakamei when she has doubts about her tough love with Toxsa.

He is voiced by Ben Diskin in English and by Hiroki Yamada in Japanese.


49 years old.


Mrs. Dalton

Toxsa Dalton

Toxsa is his son. They both like green and he seems to care for his son a lot.

Wakamei Dalton


  • Mr. Dalton is the only adult to have two different hair colors at once.