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Guren's cat, Max.

Max (Japanese: ダイヤ, Daiya, Dia, Korean: 다이아, Dia) is Guren's pet cat and is a minor character in Tenkai Knights that moved with him from Middle Town with his father.


Max is a black cat with a white diamond shaped pattern on his forehead and back. He also wears a red neckerchief.



  • It is unconfirmed, but it is possible that Mr. Nash bought Max to keep his son company when he was not home.
  • Max is easily startled, as shown whenever Guren has a dream, whenever there is a loud noise, or when Guren recieved the e-mail from Gen informing him that The White Key was on Earth.
  • Max's Japanese name, Daiya, comes from the word, Daiyamondo (Japanese: ダイヤモンド), which in English means "Diamond". Interestingly, Max has two diamonds, one on his forehead, and one on his back.
  • His smile is almost similar to Guren's.
  • Max always wants to accompany Guren, which shows he loves him a lot.
  • It is unknown if Max knows about the tenkai knghts since Mr. Nash knew about it in the ending of "Lone Wolf."

In the Series

Max moved to Benham City in "Two Worlds" along with his owners. Once the family moved into their new home, Max quickly made himself comfortable. Max is often startled awake whenever Guren has a nightmare about Quarton. He often keeps Guren company when Guren is alone and once alerted him of a mysterious e-mail from Gen. It has been shown that Guren takes him out of the house often to play with him, and that Max sleeps on Guren's bed at night. Max is allowed to rome free through the house as he wishes, and is often left alone when Guren is at school, at Mr. White's Shop of Wonders, when Guren is on Quarton, and when Mr. Nash is at work.


Mr. Nash

Guren Nash