Lost Key (Japanese (Katakana): 未来への一歩!) is the fourteenth episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on November 23, 2013 on Cartoon Network in the United States.



Vilius has kidnapped the Tenkai Dragon and Guren tries to figure out their next move. On Earth, a stranger returns to Benham City.


Vilius and Dromus have successfully kidnapped the Tenkai Dragon. On Earth, a stranger returns to Benham City. Meanwhile, Guren and the others try to figure out their next move.

On Quarton, Vilius revives Slyger and Granox. Vilius and Dromus then goes to inspect the captured Dragon. On the way, Vilius warns Dromus that the Tenkai Knights are not who they claim to be. Dromus agrees, while slyly implying that he secretly wishes to usurp Vilius's command.

Back on Earth, Guren and the others are still trying to come up with a strategy to rescue the Tenkai Dragon. When they can't come up with anything, they agree to meet up again at the Shop of Wonders to try once more.

Back on Quarton, Dromus prepares to enact a plan to ensure the Tenkai Knights will be to busy to attempt to free the Tenkai Dragon. Once he leaves, Vilius ponders how to gain control of the dragon, and comes to the conclusion that he must find the Black Dragon Key.

Back on Earth, Guren wonders if Dromus is a greater threat than Vilius when he runs into Gen. Gen asks to talk with Guren, so Guren invites him to his house. Gen gives Guren his coin, telling Guren he figured he'd give it to him since he seemed so interested in it before going home.

The next day after school, the boys go to Quarton, where they discover Beag and his men surrounded by some Corrupted soldiers. The Knights upgrade to Titan Mode, but are attacked by Dromus. When Dromus attempts to finish Bravenwolf, the others overwhelm him and he orders a retreat.

After the battle, Guren and the others return to Earth, disappointed with their performance despite their victory. While on Quarton, Vilius curiously studies the information downloaded from Toxsa's mind about Earth.


In the episode

  • Gen gives Guren the coin he showed him in "Two Sides to Every Coin" to keep.
  • Beni appears for the first time at the end of the episode and reveals she possesses a core brick.
  • This episode first reveals Beni in the beginning.
  • At the beginning scene Beni arrives from the airport, But it does not show where she camed from to her departure.
  • In the episode Ceylan says that one of the masks smells like foot, which may mean that all of Mr. White's masks smell like foot or they are nevered clean and that's why it is smelled like that.
  • In this episode Guren reveals that everyone was back to their everyday lives as now that Vilius was destroyed.
  • Guren and the team invents a strategy meeting.
  • Vilius revived Slyger and Granox in this episode.
  • Slyger finds that being reassembled is disgusting.
  • Guren plans on taking the dragon back into their hands.
  • According in the episode, Dromus knew that Vilius was re-emerging.
  • Guren finds school endless.
  • Guren started playing good in soccer, But according to Ceylan, Guren never plays like that on his team.
  • The Knights return to Quarton.
  • Lydendor said that on their team when one guy is down, the rest covers for him.
  • Vilius finds out more about Earth.


  • The second Japanese ending theme is first featured on this episode.

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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

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