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Lone Wolf is the fifty-first and last episode of the first season of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on August 31, 2014 on Teletoon in Canada.




The episode starts with the five Tenkai Knights and Venetta hoping that the Tenkai Wolf will be on their side, because they accidently summoned it, but they have no idea.

Bravenwolf goes to approach the wolf. Somehow, Bravenwolf understood the wolf asked Bravenwolf to hop on its back. As he does it, Bravenwolf gets a new evolution. When the other Tenkai Knights ask Beag what is going on, Beag tells them about the legend of the Tenkai Wolf. He also claims that whoever hops on the wolf’s back, will achieve certain victory.

Obviously Vilius isn’t surprise with this evolution, however he keeps on telling Bravenwolf that one simple wolf is no match for the now his two dragons. Tenkai Wolf attacks. The dragons disappear, even though Vilius is still alright. The other Tenkai Knights evolve to their old evolutions. Villius is still confident he is going to win, however, as all of the Tenkai Knights (Gen included) go to attack Vilius,the Guardians run to help him out too.

The scene changes to Earth. Granox and Slyger meet again now outside of the tower, planning what to do next. Slyger quickly realizes the machine they are looking for must be below the tower and Granox uses the hole Slyger made on the ground while falling down the tower to get inside. Slyger and Granox end up on the room where the machine really is. While this happens, Mr. White is being warned about them getting close to it.

Back to Quarton, the Tenkai Knights try to defeat the Guardians. While fighting, Valorn and Tributon are talking, wondering where Slyger and Granox are. Valorn quickly understands they are still on earth, trying to destroy the machine and tells it to Beag. Beag says to himself he needs to try saving planet Earth because the Tenkai Knights saved his world so many times.

On Earth, Granox attacks the machine but it doesn’t get damaged at all. Slyger tells they just need to find out what is making it work. Then, surprisingly, Beag (in his form on episode 40) shows up and uses a Portal Weapon to send Granox back to Quarton. While doing it, Slyger asks “Is that Beag?”. Beag answers yes and then uses the Portal Weapon on Slyger but, unlike before, it doesn’t work now and Slyger explains to Beag the weapon isn’t working because it had been just used to send Granox to Quarton. With this, Slyger attacks Beag and destroys the Portal Weapon.

On Quarton, the guardians comment on how strong all of the Tenkai Knights now are, especially Dromus. Vilius calls the Guardians useless, while the Tenkai Knights get ready to kick the Guardians out of battle. Bravenwolf tells Villius that the war is over and it’s obvious that the Tenkai Knights’ side is going to win but Villius has one more plan to put into practice - He absorbs the Tenkai Energy from the nearly-dying Guardians and uses their bodies to get a new evolution. The six children (Venetta included) tremble in fear when they see the new evolution.

The most of the Tenkai Knights try attacking him one-by-one, but they are no match to Vilius’s new evolution. When it gets to Venetta’s turn, she tries to distract him by pretending to faint and then Bravenwolf attacks, but Vilius gives a counter attack and both attacks end up going back to Bravenwolf, falling away from the Wolf. Dizzy, Bravenwolf tries ride the Wolf again, but Vilius catches both Bravenwolf and the Wolf with his own hands, laughing at how pathetic they are.

The remaining four Tenkai Knights try to strike at the same time, but Vilius threatens to smash Bravenwolf and the Wolf if they do. Bravenwolf tells them to ignore Villius and attack but Tributon shows to not be so sure about that being a good idea. Meanwhile, the Tenkai Fortress levitates and Vilius takes away its power and the Tenkai Knights (except Bravenwolf) and Venetta. Their bodies float on Vilius’s direction, turning into new parts of Vilius’s body.

Back to Earth, Slyger stops the machine from working. The whole planet Earth is now brickified. Beag grabs the already broken Portal Weapon and uses it on both himself and Slyger, having no idea where they are going to end up now, that the weapon is broken.

Mr. White is talking to the person who built the anti-brickification machine. This person tries to reset the machine, but it’s impossible. Mr. White has no hope for the future, but this person explains that nothing is lost if the Tenkai Knights succeed against Vilius.

Back to Quarton, Vilius tells Bravenwolf to look at the sky. Guren sees the most of planet Earth being brickified. Vilius tells him there’s no escape and that he won the war. But Bravenwolf says that he has hope as long as he has his friends around him. Bravenwolf starts to shine and the Tenkai Knights and Venetta leave Vilius’s body. Bravenwolf commands the six knights to attack Vilius on Elemental Mode, they attack and Vilius gets destroyed.

Bravenwolf talks to the Tenkai Wolf so it keeps protecting Quarton. While the main characters celebrate their victory, the Earth goes back to normal.

Beag shows up out of nowhere yelling about the Tenkai Knights being great. Meanwhile, Tributon and Valorn comment about Beag actually not being around during the end of the war, asking him why. Beag tells them he has just been helping them out and he celebrates again about victory. Then, Bravenwolf thanks Beag for all the help he has given them since the beginning.

The Tenkai Knights come back to Earth. They go to Mr. White’s store and Mr. White tells them about what Beag did on Earth, which surprises them. Mr. White explains that the Earth is okay now not only thanks to what the Tenkai Knights did but also thanks to what Beag did.

Guren gets back home at night, trying to come in carefully to not get caught. However, his father and Max are right on the hall waiting for him. Guren says he’s sorry for not coming on time for dinner, he hasn’t done homework and he hasn’t cleaned the bedroom either but he was doing something important and he had a good reason. Guren’s father who was just wearing an angry face starts to smile and says:

"I know you do, Guren. Or... Bravenwolf."

This quote makes Guren surprised.

Back to Quarton, the Corekai send Granox and Slyger away. The Guardians lament their roles on the war and they promise to pay attention in case Vilius ever comes back.

Back to the four former Tenkai Knights on Earth, Toxsa comments how boring it is to save a planet and to not be recognized for what they did. Guren adds that there must be some other people on Earth who know about their success, but that was never their goal from the start.

Beni and Gen join them and Guren thanks them for it. Gen says he is glad to join the Tenkai Knights because he got stronger. Beni grabs the pendant Kiro gave her and says she had her own reasons to join them. They comment about how fighting for Quarton has been a great game and all of them say goodbye to Quarton.

Then, Guren’s brick shines and Guren adds:

"Well, it looks like the work of a Knight is never over".


In the episode

  • Bravenwolf obtains a new form when he mounts the Tenkai Wolf.
  • The Tenkai Wolf defeats both Tenkai Dragons, purging the Light Dragon of Vilius' control and converting both dragons to the black & white Dragon Cubes.
  • The Knights and Vilius regain Elemental Mode.
  • Beag travels to Earth to stop Granox and Slyger.
  • Vilius absorbs the Guardians, forming a gesalt mixture of the Guardians' Megafusion. He then absorbs the Knights, minus Bravenwolf, Venetta, the remaining Corekai and the power of the Tenkai Fortress.
  • Bravenwolf's Good Tenkai Energy freed the rest of the Knights, Venetta and the Corekai, allowing all the Knights and Venetta to defeat Vilius once and for all.
  • Venetta gave a hug to Bravenwolf.
  • After the battle, Vilius was reduced to his Core Brick form. The Tenkai Wolf took Vilius' Core to a different dimension in order to keep him from returning.
  • The Tenkai Fortress disappeared after the battle.
  • As the knights rejoiced in their victory on Earth, their Core Bricks glowed, signaling a new danger.
  • In "A New Knight", Bravenwolf destroyed Vilius. In this episode, Bravenwolf defeated Vilius, since he reverted back to Core Brick Mode.
  • It is revealed that Mr. Nash was actually aware of his son's job as a Tenkai Knight.
  • It is unknown where Slyger and Granox stay in now or where they stay at since the Guardians took back their Santuary and vilius's old fortress got destroyed by the corekai.
  • Venetta becomes a tenkai knight.


  • This is the last episode of the first season of Tenkai Knights.
  • After the first broadcast of this episode in Canada on August 31, 2014, Tenkai Knights disappeared from Teletoon's Sunday morning schedule. Instead of airing, it re-runs until the second season starts. 
  • After the first broadcast in America, Tenkai Knights also disappeared from Cartoon Network, and instead of airing the series again and again until the second season starts, Teen Titans Go! has replaced Tenkai Knights as the 6:30 AM slot.

English Dub Cuts & Changes

  • A part of the conversation between Mr. White and Mr. Nash was not included the English dub.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

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