Kiiro (Japanese: キイロKīro, Eng. Translated: Yellow, Korean: 유이, Ui, Hebrew: קירו) is a minor character in Tenkai Knights. She is also Chooki's younger cousin.

She is voiced by Laura Bailey in English and unknown in Japanese.


Kiiro is a 6 year old girl with blonde hair and green eyes. She wears her hair in pigtails and wears a pale yellow dress. She is also always seen holding her stuffed dog named Sandy (橙 Daidai).


Kiiro has a childish personality and sometimes gets mad when she doesn't get what she wants. But she has a kind demeanor if she trusts them, like her friendship with Beni and Ceylan.

In the Series

Kiiro was one the main characters in "Fortress Revealed", where Chooki asked the boys to babysit her since he had to go to a soccer game. She had fun with Guren, Toxsa, and especially Ceylan, until the point where her doll became affected by Brickification and then cried. When she saw Ceylan fixing the doll, she took his core brick and locked herself in the bathroom. It took Ceylan giving her a speech about values on objects for her to get out of the bathroom and give the core brick back. After when the boys came back from Quarton, she thanked Ceylan for fixing her doll and invited him and the others to have fun. She also likes Beni now that they met.


Chooki Mason

Chooki is Kiiro's cousin. In "Fortress Revealed", Kiiro has to be brought over to Guren's house by Chooki to babysit her. He left her with Guren, Ceylan and Toxsa while he has to go to his soccer game. While Guren, Ceylan and Toxsa were looking for Kiiro in Guren's house for Ceylan's core brick, Chooki is back from his soccer game and knew that Kiiro was hiding in the bathroom. While Guren and Toxsa are fighting at Quarton, Chooki stay by until Ceylan gets his core brick back.

Guren Nash

Guren, as well as Ceylan and Toxsa, has to babysit Kiiro for the first time while Chooki was at his soccer game. In "Heart turns to Stone", Guren is the only one who has to babysit Kiiro, which makes Guren reluctant on doing since he has no choice. He decided to take her to the park and then ran into Beni. In "A New Element", Kiiro did what Beni told her to do and gives the Tenkai Stone to Guren, which he thanked both Beni and Kiiro for giving it to him.

Ceylan Jones

Toxsa Dalton


Beni met Kiiro when she was running down the hill and then bumped into her. She then ask Beni, as well as Guren to play with her but Beni refuses, causing Kiiro to yell so much until she will play with her. Beni then plays with her but she didn't enjoyed it. While Guren ask Beni to watch Kiiro while he get drinks. After Beni ruined Kiiro's sandcastle and walked away, Kiiro went missing, but eventually Beni found her and Kiiro gave her a four-leaf clover to make her feel better as well as Kiiro wanting to be Beni's best friend. Later on, Beni decided to play with Kiiro again and gave her the Tenkai Stone to give to Guren the next time she sees him.


Kiro met Max when she tried to put lipstick on him and wanted to play with him roughly, but Guren stoped her saying Max is just a animal.



  • In the Japanese version, Kiiro is Chooki's little sister and not cousin.
  • Kiiro is the first and only character whose name represents a color; Kiiro means Yellow.
  • It is stated in "Fortress Revealed" that Sandy is the only one who plays with her.
  • Kiiro is Chooki's first family member to be revealed on the show.
  • Kiiro seems to favor Ceylan more than the others since he played games with her, fixed Sandy, and offered to play with her even after she took his core brick.
  • As now that she met Beni she likes her as she likes Ceylan and play often.
  • Her favorite companion is her stuff animal Sandy.
  • It is also showed in "Fortress Revealed" that Kiiro usually goes to the toilet when she is upset, and will only come out when she is has calmed down or is very hungry.
  • After Kiiro took Ceylan's corebrick and she gaved it back to him, they became great friends afterwards.
  • At first, Beni didn't like hanging out with Kiiro but now they are great friends since Beni realized she liked Kiiro and that Kiiro wanted to play with her.


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