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The Ice Walker (Japanese: フリージングタンク, Furijingu Tanku, Eng. Translated: Freezing Tank) is a blue and white ground vehicle. It's used by the Corekai army.


It looks like a giant robot, and has 4 legs and special features to allow it to walk in harsh, snowy conditions. It's an elemental attack of Tributon.


  • Ice Cannons
  • It is able to walk as well. (Legs and front hands)


  • As revealed in "Fortress Revealed", the Ice Walker is the elemental form of the BlasTank.
  • The type of element for the ice walker is Ice, This was made by Tributon Tenkai Iceblast elemental attack.

In the Series

It appeared in "Fortress Revealed" where Tributon shapeshifted a BlasTank in to it and combined his elemental powers with it to defeat Slyger and his Fire Raptor.


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