1. REDIRECT Template:Infobox/CorekaiHos (Japanese: トロックス, Torokkusu, Taurox, or Torox, Korean: 토록스, Torokseu, Hebrew: הוס) are the ground rumbling mechbeasts of the Corrupted army. Infused with evil Tenkai Energy, these bull-like beasts rule the ground with the War Stallions, Grayden, and Balthaz and attack the Corekai and the Tenkai Knights on command by the evil lord Vilius. They are shown to be about one-third of Vilius' army and are very loyal. They have many different powers they can achieve after being granted so by Vilius or by being infused with energy from the Tenkai Dragon, such as Robofusion or Titan Mode.


Basic Form


Titan Mode

“Mega” Titan Mode Hos


  • Titan Mode: Hos Tenkai Titan Mode is a upgraded form of Hos with a built in Titan cannon.


In the Series

Hos is one of the main antagonists in "Double Crossed", where it was was able to access Titan Mode and was given more energy, allowing him to become bigger to destroy the Knights, but was then destroyed with the Flying Darkwing Spector by Bravenwolf's and Tributon's [[Titan Fusion]].


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