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Guren Nash (Japanese: 大神グレン, Ōgami Guren, Guren Ōgami, Korean: 글렌, Guren, Hebrew: גורן נאש) is the main protagonist of Tenkai Knights. He is in possession of the Tenkai Knight, Bravenwolf's core. However, ever since he unlocked Elemental Mode, he goes by the name Bravenwolf Tenkai Firestorm.

He is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch in English and by Meguru Takahashi in Japanese.


Guren is 13 years old, has black and red hair, and blue-violet eyes. He wears a red t-shirt, and underneath is a white long sleeve shirt with his watch. He also wears blue cargo jeans with beige suspenders hanging on the sides and red shoes. His primary element is fire and he has a specialty of power when Bravenwolf.


He has a knack for leadership (though he still has to grow into the role) and tries not to show fear when facing difficult challenges. Guren is described as always having a positive attitude, and is always there for his friends. He can sometimes be vain, especially when dealing with his father, who never seems to have time for him. He is very loyal to his friends, and often gets uncontrollably angry when someone puts them in harms way or threatens them. In the end, Guren always does what is right, which makes him the perfect leader for the Tenkai Knights (despite repeatedly stating that the Knights have no leader, but he does a good job at it).


  • He has moved many times due to his father's work.
  • He owns a cat named Max.
  • Guren's family name, "Ōgami", is close to the Japanese word "Ōkami" (Japanese: 大神 or ), which in English means great god and wolf, meaning that Bravenwolf is the leader and what his armor is based from.
  • Guren's hair shape comes from his father and the red part of his hair comes from his mother, and his hair shape similar to M-Ryotaro's hairstyle in Kamen Rider Den-O.
  • In "Hang Tenkai", he owns a skateboard, but it was accidentally broken by Ceylan.
  • It is unknown what happened to Guren's mom.
  • Guren is a nice confident person who likes to have friends.
  • Guren is a person who will never quit, and keep fighting for his battles.
  • Guren and Chooki are the only children to have two different colors in their hair.


Ceylan Jones

Ceylan is Guren's best friend, and they have a brother-like relationship. Ceylan always looks out for Guren, be it on Quarton or on Earth, Ceylan is always there watching his back. Guren sometimes feels awkward around Ceylan, because of how he is so keen on things. As well as the other knights, Guren wants to keep the team together, despite Ceylan first wanting to quit the team. And that they both are the closest to each other in the team. Ceylan trusts Guren, with his very life, in fact, Ceylan is the first friend Guren made when he transferred to his new school, he has a wicked sense of humor and is always there when his best friend needs him, no one would be surprised if they were long lost, brothers.

Toxsa Dalton

Guren meets Toxsa and Chooki at the same time, when he and Ceylan first discover that they are the other Tenkai Knights. Toxsa doesn't want to team up with the other two, as he feels superior enough with his partner, Chooki. Eventually, they end up having to work together to defeat Vilius' henchmen, and from there, they decide to finally team up as four members, instead of just two.

Guren, along with Ceylan were saved by Toxsa and Chooki. As Toxsa was reluctant for Guren and Ceylan to take the Dragon Cube to the Corekai. Tenkai Dragon Cube

Guren met Toxsa and Chooki on earth. While Toxsa thinks that they're rookies and doesn't want to team up with them. However, after another battle on Quarton, they finally teamed up. The Rising Fire

Guren sees Toxsa doing lifts while he was taking Max for a walk. Toxsa then tells him another nasty thing about his sister to get out of letting him know he is secretly training to go Titan Mode. Toxsa 2.0

Guren went going to get Toxsa from being locked up by Wakamei, while Ceylan and Chooki were going to Quarton. After Toxsa was saved, Guren and Toxsa went to Quarton and used Titan Fusion to defeat a supercharged Slyger. Extreme Titan

Guren and Toxsa started arguing because Toxsa was insulted when Guren says that the snake training is just a game. Fight Knight

Chooki Mason

Guren met Chooki at the same time he met Toxsa. Just like with Toxsa, their first encounter wasn't very friendly. Chooki also regarded that only him and Toxsa made a good enough team, and initially rejected Ceylan and Guren. However, after defeating Vilius' henchmen, he and the others officially formed their team of four.

Guren, along with Ceylan were saved by Chooki, along with Toxsa from Granox and Slyger. Chooki then allows Guren to take the Dragon Cube to the Corekai, much to Toxsa's dismay, and that they will meet again. Tenkai Dragon Cube

Guren then met Chooki and Toxsa in person on earth, he then asked the two to form a team of four but was initially rejected. Guren still wanted to form a team of four but eventually after Guren and Chooki defeated Slyger, they all settled and formed a team of four. The Rising Fire

Chooki ran up and called out to Guren that he was right all along about Mr. White's chores and also tells him that it was training to believe in themselves. This then makes Guren to unlock Titan Mode. The Tenkai Kid

Guren and Chooki decided to find the white dragon key while Ceylan and Toxsa protects the dragon's nest from the corrupted. When Guren and Chooki met up with Guren's dad and Chooki introduced himself to Mr. Nash and lets Guren spend time with his dad a bit while he goes to the museum. While doing a puzzle to get the key, Guren decides that he was risingk the puzzle instead of Chooki. Dragon's Key

Guren and Chooki arrived to Quarton on the Dimensional Dropship with the White Dragon key. They later ride the dragon to fight the corrupted and wiped out Granox and Slyger. Vilius Unleashed

Chooki made a huge mistake letting Guren fight Gen, as Dromus, and then decides to help Guren fight Dromus by using Titan Fusion and defeated Dromus. Checkmate

While Guren was upset about missing out going to the water park, Chooki cheers him up. During their battle on Quarton, Guren saves Chooki from being hit by Granox and then Chooki attacks Granox and Slyger with his elemental attack for hitting Guren. No "I" in Team

Chooki makes a plan to keep Guren's mind off about not being able to turn into Elemental Titan Mode. Feeling the Heat

When Guren was mad during his battle on Quarton, Chooki then tries to help Guren get over being mad about his broken skateboard but failed to do so. After Guren defeated Granox, Chooki admits that Guren was the only one who defeated the corrupted and getting the Tenkai Fortress to the Corekai. Hang Tenkai

Guren was reluctant about Chooki letting him Babysit Kiro but know that Chooki has a Soccer game and decides to babysit Kiro. Heart Turns to Stone

Chooki tries to cheer up Guren about Mr. Nash being brickified. He later then calls up Guren that Beni's is being chased by Granox and then all four boys saved her. Too Close to Home


Gen and Guren first met when Gen came to his class as a transfer student. Guren attempted to befriend Gen, but Gen rejected his and the other Tenkai Knight's friendship. Gen has often considered himself and Guren to be "two sides of the same coin". It is eventually revealed that he is also a Knight, but he works for Vilius. His outlook on the world influenced his wanting to be alone, and not trusting in friendship. However, after Gen's plans are ruined by Vilius, Guren persuades Gen that the world isn't so bad, and that he wants to be his friend. After that, Gen has accepted Guren's friendshi, and is occasionally seen spending time with the other Tenkai Knights. He sometimes even steps in to help them in battle, or with training.

Guren hears about Gen being a new transfer student and wanted to be friends with him, but he seems to reject it as he rather to be on his own. Tributon Extreme

Gen attempts to see what Guren really like and gives him a coin speech, which helps Guren to reverse the effects of the Volt Jet and BlasTank. Two Sides to Every Coin

Gen decided to talk to Guren to know more of Guren's Personality and then givess him the coin he showed him earlier as a good luck token. Lost Key

Guren finally learns that Gen is actually Dromus and the black dragon key was taken from Guren and he and Beni got away with Eurus. Dragon Key Quest

Guren fights Gen hearing Gen's past of what happened making Guren feel sorry for him that something bad happened to him. He tries to stop Gen from using the black dragon key on the dragon but Vilius took it from him and used it on the dragon. The Dark Unlock

Gen realized he has been used as a servant instead of having the dragon to himself. Then he joined Guren and his friends to stop Vilius. After Vilius' defeat, Guren asked about the coin speech again and says if he and Gen are friends, which Gen answers that he doesn't know yet. A New Knight

Gen helps Guren and his friends by striking the unstable dragon and tells him to go back to earth because their Tenkai Energy is running low. When Guren and his friends decided to go back to Quarton to fight, Gen wanted to be sure if they are really wanting to fight on Quarton and Guren is pleased that Gen is actually caring for him and his friends. Vilius Returns

Guren was sad that his Dad bailed out from their trip while on his bike and nearly crashing into Gen. Gen then told Guren to be careful next time. No "I" in Team

While Guren and his friends were trying to find a strategy to fight the guardians, Gen came up to them and tells them to do Ninja arts which he and Mr. White teaches Guren and his friends Ninja arts. Dojo Mojo

Guren was having trouble going into Elemental Titan Mode. While he tries to train, Gen comes up and telling him that he shouldn't be doing that. Later he was playing a volleyball game on Guren's side and won. Guren was advised by Gen that if he was putting enough pressure to go Elemental Titan Mode, then considers to be Guren's friend, which makes him happy that Gen accepted his friendship. Gen also helped Guren to fight Eurus and loses. By the end of the episode, Guren thanked Gen for the advice that he can now go Elemental Titan Mode again, then asked if he wants to hang out with him full time, which Gen wasn't ready to decide yet. Feeling the Heat

Guren beats Gen in a training battle and Gen says that Guren's cat is a good training partner for him and then helps Guren to solve how to unseal the fortress. On Quarton, he helps Guren fight Vilius. Dragon²

Guren was the only one at the BBQ with Gen and Mr. White. While Ceylan and Toxsa are being held by Wakamei and Chooki is fishing, Gen says to Guren sarcastically that they are some reliable friends he's got there. Later on Quarton, Guren and Gen fought against Granox, Slyger and Beni, and defeated them. Red and Black

Guren and his friends were saved by Gen from Slyger on Earth. The Four Beags

Guren was training with Gen and got defeated by him. He then starts to wonder why Gen has been acting so weird lately and want to know about it. He tries to find him at his apartment but only to see Beni coming out of her door and then see Gen, from Beni's window, bring chased by Granox. While Guren helps Gen, he finally tells him that he was fighting Vilus alone without telling Guren about it, which makes him a little frustrated. After Granox was sent back to Quarton by Beni, Guren then expects a full answer from Gen and he answers that friends don't let themselves get hurt. Gen then helps Guren and his friends defeat the Guardians and now commits to be a Tenkai Knight and the 5th member of the team. A New Element

Guren was pleased that Gen had finally loosened up himself and his collar. Toxsa Blocked

Gen helps Guren and his friends to defeat Vilius. After defeating Vilius, Gen then tells Guren that he is glad he joined the team because he has gotten a lot more stronger. Lone Wolf


Guren may have a slight crush on Beni when he first met her in Tenkai Rogue. Even though he learns about Beni's true nature in The Key to Evil, he still wants to believe in her and is offering his friendship to her, despite he learns that Beni made a huge trick into getting the black dragon key in Dragon Key Quest. After Vilius' first defeat in A New Knight, Beni went rogue and rejected Guren's friendship because of her negative thoughts about having friends. However, her thoughts about friendship changed after Heart Turns to Stone and eventually, she finally accepted Guren's friendship and has warmed up to him when she gives him a hug as well as having feelings for him in Lone Wolf.

Guren met Beni when she staged a fake fall, resulting in her catching her before she reached the ground. She manipulated him into becoming her friend, only to betray him and the other Tenkai Knights. During the battle against Venetta, Guren had a suspicion about Venetta sounding like Beni. After the battle, Guren was at his house thinking about his job of a Tenkai Knight and Beni at the same time. Making his job a lot more harder. Tenkai Rogue

Guren met up with Beni again with his friends and he looked at her to see how different she was from last time they have met. He started to grew sospicious of what Beni was showing him and his friends and then they all got zapped by light which sent them to Quarton. Guren mentioned to his friends that he hardly knows her. After the knights defeated their doppelgangers, Beni finds that Guren is full of surprises. The Key to Evil

Guren spots Beni and Gen fighting and he saves Beni from being destroyed. He later on spots her sitting on the bench all tired and weak, he also learns that she is Venetta. Guren and the other boys decided to help her find the black dragon key. Guren and Beni were sitting inothe bus and Guren was staring at her to see if she is trying to trick them, then Guren said to Beni that he really wants to believe in her. Dromus Betrayed

After Beni tricked the boys into getting the key, Beni explains that even though Guren is very nice and sweet to her, she explained her ruined childhood to him that got her very mean and into the dark side of herself, which made Guren felt really sad about her childhood. Dragon Key Quest

Guren was taking a walk one day and hears Beni calling him. Beni asked Guren that if he missed her and says that she heard that Guren has been fighting at Quarton and hopes she never fights him again. Guren replies that she will if she keeps on working for Vilius, which she denies and Guren said she should've been working for his side but she says that she on her own side. Then, Beni said that friends let you down, making Guren think deeper and then Beni pulls his cheek, making herself laugh that Guren is cute when he tries to think and looks like a 'confused puppy' and runs away. That day after that, Guren said to Beni about her advice about friendship is bogus, making Beni angrily tells both Guren and Ceylan about why she doesn't want friends and runs off. Guren catches up to her and says about his own belief about friendship, then Beni replied back that he will be sorry he had friends. After she runs off, Guren truly felt sorry for Beni as he sees that Beni was about to cry. Beware Betrayal

He, the knights, Vilius and Beni were sent to Beast world. After Guren and his friends finished their mission, he, the knights, Beni and Beag were playing a soccer match against Vilius. Beni was about to make her kick only to miss the ball, which makes Guren a little frustrated. After their win in the soccer game, Beni truly admitted that Guren's finish was pretty good, making him feel flattered by her. Welcome to the Jungle

Guren and his friends find Beni locked up. He tries to stop her from going into the cave where the boss fight, which then she got captured. As the others think they should use a cheat code to complete the mission, Guren strongly says that they should never cheat and says that saving Beni is more important, then Beni saves Guren and his friends from being stomped on the huge boss. During the race, Guren says to stop Vilius from winning the race and sacrifices the win for Beni. When Beni won, she wishes for the knights to come home to but only she can by Scorpidon's rule, Beni then wished that they will go on another mission which makes Guren want the thank her. The Race is On

Beni was sad that she didn't win the race like last time but Guren, along with Chooki, tried to cheer her up as it was all just to escape the Beast World. Monkey in the City

Beni was the only one who discovered that Guren was the monkey bot. Guren asked her how did she know it was him? She then turns her head away and said she wouldn't want admit about Guren being very nice to her. Ape Knight

Guren bumped into Beni by accident to run away from Orangor. She didn't want to go with them but has no choice since Ceylan and Beag got turned to stone. After Guren and Beni were the only ones left, she firmly tells Guren that they are not a team and things went better on her own. They later on fight Scorpidon in order to get home. Scorpidon

Guren met up with Beni when he was getting BBQ sauce for the BBQ. He then invited her into coming to the BBQ for her helping him and his friends for getting out of the beast world. When it rained during the BBQ, she decided to leave but Guren grabbed her arm to stay, but she still left anyway. On Quarton, she was fighting against both Guren and Gen. Guren asked why would she be doing this, and she replies that Gen doesn't belong to his side but she was wrong. Red and Black

Guren met up with Beni while he was babysitting Kiiro. It was hard for Guren to introduce Beni to Kiiro since she never considers to be friends with him. While Kiiro was playing with both Guren and Beni, Guren decided to get drinks for all three of them, leaving Beni to watch out for Kiiro. When Kiiro was gone, Guren asked where's Kiiro which he got frustrated about how could Beni be very mean to a little kid which she thinks it's not her responsibility but Guren said that Kiiro really liked Beni and he goes off to find Kiiro. After Kiiro was found by Beni, Guren looked at Beni to see if she really has learnt her mistake. While the boys were fighting in Quarton, Beni helped them protect the fortress from Boreas while Guren and his friends were taking on Eurus, much to Guren's surprise. Guren then decided to help Beni, much to Ceylan, Chooki and Toxsa's reluctance. Guren then thanked Beni for helping them, then she runs away. Guren was then looking at her to see if she really changed. Beni then intended to give the Tenkai Stone to Guren by giving it to Kiiro. Heart turns to Stone

Guren and his friends saved Beni from Granox, Guren tells her that it took teamwork, which she wasn't really ready to decide yet. Guren also considers that he know that teamwork is not her word yet. She also saved the knights at Quarton for helping her on Earth. Too close to home

Guren was ringing Gen's doorbell only to see Beni coming out of her door. Guren then asked Beni where Gen is until they see that Gen is being chased by Granox. Then, Guren and Beni saved Gen from Granox. A New Element

Guren spotted Beni hiding which she denies and blushes. She blushed more when Guren really thanked her for giving the Tenkai Stone to him. Toxsa Blocked

Compared to everyone calling out 'Bravenwolf', Beni was the only one who cried out loud with very deep concern. After she was freed from Vilius' body, she help him and the knights to defeat Vilius. After the battle against Vilius, she pushed everyone out of the way to hug Guren saying 'Where's my amazing Bravenwolf'. She now committed to be Guren's friend and part of the team which he was very happy to hear from her. Lone Wolf

Wakamei Dalton

Not much between Guren and Wakamei but does seem to torture Guren a little bit as shown in The Power of Four and Extreme Titan. Despite this, Wakamei seems to be nicer to Guren than Toxsa and even sometimes helps Guren as shown in No "I" in Team and Feeling the Heat.

Guren and his friends were being trained by Wakamei to help them working as a Team and trying to master Robofusion. The Power of Four

Guren, Chooki and Ceylan were asking Wakamei about what Toxsa told them such as zit problems. Which made Wakamei feel insulted. Toxsa 2.0

Guren and his friends were forced to run by Wakamei, as Chooki explained they were training by running. Later Guren sees Wakamei blocking the Garage door with Toxsa locked in, she asks Guren if the whole Tenkai Knights and Quarton stuff is all true and Guren admits so. She told Guren to fight with someone else by Guren replied that all four of them were chosen for it and Toxsa has to fight. As Guren and Toxsa were running back to Mr. Whites shop, Guren tells Wakamei that they look out for each other just like how she does to Toxsa. Extreme Titan

While Guren was upset about his dad bailing him out on the trip to the water park, Wakamei comes in, cheers him up and tells him that there are times when things didn't turn out the way they planned. No "I" in Team

Guren asked Wakamei for some orange juice and then asked her what would she do if she couldn't do anything again, which then answers that she trains. Later, as Guren left without paying, Wakamei seems to understand that Guren could have some trouble about Quarton but tells Toxsa that he left without paying. Feeling the Heat


Guren first met Kiiro in Fortress Revealed, he, along with Ceylan and Toxsa babysat her while Chooki is at his soccer game.

Guren reluctantly babysat Kiiro again since he is the only one available. Guren decided to take her to the park and ran into Beni, then he introduced Beni to Kiiro. Later on, Guren, Kiiro and Beni played in the park. Heart Turns to Stone

Kiiro decided to do what Beni told her and gave the Tenkai stone to Guren, he then thanked both Beni and Kiiro for giving it to him. A New Element

Ms. Fenwick

Guren met Ms. Fenwick in "Two Worlds". He was a nice student to her and it appears that in the series he has been a good student.

Mr. Nash

Guren's father. He's a single-parent who works hard to raise his son in the new city. It's apparently that he really loves Guren, and wants only the best for him and for him to be happy. However, he is often working, resulting in a few complications with their family time together. He still tries his hardest to be there for Guren in the end.

Mr. White

A strange, sometimes wacky, and overall mysterious man. He got the current Tenkai Knights together, and the headquarters of the portal to Quarton is in his shop. Guren sees Mr. White as most other people do; strange and difficult to understand. But they still get along, and he goes to Mr. White for help whenever there is any trouble afoot with Quarton, or their world.


Max is Guren´s cat. When Guren is alone, Max is always there for him.


Boreas is one of the Guardians of Quarton. Guren first sees a projection of Boreas walking down the street. The projection leads Guren and Ceylan to Mr. White's shop, where they both are given their core bricks. Later on, after having a dream about the Tenkai Knights, Guren and Ceylan return to the shop, where they are led to the portal to Quarton and are teleported there. After they get back, they meet Boreas for the first time. He explains to them what the core bricks are for, and who the Tenkai Knights are.

In the Series

In Two Worlds", Guren [[Middle_Town|moves] to Benham City, where his father found work, to Guren's bitter disappointment, pointing out that he doesn't want to change his location every few years. In his new school, he becomes friends with Ceylan, with whom he goes to the Shop of Wonders, where he spots a white brick like toy. After he manages to change the brick into the form of a robot, the shops owner, Mr. White, let's him take it for free. That night, Guren has a dream of himself as the robot he'd just obtained, fighting against an evil robot.

The next day, Guren tells Ceylan about his dream, only to discover Ceylan had the exact same dream. The pair decide to ask Mr. White about the bricks, but when they arrive at his shop they can't find him. Guren, curiously heads down to the basement. When he and Ceylan enter, they are apparently attacked by a mysterious robot. Then Guren is suddenly transported to Quarton. When Guren awakens, he discovers that he's become the robot hero Bravenwolf. When he learns that Ceylan, now Tributon is being held captive, he goes to rescue him. After they fought the armies of Vilius for the first time, Guren and Ceylan are returned to Earth. Two Worlds

Guren and Ceylan attempt to help the Corekai in their struggle against Vilius. During a battle, Guren is overwhelmed by Slyger and Granox, until he and Tributon are saved by the timely arrival of Knights Lydendor and Valorn. Tenkai Dragon Cube

Guren and Ceylan try to track down the other Knights back on earth. They eventually meet two boys, Chooki and Toxsa. Guren approaches the two with the offer that they should form one team to save Quarton. Both boys initially refuse, but in the end, they all agree on working together to find the Dragon Cubes and save Quarton. The Rising Fire

Guren and the other boys ask Mr. White for some answers about Quarton, but instead he makes them clean his store. Believing Mr. White is giving them physical training, Guren embraces the workload. Later, on Quarton, Vilius appears and Guren attempts to fight him with what he'd learned. When it appears Vilius is going to defeat him, Guren unlocks his Titan Mode Transformation for the first time and forces Vilius to retreat. The Tenkai Kid

Guren meets a mysterious new student by the name of Gen. While on Quarton, Guren witnesses Tributon achieves Titan mode and faces off against Dromus, a new Tenkai Knight who appears to be a doppleganger of Bravenwolf who takes the fourth Dragon Cube with him. Tributon Extreme

When Commander Beag sacrifices himself to save the Tenkai Knights, Guren and the other boys develop a new Robofusion. This time, they transform into the Air Lancer Jet. Feeling terrible about what happened, Guren and the others set out to find and rescue Beag. When they arrive in the valley, they discover that Beag and his men are in fact alive and rescue them. Valley of Secrets

Guren receives advice from Gen about "choosing the side he wants" after having come up with a plan with the Corekai to infiltrate the Dark Fortress to find the last Dragon Cube. So when Dromus attacks with his Core Corrupter, Guren remembers Gen's advice, and is able to turn the corrupted back to their old selves, thus capturing the Dragon Cube. Back on Earth, Guren's computer receives a message telling him that the "key" to revive the Tenkai Dragon is on earth, and that he is the key. Two Sides to Every Coin

Guren and Chooki try to find a clue about the White Dragon Keys' location. They find a sign which takes them to another sign and another. Guren and Chooki finally find the Key and pass through booby traps guarding it. Guren gets through and takes the key. Dragon's Key

Next, Guren and Chooki arrive with Boreas and the five Cubes are combined into one giant cube that can be only opened with the Dragon Key, awakening the Tenkai Dragon. However, despite his efforts, Dromus manages to captures the Dragon and transports it to the Corrupted headquarters. During his battle with Vilius, Guren reveals his human identity before destroying him. Vilius Unleashed

Beni disguised herself to track down Guren. He, not knowing her true intentions, finds her to be an interesting person as they hang out together. Tenkai Rogue

Then, Guren's leadership skills are put to the test after being confronted by Ceylan about what he brings to the team. He ends up helping Ceylan get rid of his self-doubt and regain his confidence. Oh No, I Didn't

After, Guren is worried about Chooki when he cannot catch a fish, which everybody else (including Guren) excels at. However, Guren doesn't know how to help him, but in the end Chooki figures it out for himself. Robofusion!

Beni tricks the boys into being transported to Quarton where they are challenged by duplicates of themselves created by Eurus and unlocked Titan Fusion. The Key to Evil

During a plot twist, Toxsa's sister Wakamei finds out that the boys are the Tenkai Knights and Guren gives her some good advice about letting Toxsa grow up on his own. Extreme Titan

Guren questions if his relationship with Gen, or Gen's moodiness and reclusion is his fault for not understanding Gen. Double Crossed

Next, Guren is disappointed that he doesn't get to spend a lot of time with his father, who is still working on Benham Tower. He is also confirmed to be the Corekai's most powerful and valuable person. Checkmate

Guren saves Beni from being annihilated by Dromus. He tries to give her a chance, but finds it hard to trust her after their experiences with her. However, he only does this, in order to gain the results of her helping the Tenkai Knights find the Black Dragon Key on Earth. Dromus Betrayed

Guren and his friends fought against Vilius again and their Pheonix mode and Titan mode has been removed. However, after some advice from his dad, Guren and his friends decided to go back to quarton, fought against Granox and unlocked Elemental mode. Which then, they defeated Granox. Villius Returns

Guren gets really disappointed when his dad once again cancels their trip due to a working schedule. When they went to another trip to the soccer finals, Guren then realized that he can't leave his friends fighting on quarton and decides to leave the game to help his friends. No "I" in Team

Guren and his friends are trying to find a way to defeat the guardians until Gen shows up and decides to teach them ninja arts. During their second battle against Boreas, Guren remembers his training and unlocks Elemental titan mode and defeated Boreas. Dojo Mojo

As Guren struggles to use his elemental titan mode again, he feels down until he had good advice from Gen. During their battle against Eurus as Toxsa, Ceylan, Chooki and Gen were defeated by Eurus, Guren gets pressure as they were almost defeated, which then lead to Guren to use his elemental titan mode and defeated Eurus. Feeling the Heat


"Guren, how do you like the new house?" -Mr.Nash. "If i hate it can we move back to the old one?" -Guren Nash. "No." -Mr. Nash