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Granox (Japanese: ブライノックス, Burainokkusu, Brinox, Korean: 브라이녹스, Beurainokseu, Hebrew: גרנוקס) is an antagonist in Tenkai Knights. He is one of Vilius' top Corrupted Soldiers. His animal armor resembles a Rhinoceros.

He is voiced by Steven J. Blum in English and by Hisao Egawa in Japanese.


Basic Form

Granox is armed with a halberd and shield designed for specifically strength. His grey armor is complimented with a white visor that covers his glowing green eyes.

Granox (2).png

Titan Mode

Granox Titan Mode.jpg

Earth Form

Granox chasing the boys.PNG


Granox is proud and bold, but he is also very cowardly. He fears Vilius and was jealous that he liked Dromus better than him. He is shown to become angry when someone makes him look bad, such as when the defeat him with Titan Fusion. He often tries to impress Vilius to get his approval, and will follow Vilius blindly, out of either loyalty or ignorance, both traits he has shown signs of.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Form

  • Proficient Halberd wielder
  • Strength

Titan Mode

  • Proficient Halberd wielder
  • Immense Strength

Earth Form

  • Cannons
  • Immense Strength


  • He is shown to be higher in command than Slyger as he makes a lot of the important decisions while battling.
  • He is the second from the Corrupted to go to Earth, since Vilius has control of the portal. Slyger was the first one to go. There is a toy of him, that when combined with Slyger, Sho, and Rho (Shadius), can form the Syckle Ship.
  • After shapeshifting into Titan Mode in the North American version, he usually says "For Vilius and Victory!".- Granox sometimes use the war stallion and ice rhino as his beasts.

In the Series

Granox wishes to please Vilius no matter how many times it gets him blasted into bits to do so. It appears that Slyger is his partner as he performs most of his missions with him. He is often referred to as "BucketHead" by the Tenkai Knights and is eager to get revenge on them. He also makes very rash decisions as shown many times battling the Knights, such as when he decided to charge them in "Robofusion!" or when he led the Knights straight toward Vilius's fortress that holds the regeneration device in "Checkmate".

In "Corrupted Earth", he was sent to Earth by Vilius to capture the Knights, and seemed to make sport of tormenting Ceylan, stating to Beni how he was going to keep scaring him. He was sent back to Quarton because of the Portal Weapon. He summoned a new weapon to attack the Knights and was later defeated by Tributon's elemental attack.






Beag & the Corekai


  • Likes to obey vilius's commands and crush the tenkai knights for him.