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Gen (Full name: Genjamin Inukai, Japanese: 犬飼ゲン, Inukai Gen, Gen Inukai, Korean: , Gen, Hebrew: גן אינוקאי, Inukai Gen) was a major antagonist, but later became one of the main protagonists in Tenkai Knights. He was in the possession of the core of Dromus, a formerly evil character who now works with the Tenkai Knights and bears a strong resemblance to Bravenwolf. However, ever since he unlocked Elemental Mode, he goes by the name Dromus Tenkai Whirlwind.

He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in English and by Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese.


Gen is a tall, 13-year-old boy. His eyes have a sharp red color, with the right eye being covered by an emo flip from his hair. His hair is also spiky in the back, and is auburn on the upper half, while brown on the lower half. He wears a high-collared, zipped up black jacket made of what appears to be leather. The jacket usually covers his mouth and has two buttons on each side that connect to each other. Gen's lower attire consists of long pants are made of the same material that his coat is made of, which is held up by a belt with a golden-yellow buckle. Also, he wears dull lavender leg warmers and black slip-on shoes.


Gen's personality is at first shown to be calm, cool, and collected, even stoic, though he dislikes people who need teammates because he thinks they're weak, giving him an antisocial personality to most. Although, he had described Beni as a "friend" at the end of "Lost Key". In "The Key to Evil", it was revealed that Gen wasn't always calm and collected. Gen used to be a very positive and outgoing child just like Guren. The event that changed his personality was when his mother left, leaving his father depressed, frantic, and hopeless. His family fell apart, which made him shut himself from the world. He tried to keep his father happy by being "a good boy": only studying and training, instead of playing with his friends in his childhood. Ever since "A New Knight", it seems that he has changed his attitude towards Guren and the other Tenkai Knights, along with the fact that Gen becomes a supporter and part of their team. In "A New Element" he officially joined the Tenkai Knights as the fifth member and loosened his personality and collar.


  • It's been revealed in "Dojo Mojo", that he goes to a dojo and is a 1st Degree, Black Belt Master.
  • Part of Gen's Japanese surname, Inu (Japanese: ), means dog, and since a wolf is a dog, Dromus and Bravenwolf are doppelgangers to each other.
  • Gen appears to resemble Sasuke Uchiha from anime/manga series, Naruto. Both have similar hairstyles, clothing, and personalities. They even shared dark pasts, rivalries with the main characters/protagonists, and looked disdain on a female teammate. While Sasuke had turned from good to bad, Gen has turned from bad to good. Also, both are voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.
  • His personality is very similar to Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends With You when it came down to friends. The only difference is Neku didn't want friends because he thought friends would only drag him down whereas Gen didn't want to make friends because he wanted to prove he wasn't weak.
  • As of "Feeling the Heat", Gen finally considers Guren as a friend.
  • Gen has a habit of proving himself to be one class higher than the Knights at everything they do. This includes Chooki's skills at basketball and chess.
  • Gen is a good strategist and understands Quarton.
  • It is unknown how Gen travels to Quarton. Guardian Eurus possibly gave him a secret portal or the ability to go to Quarton as Beni did to the Knights in "The Key to Evil".
  • As revealed in Lone Wolf Gen stated that working with the knights he has gotten stronger, also proved by dark Boreas when he said: " You got stronger Dromus."


Guren Nash

Both of them used to be enemies to each other, but in the end, Gen figured out he was doing wrong and went on the good side. Guren and Gen are now friends. Unlike the others, Gen is particularly close with Guren, he does talk with the others but not as much as he does with Guren. Guren's passion and stubbornness to never give up and to always believe in his friends made Gen to finally come to his senses and join the Tenkai Knights. In Episode 35 Feeling the Heat after a volleyball match Ceylan, Chooki and Toxsa have a swimming race while Gen and Guren have a little talk on the beach, coming to the end of their conversation Gen said: "I've got my own path to follow, but that doesn't mean we aren't still friends." as Gen leaves Guren has a super happy smile on his face and says: "I can live with that, see ya." and then it's time to go to Quarton. For more info on how the episode ends check it out for yourselves.

Ceylan Jones

Toxsa Dalton

Chooki Mason


Gen's Accomplice.



Vilius was Gen's former boss.

In the Series

In "Tributon Extreme", Gen transferred to Guren, Ceylan, Chooki and Toxsa's school. There, he met Guren and Ceylan for the first time. While on Quarton, Gen introduced himself to the Tenkai Knights as Dromus and took the fourth Dragon Cube with him.

In "Two Sides to Every Coin", Gen was curious if Guren is Bravenwolf and he gave him some advice about "choosing the side of the coin he wants". So when Gen, as Dromus, attacked with his Core Corrupter and witnessed Bravenwolf put his advice into practice, he realized that Bravenwolf must be Guren.

In "Dragon's Key", Gen led Guren and Chooki on a trail of clues about the White Dragon Keys' location. He put up one sign after another. When Guren and Chooki finally found the Key and passed through booby traps guarding it, Gen returned to Quarton.

Later, in "Vilius Unleashed", Gen, as Dromus, managed to capture the Tenkai Dragon after the Knights awakened it and transported it to Vilius's headquarters.

In "Tenkai Rogue", Gen was joined by Beni in his efforts to defeat the Tenkai Knights.

In "Dromus Betrayed", Gen was seen in Beni's flashback, explaining Dromus' intentions and how he was betrayed by someone in the past. However, his being Dromus was still not revealed to the Tenkai Knights by Beni.

In "Dragon Key Quest", Gen ambushed Guren and the others after they found the Black Dragon Key. After fighting with Guren over the key, Gen managed to take the Black Key from them and revealed Beni tricked them as well. Once that was done, Gen escaped them along with Beni back to Quarton.

In "The Dark Unlock", Gen explained some of his back story to Guren while the pair fought, and Guren learned that Gen's life was a depressing one. Guren finally saw why Gen acted so evil.

In "A New Knight", Guren continued to try and sway Gen, Gen watched as Guren and the others continued to struggle against Vilius and the evil dragon. After Beni lectured him about how troublesome it was working with him, Gen seemed to have an epiphany. Gen jumped in and helped the other knights fight and defeat Vilius and restore both the Tenkai Dragon, and the Tenkai Energy of Quarton to normal. After that he mostly appeared only briefly, however in "Vilius Returns", he arrived on Quarton in order to help the other Knights by breaking the Tenkai Dragon back up into Dragon Cubes and saved them.

In "A New Element", Gen unlocked his Elemental Mode and has officially joined the Tenkai Knights as the 5th member.