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Since Titan Mode and Robofusion, viewers of Tenkai Knights have been tortured having to sit through stock footage, which is in every episode, and simply devours Time and Plot points.

Uses of Stock Footage

- Robofusion

- Entrance to Quarton

-Titan Mode

-Character Evolution

-The Tenkai Dragon

- and so on.

Stock footage types

- Robofusion has a gray, cubular background, as four characters rise up and swirl together. The robofusion is built

-Entrance to Quarton is the same background, but is obviously a different transformation. The boys are seen wearing their human suits, as their core bricks appear. They shift, as their back armor and helmets are placed on. This repeats three times.

- Titan mode shows the color of each respective knight in the background. Their core brick re-appears as the titan brick. The armor is placed on, and a pose and quote are made.

-and so on.