Fire rapter
Fire Raptor (Japanese: ブレイブグリフォンBureibu GurifonEng. Translated: Brave Griffon) are the flying mech beasts of the Corrupted army. Infused with dark Tenkai Energy, these bird-like beasts rule the air with the Sho, Deviak, and the Sky Griffins and attack the Corekai and the Tenkai Knights on command by the evil lord Vilius. They are shown to be a part of Vilius' army and are very loyal. They have been seen to be with Slyger.


It looks like a burning bird with double wings. It's a creation of Vilius. It also looks like a burning Sky Griffin. It is a corrupted sky griffin fused with elemental energy.

In the Series

The Fire Raptor was introduced in "Fortress Revealed", where Vilius shapshifted a Sky Griffin into it and gave it to Slyger to take back the Tenkai Fortress, but was then destroyed by Tributon and the Ice Walker.


  • Flight
  • Flame Projection



  • As revealed in "Fortress Revealed", the Fire Raptor is the elemental form of the Sky Griffin.
  • As Slyger uses the Sky Griffin a lot, he also uses the Fire Raptor a lot too because both of the beasts are the same griffin , and Slyger doesn't have a elemental mode so he uses his beast's elemental mode form to crush the tenkai knights.
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