Extreme Titan (Japanese (Katakana): 俺は勇者だ!) is the nineteenth episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on January 12, 2014 on Teletoon in Canada.



Toxas's sister Wakamei starts to get suspicious on where he goes every day. She then follows him and discovers the Shop of Wonders.


Toxsa's sister, Wakamei, starts to get suspicious on where he goes every day. She then follows him and discovers the Shop of Wonders. Mr. White is able to make her go away. Meanwhile, on Quarton, the Tenkai Knights and the Corekai fight the Corrupted at a mine. It turns out the Corrupted were looking for a tablet inside the cave, believing it would lead them to the Black Dragon Key. The Knights then win the battle and the Corekai remain to stand guard over the mine.

When the boys return to Earth, Wakamei starts demanding answers. Once Toxsa confesses to everything, she locks him in their garage. Ceylan and Chooki go to Quarton while Guren goes to rescue Toxsa. Slyger gets some of the Dragon's power and then combines with a Sky Griffin in Titan Mode. Bravenwolf and Valorn Robofuse into Titan Mode and destroy the Slyger Griffin fusion and Granox retreats. Wakamei watches the battle from Mr. Whites shop. When Toxsa returns, she convinces him she belives he's been playing a video game but secretly knows it's for real.


In the episode

  • Despite everyone's efforts, Wakamei learns of the Tenkai Knights and the war on Quarton.
  • Valorn and Bravenwolf tenkai Titan fuse in this episode.
  • Slyger gets a new upgrade , similar to titan fusion but via with a Sky Griffin with given power by the tenkai dragon's tenkai energy.

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