Dromus Betrayed (Japanese (Katakana): ヴェネッタの裏切り) is the twenty-second episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on February 02, 2014 on Teletoon in Canada.



Venetta and Dromus appear to have a falling out, later Beni reveals her identity as Venetta to Guren and the others. Meanwhile, Boreas and the other Guardians engage Vilius and the Corrupted in a battle to protect the portal to Earth.


During a big battle, Venetta appears to betray Dromus after she learns that he plans to destroy both Earth and Quarton. When it appears Dromus is about to finish her off, Bravenwolf jumps in and protects her. Meanwhile, the Guardians (except for Eurus) engage Vilius and his army in combat at their home.

Then on Earth, Guren and the others find out that Beni was Venetta all along. She tells them about her experiences on Quarton and Dromus's plan involving the Dragon Keys, the Tenkai Dragon, and the destruction of both worlds. However, she forgets to mention that Gen is Dromus. None of the boys trust her except for Guren, but they all believe that she is their best chance to stop Vilius and Dromus. She then helps them locate the Black Dragon Key using an app she designed using GPS triangulation. They then split up to get their GPS's ready. Beni and Guren go together, while Ceylan, Toxsa, and Chooki all split up. While there is tension between Guren and Beni while the pair travel on a bus, Guren admits that he wishes to trust Beni, but finds it difficult since their last encounter. When they all reach their destinations, they turn on their apps, and Beni, the boys, and a stray cat all find that the Dragon Key is at Benham Tower.

While this is happening, Vilius and Slyger (who are both in Titan Mode), and the Corrupted are still battling the Guardians, and Vilius reveals that he is after the portal to Earth.


In the episode

  • In this episode, the Tenkai Knights finally realize that Beni is Venetta, and that they are not the only humans who can travel between the two worlds.
  • The Guardians finally learn that Vilius is after the portal.
  • Eurus is not present during the Guardians' battle with Vilius.
  • It is revealed that Dromus's equivalent of the Bravenwolf Cannon is the Dark Energy Cannon.
  • In the bus scene with Guren and Beni , Beni asks Guren out on a dinner which means they will possibly go out.


  • This episode aired in Japan on the same weekend, when Tenkai Knights concluded in Canada as the first country.
  • This episode was aired within an one-hour-special together with Checkmate  on August 30, 2014.

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