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Dragon Keys (Japanese: ドラゴンキー, Doragon Kī, Koean: 드래곤 키, Deuraegon Ki) are the two keys that allow the user to gain control of the Tenkai Dragon. There are two keys, the Black Key and the White Key.


Both the White and Black Dragon Keys resemble swords with a dual-sided hilt and the blade section is key-shaped. They both are the same shape and size, the only distinction is the color. The White Dragon Key has a red gem in the middle of the hilt , while the Black Dragon Key has a green gem.

White Key[]

The White Key (Japanese: 白天の鍵, Hakuten no Kagi, Eng. Translated: Key to White Heaven; Korean: 白天의 열쇠, Dyaepledui Yeolsoe) is

White dragin key

Bravenwolf holding the white key

the Dragon Key that revives the Tenkai Dragon in its Light form. It was found by Guren and Ceylan at a museum on Earth, but was stolen by Gen. Later, Gen returned the White Key to Guren after leading him on a hunt throughout the city. The Tenkai Knights used the White Key to revive the Tenkai Dragon, but it was captured by Dromus and Vilius as part of their master plan.

Black Key[]

Dromus holding the Black Key

Dromus holding the Black Key.

The Black Key (Japanese: 黒天の鍵, Kokuten no Kagi, Eng. Translated: Key to Black Heaven; Korean: 黑天의 열쇠, Watledui Yeolsoe) revives the Tenkai Dragon in its Dark form. It was found by the boys at Benham Tower, but was stolen by Gen and Beni. Later, Gen, as Dromus, brought the Key to Vilius's lair. Vilius ended up attacking him to take the key, since he didn't want to give it away. He uses it to revive the dark side of the Tenkai Dragon, but was later revived by the White Key and split into the five Dragon Cubes, using the two key's power, by the Tenkai Knights, giving them Phoenix Mode.


  • It is shown when joined together, the Dragon Keys can split the Tenkai Dragon into the five Dragon Cubes.
  • After "A New Knight", the Dragon Keys were never seen again.



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