Double Crossed (Japanese (Katakana): ゲンの謎) is the twentieth episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on January 19, 2014 on Teletoon in Canada.



Dromus continues in his attempts to find the Black Key and fails. At school Ceylan gets yelled at by Gen and Guren is starting to believe Gen might be Dromus.


On Earth, Gen watches as people in Benham City enjoy a pleasant day in the city, all the while thinking about how the peace will soon be shattered and the world destoryed.

At School, Guren notices that Genis back in class, but still can't understand why he acts so distant. For a moment, Guren thinks that Gen might actually be Dromus. When Guren asks Ceylan what he thinks, Ceylan simply walks over to Gen to try and make friends. Ceylan gets scolded at by Gen for his troubles.

Later, Gen, as Dromus, reports to Vilius that he's continuing in his attempts to find the Black Key. Vilius warns Dromus that he expects results and sends Dromus away. Later, Vilius confides in Slyger and Granox what he knows about Earth, and his intentions to invade.

On Earth, Ceylan is angry about what happened with him and Gen. When Guren asks him why he reached out to Gen, Ceylan answers that Gen reminded him of Guren.

Back on Quarton, the Tenkai Knights must find a way to transform into Titan Fusion before they are destroyed by a rampaging bull-like creature. Tributon comes up a plan to hid under the bull so that it can't attack them while they transform. Once transformed into Fusion Mode, they easily dispatch the beast, all while Dromus seeks to find a weak link among them with his sights now set on Lydendor.


In the episode

  • The Hos makes its debut and goes into Titan mode.
  • Rho's robofusion debuts again in this episode.
  • Tributon and Bravenwolf titan fuse in this episode agian
  • Hos tenkai titan mode gets more energy and turns giant by the dragon's tenkai energy.

English Dub cuts & Changes


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

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