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Dimensional Dropship

The Dimensional Dropship (Japanese: ハイパー・ドロップシップ, Haipā Doroppushippu, Eng. Translated: Hyper Dropship, Korean: 드롭쉽, Deuropswip, Hebrew: ספינת הקרב הבין מימדית) is the alternative form of the portal in Mr. White's shop. It was created by Guardian Boreas.



In the Series

The Dimensional Dropship was first seen in "Vilius Unleashed", where Boreas transformed the portal into it. Guren, as Bravenwolf, who was holding the White Key, and Chooki, as Lydendor, were riding on it and came from the skies of Quarton and as they were coming in closer to the ground, Tributon, Valorn, and Beag jumped onto the dropship. When they reached to the Dragons' Nest, everyone, except Boreas, jumped off to merge the five Dragon Cubes into the Tenkai Dragon, using the White Key.


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