Deviak (Japanese: ギルタックス, Girutakkusu, Gilltax, Korean: 길탁스, Giltakseu) are the flying mech beasts of the Corrupted army. Infused with evil Tenkai Energy, these winged devil-like beasts rule the air with the Sky Griffins and Sho, and attack the Corekai and the Tenkai Knights on command by the evil lord Vilius. They are shown to be a part of Vilius' army and are very loyal. They have many different powers they can achieve after being granted so by Vilius or by being infused with energy from the Tenkai Dragon, such as Robofusion.



  • Flying
  • Gun cannons


  • There is a toy of it, that when combined with Shadius (Rho), Balthaz, and Grayden, can form Triberus (Flying Darkwing Spector).

In the Series

A group of Deviak can be first seen in "The Power of Four", where they were attacking the Corekai, but were later destroyed by the Phoenix Attack from the Protojet, the Tenkai Knights' first Robofusion.


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