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Chooki Mason (Japanese: 蜂須賀チュウキ, Hachisuka Chūki, Chūki Hachisuka, Korean: 조이, Joi, Hebrew: צ'וקי מייסון) is one of the main protagonists of Tenkai Knights. He owns the core of Lydendor, one of the legendary Tenkai Knights. However, ever since he unlocked Elemental Mode, he goes by the name, Lydendor Tenkai Lightning Strike.

He is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook in English and by Risa Taneda in Japanese.


Chooki is 13 years old. He has yellow bangs and ginger hair, which pulled into a short ponytail. His eyes are a bright, emerald green. Chooki's outfit is basically a navy blue t-shirt worn with a metal shoulder padded, yellow, sleeveless jacket vest over it. He also wears a pair of dark grey sweatpants for athletes and white sneakers.


Chooki has a calm disposition. He is the best athlete of the team and always looks forward to a challenge. He is also very good at school, as he tries to do his best at everything. He is often disturbed when he finds something he is not good at, like fishing. He is good at coming up with strategies for the Knights, and almost never backs down from a fight. He is very loyal to his friends and will often put himself at risk to protect them.


Guren Nash

Chooki and Guren are like the leaders of the group while Ceylan and Toxsa are the funny ones. This is shown by Chooki's being responsible along with Guren, and the others joking around.

Ceylan Jones

Toxsa Dalton

Chooki is friends with Toxsa, although they have different likings; Chooki plays sports while Toxsa plays video games. Even though he gets annoyed by him, they are still friendly towards each other. Toxsa was happy towards Chooki in "Chooki's Mojo", when Chooki thanked him for the lucky charm, which came from Mr. White's gumball machine.



Mr. White


They are cousins and get along well.



  • It's been said that Chooki excels in all kinds of sports, except for fishing.
  • When talking about anything that happened on Quarton or when he and the others are planning out a attack, he uses many sports terms.
  • It is revealed in "Fortress Revealed" that he has a cousin and an aunt.
  • Part of Chooki's Japanese last name, "Hachi" (Japanese: ), in English means wasp or bee, which is what Lydendor's armor is based from.
  • Apparently, Chooki owns a cat and dog. He mentioned them in episode 08.
  • At school, Chooki has fans, which mostly consists of girls.
  • Chooki and Kiiro are currently the only characters whose parents haven't been seen in the show yet.
  • In "Robofusion!" and "Red & Black", it shows Chooki in a bad temper for the first time when he wants to catch a fish.
  • Chooki and Guren are the only children to have two different colors in their hair.

In the Series

In "Tenkai Dragon Cube", Chooki is seen in the museum during Guren and Ceylan's visit. However, his appearance in that episode is more of a cameo than of a character, who actively plays a role in the plot. He appears again later in as the Tenkai Knight, Lydendor.

In "The Rising Fire", he appears together with Toxsa, and like him, he isn't convinced by Guren that the four of them can work together like a team. Later, he changes his mind.

In "The Power of Four", Chooki notes that he and the others are starting to come together as a team. Later on Quarton, he and the other boys discover that they can combine their power as Tenkai Knights to become something more powerful, the Protojet.

Later in "Vilius Revealed", Chooki's confidence starts to swell after he and the other boys capture another Dragon Cube. Vilius decides to face them. After losing both the battle and many Corekai soldiers, Chooki admits that he and the others were far too full of themselves.

In "The Tenkai Kid", the boys ask Mr. White for some help, but he instead gets Chooki and the others to help him clean up the store. Guren believes that Mr. White's chores are helping them to train, but Chooki is skeptical. Chooki later confronts Mr. White about his claims of whether or not he's actually been training them in anything other than housework. Mr. White points out that what form the training takes isn't as important as whether or not one believes in the training. Chooki later points this out to Guren when he, as Bravenwolf is about to be defeated by Vilius. With Chooki's encouragement, Guren is then able to unlock his Titan Mode for the first time.

In "Chooki's Mojo", Chooki is hit by a War Stallion's Jinx Cannon in order to save Toxsa. Chooki became clumsy and unable to do just about anything, and decided to "bench" himself until a solution could be found. Toxsa then offered Chooki a gift, a precious family heirloom that brings it's holder good fortune. (But it's just something from Mr. White's shop) Touched by the gift, Chooki decides to go back to Quarton. When he traveled there with the others, Chooki was able to overcome the jinx, thanks to Toxsa's encouragement and unlocked his Titan Mode in the process.

In "Dragon's Key", Chooki and Guren try to find a clue about the White Dragon Key. The pair find a sign which takes them to another and another, Chooki almost catches a glimpse of Gen while he's examining one of the signs. When they finally do find the Key, Chooki quickly realizes they must get through the booby traps set around it first. Chooki guides Guren and they manages to get the key.

Later in "Vilius Unleashed", Chooki and Guren travel to Quarton with the key thanks to Boreas. They then manage to unite the five Cubes are into one and open it with the Dragon Key, awakening the Tenkai Dragon. Unfortunately, Dromus captures the Dragon as he and Guren are riding atop it. The corrupt Knight then transports it to Corrupted headquarters.

In "Robofusion!", Mr. White takes Chooki and the other boys fishing. Everybody catches a fish, except Chooki. He takes this very badly and wishes to keep trying until he catches a fish. Meanwhile on Quarton, Dromus is now able to withdraw the Tenkai Dragon's energy. With this energy, Slyger, Granox, a corrupted soldier, and a Sho acquired the ability to robofuse. Chooki uses what he's learned about fishing to help the Knights defeat the new robofusion, but he's still unable to catch any fish back on Earth.

In "The Key to Evil", after Beni tricks the boys and sends them to Quarton, Chooki meets Guardian Eurus. He then fights against a clone of himself created by Eurus. When it appears they are going to lose against their doubles, Chooki watches as Guren and Ceylan unlock Titan Fusion and destroy the clones.