Chooki's Mojo (Japanese (Katakana): 運をとりもどせ!) is the eighth episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on October 12, 2013 on Cartoon Network in the United States.



Chooki has always been good at sports, school, and, well, everything. But in order to save Toxsa, Chooki gets himself jinxed and becomes clumsy and unable to do what he's best at. The four travel back to Quarton, where Chooki unlocks his Tenkai Titan mode while overcoming the jinx.


Chooki has always been good at sports, school, and, well, everything. Both Guren and Ceylan wonder how Chooki can be so good at everything he does and Chooki tells them that he seems to come to him naturally.

On Quarton, Granox presents Vilius with his newest plan to defeat the Tenkai Knights. A cannon of his own creation that can curse anyone it hits with bad luck, he calls his invention, the Jinx Cannon.

The next time the boys are summoned to Quarton, Granox wastes no time in attacking them with his new weapon. Granox spots Valorn and attacks him, but Lydendor protects him and is hit instead. Granox allows the others to get away, believing with just one of them affected the others will be helpless without him.

Back on Earth, Chooki seems well at first. But it quickly becomes apparent that something is wrong with Chooki. He can't walk without tripping or falling. His home is now a disaster area, and he can no longer play any kind of sport. When the boys realize Chooki's run of bad luck is the work of Granox, Chooki considers benching himself. However, Toxsa appears and offers Chooki a precious family heirloom that's supposed to bring it's holder good fortune.

Touched by Toxsa's generosity, Chooki volunteers to travel back to Quarton with the others when they are summoned. With some effort, Chooki, as Lydendor, is able to overcome the jinx thanks to Toxsa's encouragement and unlocks his Tenkai Titan mode while overcoming the jinx at the same time.

The episode ends with Toxsa, Ceylan, and Guren commenting that Toxsa's family heirloom is really nothing more than a toy, which Toxsa bought from one of Mr. White's gumball machines.


In the episode

  • It's unknown if Chooki ever learned where Toxsa really got him lucky charm.
  • Chooki was the third Knight to achieve Titan Mode.
  • This episode first reveals the war stallion.
  • This episode first reveals the new weapon Granox made named the Jinx cannon.
  • After the jinx cannon got destroyed it was nevered used again same thing to the storm cannon.

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