Brickification (Japanese: テトラ化Tetora-ka, Engl. Translated: Tetra-Change) is the process of turning anything that's living and nonliving on Earth into bricks, which is caused by the power of both the Tenkai Fortress and the Tenkai Stone. This process is worse than the cubification on Earth before. Mr. White explains to the boys that a temporary solution for brickification is by placing their core bricks near an item that has been affected. However, taking the core brick away will cause the item to return in brick form. To permanently stop the process, Vilius had to be defeated and Granox and Slyger had to be transported back to Quarton.

In the Series

Brickification is first seen at the end of "Toxic Toxsa", where a white flower is in brick form, but was restored to its original form by Beni's core brick.

In "Dragon²", Toxsa develops a fear for brickification, after his teammates joked about that. They try to still him, but in the end of the episode they see that Toxsa's fear is legit, as brickification already started.


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