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BlasTanks (Japanese: ストライク・バスター・タンク, Sutoraiku Basutā Tanku, Eng. Translated: Strike Buster Tank, Korean: 버스터 탱크, Beoseuteo Taengkeu) are the ground rumbling heavy artillery of the Corekai army. Equipped with Tenkai Energy Cannons, these tanks dominate the ground with the army and defend the Corekai and the Tenkai Knights on command by Beag. They are shown to be a useful part of the Corekai's army.




  • Cannons
  • Corrupted form is the war stallion


In the Series

In "Two Sides to Every Coin", it's been shown that the BlasTank can turn into the Corrupted War Stallion when hit with the Core Corrupter. They have been seen move very fast to shoot their cannons and destroy their opponents. They are often seen in long, big battles, such as the second final battle in "The Battle Begins". In other times they have often been seen working with the Corekai to defeat the Corrupted.


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