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Beware Betrayal (Japanese (Katakana): ブロックの花) is the thirty-fourth episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on April 27, 2014 on Teletoon in Canada



Venetta is holding an audience with Vilius when he reveals that the key to the Tenkai Fortress is the Tenkai Stone, which is on Earth.


Vilius asks Beni, as Venetta, to find the Tenkai Fortress for him. Beni agrees. Then on Earth, Beni looks for something her dad left her. It seems to be the Tenkai Stone, which helps one find the Tenkai Fortress or allows one some sort of control over it, judging from Beni's words later in the episode.

Later, on Earth, the boys notice more things turning into bricks and try to find the reason why. Mr. White explains to the boys that its a process called Brickification, which is worse than the cubification on Earth before. They learn about how their core bricks can fix it, which will only be a bandage and not fix the real issue. The boys then make so many questions about the balance of Tenkai Energy, Vilius, Quarton, and what to do now. Mr. White tells them to go to Quarton to find out whats happening.

The Knights ask Beag if he noticed anything weird, to which he replies by saying there's a cube rainbow above, which leads them to Granox and they easily beat him, which causes the cube rainbow to disappear. Beag and the Corekai are then set to the task of digging up what is believed to be the site of the Tenkai Fortress.

Back on Earth, Mr. White tells the boys that the solved the problem, which was connected to the Fortress. Later, Beni shows up and speaks to Guren and teases him and leaves. When she is in her room, she states how much trouble she can bring to Quarton by using the Tenkai Stone.

At School, Toxsa cheers up Guren, Ceylan, and Chooki by playing soccer. Later in the day, Guren congradulates Ceylan for the number of times he saved him. Beni shows up and tells Guren and Ceylan about how friends hold them back and get in the way. Beni then leaves angrily. Guren and Ceylan are being summoned and noticed that brickification is happening again and decide to call Toxsa and Chooki to see it.

The boys are then summoned again to Quarton and have to face off against Slyger and Venetta, who are attacking the Corekai. Bravenwolf and Tributon are force to deal with Venetta, while the other knights are force to deal with Slyger. Venetta has the edge and almost sends Tributon to his doom, when Bravenwolf grabs his hand. Venetta is about to send both of them on a long fall, when Tributon unlocks Elemental Titan Mode, performing what seems to be flight, saving him and Bravenwolf. Then the other Knights show up, to help deal with Venetta. After commenting how easy Slyger was to defeat, Venetta then calls in soldiers to aid her, that perform a iron wall, which is easily destroyed by Tributon's elemental attack. Venetta then flees the fight, leaving the knights to talk about a job well done.

Later, Vilius and Venetta talk about the Tenkai Fortress. Venetta says Granox was wrong and she can find where the Fortress is, for a price. Vilius agrees and allows her anything she wants in return for finding the Fortress.


In the episode

  • Tributon is the last Knight to unlock Elemental Titan Mode.
  • After a long time, Beni, as Venetta, returns to battle against the Knights again.
  • Venetta joins the Corrupted.
  • Venetta uses the Corrupted wall of bricks fusion to protect herself from Tributon.

English Dub Cuts & Changes

  • In the English version when Ceylan was kicked by Beni, when the music stopped they still spoke, whereas in the Japanese verion they didn't say anything at all.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

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